Polishing The Story

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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 15 September 2015

This is part of the series Lively Discussions on Crime Fiction. Since LinkedIn’s group search capabilities have diminished, we’ve provided this summary.

There are several aspects to finishing your story and here are a few relevant discussions.

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Story Aids & Issues
Getting the facts right
The Writer’s Life

Story Aids & Issues

Story Aids & Issues includes ways to focus on improving your storywriting.

What are the modern day 10 commandments of crime writing? (Mark Roope)

PD James 10 top tips for writing novels (Mark Roope)

Create great secondary characters (Susanne Lakin)

Consequential Conflict (Karen Lin)

What is harder to write: mystery or suspense? (Richard Brawer)

Using Brand Names in your fictional story. (Susan Uttendorfsky)

Any blowback from naming real places in your fiction? (Trace Conger)

When is it acceptable to use a prologue and how long should one be? (Terry Wish)

MUST YOUR PROTAGONIST BE LIKED? While I much prefer to like the protagonist, I have read many novels that I enjoyed where I didn't. (Linton Lewis)

Do you like middle-aged protagonists? (JL Greger)

7 "Must-Have" Tips for Writing a Great Crime Detective (Ricardo Fleshman)

20 Things (Robert Emmett)

I'm looking for recommendations of thrillers written in 1st person. I've never tackled 1st person, but it feels right for a story I just started. I'd like to see how some of the pros do it. (Peter Pollak)

What is your favourite time period for your novels? (Brant Landon)

LET'S TALK BAD. When you create your baddie what traits do you give them to bring them alive? (Lindsey Russell)

What is the best software for writing (fiction or non-fiction)? (Teresa Mimi Williams)

How much does your original draught vary from your finished book? (Mark Roope)

Can a story succeed when all the main characters are the bad guys? (Will Jackson)

Dangerous? Are you a risk-taker? (Tom Bryson)

Do publishers and agents like four-letter words? (Rolland Anderson)

Do you include a bit of romance in your mysteries? (JL Gregor)

How many of you will be writing crime fiction during NaNoWriMo? (Alice de Sturler)

Getting The Facts Right

Readers require correct facts. We have many discussions on Crime Fiction group about real crime and the persons who catch them. This is but a smattering.

Want to know a bit more about drugs and poisons? (Martin Hill Ortiz via Theresa de Valence)

The True Causes of Crime (Jim Fisher)

I need your help to get details right. (Betsy Ashton)

Do You Have A Personal Reference Library? (Joni Snowden)

The very heavy mental health toll of the children of first responders (Jim Fisher)

Does anybody know who to talk to about law enforcement and forensic science for novel research? (Ryan Hoffman)

Can anyone point me toward some good research on forensic evidence involving non-secretors? (EW Abernathy)

Writers Police Academy (Stacie VanEvery)

Free Forensic Psychology course(Kevin Robinson)

DP Lyle's Forensics for Writers post today is a head spinner! (Rebecca Dahlke)

Watch a Taser in operation so you can get it right in your stories (Kevin Robinson)

Can a tattoo be a sign of guilt or just stupidity? Have you ever noticed that criminals seem to love tattoos? (Monte Anderson)

What do detectives wear in different situations? (Ryan Hoffman)

I have a scene in court where the protagonist (female detective) wants to hurt the male defendant. I think what I've written seems more likely from a male POV than a female POV. I need feedback. (James Glass)

Detecting drug abuse through sewage (Jim Fisher)

A blood test for psychosis? It’s here. (Jim Fisher)

Working with the corpus delicti. (Joe Prock)

The Writer’s Life

There are some wonderful parts to a writer’s life.

Dealing with Writers Block (Theresa Isley)

Why and how some successful authors sabotage their careers (Susanne Lakin)

What is your biggest writing, publishing or marketing problem? (John Pelling)

For writers and for bloggers: are we each others competition or do we complement each other? (Alice de Sturler)

5 Practical Goals to Help You Avoid Overwhelm (Susanne Lakin)

8 great motivational tools for writers (Susanne Lakin). Includes software!

Do Crime Authors ever expose all of their experience and what made them consider Crime as a living? (Dave Page)

How do you classify a writer or book as successful? (Mark Roope)

What are the modern day 10 commandments of crime writing? (Mark Roope)

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