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BLONDE JOKE by Margaret Koch

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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 24 July 2011

Once I got over the shoddy details of the ebook format, Margaret Koch’s BLONDE JOKE was a highly enjoyable read. A side effect of the sloppy epub construction was that I skipped the prologue entirely. Skipping the prologue is recommended as it leaves the guilt of some characters unresolved which I feel makes the story stronger and more interesting. Of course, you will have to mimic my habits of not reading any synopsis of the story as this case illustrates my oft-lamented claim that synopses kill half the mystery of a story.

Barbara Stark interprets non-verbal signals with such authority, I began to wonder if the author did, in fact, know about the subject. Margaret Koch, like Barbara, is a psychologist. Barbara’s interpretations of behaviour are very amusing and they’re satisfying too, because it’s comforting to read that the world can be reduced to simple interpretations. Though I admit that in real life such unequivocal interpretation of MY behaviour would annoy me very much!

The background characters, Barbara’s patients, co-workers, friends and associates are people you’d like to spend time with to get to know them better. The author has a good eye; she paints scenes with a confident, lively brush. The food is mouth watering.

The good doctor has an enviable life, but the adventure in BLOND JOKE takes her to some scary places.

An excellent adventure.

By Margaret Koch
© 2006
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