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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 29 January 2012

Readers of DorothyL listserv posted the memorable books read for the first time in 2011. There were 1279 unique titles listed. The count represents the number of times each title was cited:

Author with Title Count
Aaronovitch, Ben - Midnight Riot1
Abbott, Megan - The End of Everything2
Adair, Robin - The Ghost of Waterloo1
Adair, Suzanne - Regulated For Murder1
Adam, Paul - Paganini's Ghost2
Adam, Paul - Rainaldi Quartet1
Adams, Cleve F - Sabotage1
Adams, Ellery - A Deadly Cliche1
Adams, Ellery - A Killer Plot2
Adams, Ellery - The Last Word5
Adams, Ron - Key Lime Squeeze1
Adler, Elizabeth - There's something about st. tropez1
Adler-Olsen, Jussi - The Keeper of Lost Causes (orig 2007)12
Albert, Susan Wittig - Mourning Gloria2
Albert, Susan Wittig - The Darling Dahlias and the Naked Ladies3
Albert, Susan Wittig - The Tale of Castle Cottage1
Albritten, Esri - Chihuahua of the Baskervilles1
Alderman, P.J. - A Killing Tide1
Alexander, Bruce - The Rules of Engagement1
Alexander, Tasha - And Only To Deceive1
Allen, Jeffrey - Stay At Home Dead1
Allen, Sarah Addison - Garden Spells1
Alleyn, Susanne - The Cavalier of the Apocalypse1
Allin, Lou - That Dog Won't Hunt 1
Altman, John - Game of Spies1
Ames, Delano - Corpse Diplomatique1
Anable, Stephen - A Pinchbeck Bride1
Anderson, Beth - Murder Online1
Anderson, Beth - Raven Talks Back4
Andrews, Donna - Murder With Peacocks2
Andrews, Donna - Stork Raving Mad2
Andrews, Donna - The Real Macaw5
Andrews, Donna - We'll Always Have Parrots1
Arsenault, Emily - In Search Of The Rose Notes3
Arthurson, Wayne - Fall From Grace1
Ash, Maureen - A Deadly Penance1
Ash, Maureen - Murder for Christ's Mass1
Ash, Maureen - Shroud of Dishonour1
Atkins, Ace - Infamous1
Atkins, Ace - The Ranger2
Atkinson, Kate - Case Histories3
Atkinson, Kate - Started Early, Took My Dog15
Atkinson, Michael - Hemingway Cutthroat1
Aubert, Rosemary - Free Reign1
Ayers, Kate - A Murder of Crows1
Babson , Marian - Murder Murder Little Star 1
Bailey, Frankie - Forty Acres and a Soggy Grave1
Baldacci, David - Hell's Corner1
Baldacci, David - Sixth Man1
Baldacci, David - Zero day1
Ball, Donna - Gun Shy1
Ball, Donna - Rapid Fire1
Banrey, Ron and Janet - Dead as a Scone1
Barber, Christine - The Bone Fire1
Barclay, Linwood - The Accident3
Barnes, Julian - The Sense of an Ending1
Barr, Nevada - Burn1
Barr, Nevada - The Rope1
Barrick, Ella - Quickstep to Murder1
Barry/Pearson, Dave/Ridley - Peter and the secret of rundoon1
Bartlett, Lorraine - A crafty killing1
Bass, Jefferson - Flesh and Bone1
Bass, Jefferson - The bone yard1
Bates, Quentin - Frozen Assets2
Battles, Brett - Little Girl Gone1
Battles, Brett - The Cleaner2
Bauer, Belinda - Blacklands2
Bazell, Josh - Beat the Reaper1
Beaton, M.C. - Death of a Greedy Woman1
Beaufort, Simon - The Bloodstained Throne1
Beckett, Simon - Written in Bone1
Bell, David - Cembetery Girl1
Bell, Donnell - The Past Came Hunting1
Bender, Aimee - Particular sadness of lemon cake1
Benison, C.C. - Twelve Drummers Drumming1
Benn, James R. - Evil for Evil1
Benn, James R. - Mortal Terror1
Bennett, K. - Pay Me in Flesh1
Bentley , Jennie - Flipped Out1
Berry, Steve - The Jefferson Key1
Bidulka, Anthony - Amuse Bouche1
Bishop, Morris - The Widening Stain1
Bizzelli, Elizabeth Kane - Dead Dogs and Englishmen2
Black, Benjamin - A Death in Summer1
Black, Benjamin - Christine Falls1
Black, Cara - Murder in Passy1
Black, Lisa - Takeover1
