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Requested Format for Best of Year Booklists on DorothyL

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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 24 December 2012

For your list of Memorable Books read, here’s what we would like you to include:

  • Memorable books which you read (for the first time) in the year for which we are collecting. We've changed the title from "Best Books of Year" to "Memorable" because people preferred it. These memorable stories need not necessarily be published that year. I.e. if we're collecting booklists for 2017, the titles needn't be published in 2017.
  • Any quantity of titles as long as they've hit your highest rating. It doesn’t make any more work for us and here’s why we think it's a good idea to submit an unlimited quantity of Memorable Books.
  • If you are an author, please include at least one of your own titles. Check here for the rules for authors submitting their own titles.

This is our requested format for publishing your Memorable booklist.

  • In one group,
    Author Last Name, Author First Name, Title, Copyright Year, [optional SS for short story], [optional Format for Audio, eBook, paper]
    Please put these on one line separated by commas or spaces only please, i.e. AuthorLastName COMMA SPACE AuthorFirstName COMMA SPACE Title COMMA SPACE CopyrightYear COMMA SPACE [SS] COMMA SPACE [Format]

  • In a separate group,
    Identifier (Author + Title), Comments
    Listing the Author + Title is simply a way to identify to which book the comments belong, formatting and spelling of the identifier are not important; we will copy only the comments.


  • That's copyright year, NOT publication year. If you’re not sure of the copyright year, just omit it; we'll add it later.

  • Please try and post your booklist to DorothyL in this format, it makes MUCH, MUCH less work for the volunteers. Click here for why we ask for a special format for posting Booklists and if you really want to know what we have to do, you can find our instructions for processing DL data.

Please do not:

  • Start the line with numbers
  • Enclose anything between parentheses
  • Add dashes
  • Add an extra line between Best of Year books
  • All these just add more work for us to remove.

However, we will accept your list of books in any format. We'd rather have to do the extra work for a few people, than get a shortened list!

When you have compiled your Best Of Year Booklist, publish to DorothyL.

Thank you.

See the other issues about posting Memorable Books.