Story Analyses

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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 22 May 2013

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Once upon a time I was writing a story and became annoyed at the difficulty of organizing the words (which, after all, were only data), further exacerbated by the non-existence of automated tools. As I'm very lucky, I had expert guidance and non-trivial help in developing software for the purpose. It's in use now to help us organize Who's Murdering Crime Fiction? – our collaborative story.

The reports below contain the story sorted in many ways to highlight different aspects:

  • Characters, their physical descriptions, motivation and where they appear in the story.
  • Plot storylines (called threads) run through the story; individual plot points are called Plot Elements.

Please check the Glossary of Software Terms to get more understanding of what the reports below provide. If you open the page in a separate window, you can flip back and forth between this and that page.

Some key points:

  • All Characters are indentified in attached files with "Character" included in the name. Most reports which feature characters sort the data by the level of importance of the characters, see Character by Level.
  • The story itself is located in BookComponent.Storytext, so any file name which includes "StoryText", and is not sorted, will display the actual story.
  • To read the story in story order, select a report whose name begins with "BookComponent" as this is where the story structure (Chapters and Sections) is located.
  • Each Thread is a plot line of the story, e.g. "Who murdered X?". Each individual action in the Thread is a PlotElement. So, to see all parts of the story which include a particular character, see "PlotElements in Threads by Character"

Below are some analyses of the story we have so far. The reports are updated regularly.