Black, Lisa - Trail of Blood1
Black, Michelle - Séance In Sepia1
Black, Nash - Haints1
Blackwell, Juliet - Hexes And Hemlines1
Blair, Peggy - The Beggar's Opera1
Block, Lawrence - A Drop Of The Hard Stuff5
Bolton, S. J. - Awakening1
Bolton, S. J. - Blood Harvest1
Bolton, S. J. - Now You See Me8
Bolton, S. J. - Sacrifice1
Booth, Stephen - Black Dog1
Bourbon, Melissa - Pleating for mercy1
Bowen, Gail - One fine day you're going to die1
Bowen, Gail - The Nesting Dolls1
Bowen, Rhys - Bless The Bride3
Bowen, Rhys - Murphy's Law1
Bowen, Rhys - Naughty In Nice4
Box, C. J. - Back of Beyond4
Box, C. J. - Cold Wind4
Bradley, Alan - A Red Herring Without Mustard12
Bradley, Alan - I Am Half-Sick Of Shadows7
Bradley, Alan - Red Herring Without Mustard1
Bradley, Alan - The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie3
Bradley, Alan - The Weed That Strings The Hangman’s Bag1
Bradley, Alan - The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag3
Brady, Jacklyn - A Sheetcake Named Desire1
Brady, Rachel - Final Approach1
Brande, Robin - Doggirl2
Brandreth, Gyles - Oscar Wilde And A Death Of No Importance1
Brannan, Sandra - Lot's Return to Sodom1
Brett, Simon - Blotto Twinks And The Ex-King's Daughter1
Brewer, Steve - Lonely Street1
Brewer, Steve - Sanity Clause1
Brewer, Steve - The Big Wink1
Briggs, Patricia - Preying on Mercy1
Brightwell , Emily - Mrs. Jeffries Forges Ahead 1
Brookins, Carl - Red Sky1
Brookins, Carl - Reunion2
Brophy, Grace - A Deadly Paradise1
Brown, Fredric - The Fabulous Clipjoint1
Brown, Virginia - Dixie Divas1
Browning, Pat - Absinthe of Malice5
Bruce, Alison - The Siren1
Bruen, Ken - The Devil1
Bruen, Ken - The Guards1
Brums, Don - Stuff To Die For1
Bujold, Lois McMaster - A Civil Campaign1
Bujold, Lois McMaster - Barrayar1
Bujold, Lois McMaster - Borders of Infinity1
Bujold, Lois McMaster - Brothers in Arms1
Bujold, Lois McMaster - Cetaganda1
Bujold, Lois McMaster - Cordelia's Honor1
Bujold, Lois McMaster - Cryoburn1
Bujold, Lois McMaster - Diplomatic Immunity1
Bujold, Lois McMaster - Komarr1
Bujold, Lois McMaster - Memory1
Bujold, Lois McMaster - Mirror Dance1
Bujold, Lois McMaster - The Vor Game1
Bujold, Lois McMaster - The Warrior's Apprentice1
Bujold, Lois McMaster - Winterfair Gifts1
Bull, Warren - Heartland1
Burke, Alafair - Long Gone4
Burke, Declan - Eightball Boogie1
Burke, James Lee - A Stained White Radiance1
Burke, James Lee - Feast Day for Fools1
Burke, James Lee - The Glass Rainbow1
Burke, Jan - Bones1
Burke, Jan - Disturbance2
Burke, Jan - Kidnapped1
Burke, Jan - The disturbance1
Burke, Michael - Music of the Spheres1
Burton, Milton - Nights of the Red Moon3
Burton, Milton - The rogue's game1
Bush, Nancy - Ultra Violet1
Butcher, Jim - Ghost Story1
Cabot, Megan - Bury Me Deep1
Callow, Pamela - Damaged1
Callow, Pamela - Indefensible1
Camilleri, Andrea - The Paper Moon1
Camilleri, Andrea - The Terra Cotta Dog1
Campbell, Chester D. - Secrets of the Scroll1
Campbell, Chester D. - The Good, The Bad and The Murderous4
Campbell, Chester D. - The Surest Poison1
Cannell, Stephen - White Sister1
Cantrell, Rebecca - A Game of Lies3
Cantrell, Rebecca - A Night of Long Knives2
Cantrell, Rebecca - A Trace of Smoke1
Cantwell, Karen - Take the Monkeys and Run1
Carl, Lillian Stewart - Ashes to Ashes1
Carl, Lillian Stewart - Dust to Dust1
Carl, Lillian Stewart - The Blue Hackle1
Carl, Lillian Stewart - The Charm Stone1
Carlisle, Kate - Murder Under Cover1
Carr, Carol K - India Black1
Casey, Clark - The Perfect Defective1
Casey, Donis - Crying Blood2
Casey, Donis - Hornswoggled1
