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U - Z . . . Titles with Submitter (2008)

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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 07 February 2009

DorothyL members submitted lists of favourite books read in 2008. This is one of the reports which can only be seen by authenticated users.

Comments are welcome. :)

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Uneasy relations - Elkins, AaronEllen
Uneasy Relations - Elkins, AaronGail Hueting
Uneasy Relations - Elkins, AaronMeredith Phillips
Unfinished Business - Seranella, BarbaraCindy Maher
Unholy Dying - Barnard, RobertCarole Shmurak
Upon Some Midnights Clear - Constantine, K.C.Conor
Used and Rare - Goldstone, LawrenceKaren Becker
Vanishing Act - Feinstein, JohnLois Reibach
Vanishing Act - Perry, ThomasSusan Mueller
Various Haunts Of Men - Hill, SusanLaura Andersen
Village affairs - Chan, CassandraPatricia Turnbull
Virgins and Martyrs - Merkel, E.L.Denise Dietz
Visions of Sugar Plums - Evanovich, JanetMichelle Hollstein
Voices - Indridason, ArnaldurCaroline Upcher
Voices - Indridason, ArnaldurJanice Doxtator
Vows of Silence - Hill, SusanLinda Gerber
Wash This Blood Clean From My Hand - Vargas, FredMelanie Anton
Water For Elephants - Gruen, SarahCindy Maher
Water Like a Stone - Crombie, DeborahAbbey Hamilton
Waterloo Sunset - Edwards, MartinPeggy Baker
We Shall Not Sleep - Perry, AnneBonnie Rauscher
We Shall Not Sleep - Perry, AnneRebecca Hippert
Whack-A-Mole - Grabenstein, ChrisJennifer Forbus
What Angels Fear - Harris, C. S.Patti O'Brien
What Burns Within - Ruttan, SandraLesa Holstine
What is Mine - Holt, AnneSuzanne Epstein
What The Dead Know - Lippman, LauraMarlene Kondelik
What The Dead Know - Lippman, LauraSuzanne Epstein
What The Dead Know - Lippman, LauraTheresa de Valence
What The Dead Know - Lippman, LauraVicki Kondelik
What's the Worst that Could Happen? - Westlake, DonaldLucinda Surber
When Gods Die - Harris, C. S.Erin Bulman
When Gods Die - Harris, C. S.Patti O'Brien
When Hell Freezes Over - Blechta, RickN. J. Lindquist
When The Wind Blows - Saul, JohnLynn
When Will There Be Good News - Atkinson, KateCarol Noreen
When Will There Be Good News - Atkinson, KateCaroline Upcher
When Will There Be Good News - Atkinson, KateLaurie Smith
When Will There Be Good News - Atkinson, KateLJ Roberts
When Will There Be Good News - Atkinson, KatePat Beuerlein
When Will There Be Good News - Atkinson, KateTruly Donovan
Where Are You Now? - Clark, Mary HiggensGail Farrelly
Where Memories Lie - Crombie, DeborahEllen
Where Memories Lie - Crombie, DeborahKaye Barley
Where Memories Lie - Crombie, DeborahLaurie Smith
Where Memories Lie - Crombie, DeborahLinda Gerber
Where Memories Lie - Crombie, DeborahMarlene Kondelik
Where Memories Lie - Crombie, DeborahMarlyn Beebe
Where Memories Lie - Crombie, DeborahMary Ellen Hughes
Where Memories Lie - Crombie, DeborahMeredith Phillips
Where Memories Lie - Crombie, DeborahPeggy Baker
Where Memories Lie - Crombie, DeborahSuzanne Epstein
Where There's A Will - Elkins, AaronMelanie Anton
White Nights - Cleeves, AnnBJ Simon
White Nights - Cleeves, AnnCarol Hutton
White Nights - Cleeves, AnnCaryn St. Clair
White Nights - Cleeves, AnnLesa Holstine
White Nights - Cleeves, AnnLinda Gerber
Widow's curse - DePoy, PhillipNina Wells
Wild Inferno - Ault, SandiCaryn St. Clair
Winter in Madrid - Sansom, C.J.Carol Hutton
Winter In Madrid - Sansom, C.J.Meredith Phillips
Winter Study - Barr, NevadaBonnie Rauscher
Winter Study - Barr, NevadaCaryn St. Clair
Winter Study - Barr, NevadaCraig Larson
Winter Study - Barr, NevadaJim Jackson
Winter Study - Barr, NevadaMargaret Franson
Winter study - Barr, NevadaPam Gee
Winter Study - Barr, NevadaSandra Parshall
Winter Study - Barr, NevadaShirley McLean
Winter Study - Barr, NevadaSuzanne Epstein
Without Fail - Child, LeeAnnette Mahon
Wolfsbane And Mistletoe - Harris/Kelner, Charlaine/ToniLiz
Working Stiff - Carrington, Torinancy martin
Written In Bone - Beckett, SimonErin Bulman
Your Heart Belongs To Me - Koontz, DeanSheila Beaumont
Yukon Murders - Porter, Don G.Phil Mann