Casey, Donis - The Drop Edge of Yonder3
Casey, Donis - The Old Buzzard Had It Coming2
Casey, Donis - The Sky Took Him1
Casey, Jane - The Burning1
Castillo, Linda - Breaking Silence4
Castillo, Linda - Pray for Silence2
Castillo, Linda - Sworn to silence3
Castle, Richard - Heat Rises1
Cavender, Chris - A Slice of Murder1
Chabon, Michael - The Yiddish Policemen's Union1
Chalmers, K. K. - Murder In A Good Neighborhood1
Chamberlain, Diane - The Midwife's Confession2
Charbonneau, Joelle - Skating Around the Law2
Charbonneau, Joelle - Skating Over the Line2
Chercover, Sean - Big City, Bad Blood1
Chercover, Sean - Trigger City1
Chiaverini, Jennifer - The Wedding Quilt1
Child, Lee - 61 Hours3
Child, Lee - One Shot1
Child, Lee - The Affair15
Child, Lee - Worth Dying For2
Child, Lee ed. - First Thrills1
Childs, Laura - Chamomile Mourning1
Chisholm, P. F. - A Murder of Crows1
Christian, Marika - Phone Kitten1
Christie, Agatha - Dumb Witness1
Christie, Agatha - The Mysterious Affair at Styles1
Christie, Agatha - The Secret of Chimneys 1
Clare, Cassandra - The Red Velvet Turnshoe1
Cleeves, Ann - Silent Voices1
Clemens, Judy - Flowers For Her Grave1
Clemens, Judy - Grim reaper's dance1
Clemens, Judy - Till the Cows Come Home1
Clement, Blaize - Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons2
Clements, Rory - Martyr1
Cleverly, Barbara - A Darker God1
Coben, Harlan - Live Wire2
Coben, Harlan - Long Lost1
Coben, Harlan - The Woods1
Coel, Margaret - The Silent Spirit1
Cohen, Jeffrey - A Farewell To Legs1
Cohen, Jeffrey - A Night At The Operation2
Cohen, Jeffrey - As Dog Is My Witness2
Cohen, Jeffrey - For Whom the Minivan Rolls1
Cohen, Jeffrey - It Happened One Knife1
Cohen, Jeffrey - Some Like It Hot Buttered1
Cohen, Jeffrey - The Gun Also Rises1
Coleman, Reed Farrel - Hurt Machine2
Coleman, Reed Farrel - Innocent Monster5
Coles , Manning - No Entry 1
Colfer, Eoin - Plugged2
Collins, Max Allan - Bye Bye Baby1
Collins, Max Allan - Quarry In The Middle1
Collins, Suzanne - Catching Fire1
Collins, Suzanne - The Hunger Games1
Conant, Susan - Brute Strength2
Conant, Susan - Murder in Ring 191
Conant, Susan - Murder Well-Groomed1
Connelly, Michael - The Drop8
Connelly, Michael - The Fifth Witness3
Connelly, Michael - The Last Coyote1
Connelly, Michael - The Lincoln Lawyer2
Connelly, Michael - The narrows1
Connelly, Michael - The Reversal1
Connolly, John - The Burning Soul1
Connolly, John - The Reapers1
Connolly, Sheila - Bitter harvest1
Connolly, Sheila - Let's Play Dead1
Cook, Thomas H. - The Quest for Anna Klein1
Cooper, Glenn - Library of the Dead1
Copperman, E. J. - An Uninvited Ghost4
Corbett, David - The devil's redhead1
Corby, Gary - The Pericles Commission1
Corby, Gary - The Pericles Commission 1
Corey, James S. A. - Leviathan Wakes1
Corleone, Douglas - One Man's Paradise1
Corris, Peter - Follow the money1
Cortez, Donn - The Closer1
Corwin, Miles - Kind of Blue2
Cosse, Laurence - A Novel Bookstore1
Cotterill, Colin - Killed At The Whim Of A Hat5
Cotterill, Colin - Love Songs from a Shallow Grave1
Cotterill, Colin - Slash and Burn2
Cotterill, Colin - The Coroner’s Lunch2
Cotterill, Colin - The merry misogynist1
Cotterill, Colin - Thirty-Three Teeth2
Coyle , Cleo - On What Grounds 20031
Craig, Philip R - A Case of Vineyard Poison1
Craig, Philip R - Off Season1
Crais, Robert - The Sentry6
Crane, Frances - The Turquoise Shop1
Crider, Bill - The Wild Hog Murders5
Crockett, Jessie - Live Free or Die1
Crombie, Deborah - Dreaming Of The Bones1
Crombie, Deborah - Necessary as Blood1
Crombie, Deborah - No Mark Upon Her (2011)2
Cronin, Keith - Me Again1
Crosby , Ellen - The Riesling Retribution 1
Cross, Amanda - Poetic Justice1
Cross, Amanda - Sweet Death, Kind Death1
Crow, Donna Fletcher - A Darkly Hidden Truth2
Crow, Donna Fletcher - A Very Private Grave2
Crow, Donna Fletcher - Shadow of Reality1
Cruz Smith, Martin - Red Square1
Culver, Chris - The Abbey1
Cummings, Charles - The Trinity Six1
Curran, John - Agatha Christie’s Secret Notebooks1
Daheim , Mary - Loco Motive 1
Dahl , Arne - Misterioso 1
Dams, Jeanne - Murder in burnt orange1
Dams, Jeanne - The Body In the Transept1
Daniels, Casey - A Hard Night's Fright1
Dare, Lila - Tressed to Kill 1
Darlington, Terry - Narrow Dog to Carcassonne (Brit: 2005)1
DaSilva, Bruce - Rogue Island5
Davidson, Hilary - The Damage Done2
Davis, Krista - The Diva Haunts a House 1
Davis, Lindsey - Nemesis1
Davis, Lindsey - Shadows in Bronze1
Davis, Lindsey - Silver Pigs1
Davis, Lindsey - The Iron Hand of Mars1
Davis, Lindsey - Three Hands in the Fountain1
Davis, Lindsey - Venus In Copper1
Dawson, Janet - Bit Player1
de Castrique, Mark - Blackman's coffin1
de Castrique, Mark - The Sandburg Connection1
Dean, Anna - A Woman of Consequence1
Deaver, Jeffrey - The Blue Nowhere1
Deaver, Jeffrey - The Burning Wire1
Delaney, Kathleen - Murder Half-Baked1
Delany, Vicki - Among the Departed3
Delany, Vicki - In the Shadow of the Glacier1
Delany, Vicki - Murder at Lost Dog Lake1
Delany, Vicki - Negative Image1
Dengler, Sandy - Hyaenas1
DePoy, Phillip - A Corpse's Nightmare2
Depoy, Phillip - Devil's Hearth1
Dereske, Jo - Farewell Miss Zukas6
deWitt, Patrick - The Sisters Brothers2
Dickinson, David - Death in a Scarlet Coat1
Dillon, Eilis - Death in the Quadrangle1
Diotalevi, Dave - Miracle Myx1
Dirda, Michael - On Conan Doyle or The Whole Art of Storytelling1
Doherty, Paul - The Mysterium1
Doiron, Paul - The poacher's son1
Doiron, Paul - Trespasser1
Dolan, Harry - Bad Things Happen1
Downie, R. S. (Ruth) - Caveat Emptor (Ruso and the River of Darkness)1
Downie, R. S. (Ruth) - Medicus: A Novel of the Roman Empire1
Downing, David - Stettin Station1
Downing, David - Zoo Station1
Downs, Tim - Shoofly Pie2
Drier, Michele - Edited for Death1
Dugoni, Robert - Murder One1
Duncan, Alice - Fallen Angels1
Duncan, Alice - Lost Among the Angels1
Duncan, Alice - Pecos Valley Revival1
Duncan, Alice - Strong Spirits 1
Duncan, Elizabeth J. - A Killer's Christmas in Wales2
Dundee, Wayne - The Skintight Shroud1
Dunn, Carola - A Mourning Wedding 1
Dunn, Carola - Anthem for Doomed Youth 1
Dunn, Carola - Murder on the Flying Scotsman1
Dunning, John - The Bookman's Wake 1
Eastland, Sam - Eye Of The Red Tsar2
Eco, Umberto - The Prague Cemetery1
Edwards, Martin - The Arsenic Labyrinth1
Edwards, Martin - The Hanging Wood2
Edwards, Phil - Retirement can be Murder1
Edwards, Ruth Dudley - Carnage on the Committee1
Elkins, Aaron - Fellowship of Fear 1
Elkins, Aaron - Skullduggery 1
Elkins, Aaron - The Worst Thing4
Ellin, Stanley - Very Old Money1
Ellis, Kate - The Blood Pit1
Ellis, Kate - The Flesh Tailor1
Ellis, Kate - The Jackal Man1
Ellis, Kate - The Merchant's House1
Ellis, Robert - Murder Season1
Ellis, Robert - The Lost Witness1
Ellison, J. T. - All the pretty girls1
Ellison, J. T. - Where All the Dead Lie3
Ephron, Hallie - Come and Find Me1
Ergang, Barry - The Play of Light and Shadow1
Estleman, Loren D. - Jitterbug1
Evanovich, Janet - Smokin' Seventeen1
Evans, Geraldine - Death Line1
Evans, Geraldine - Down Among the Dead Men1
Evans, Justin - The White Devil1
Everett, Percival - Assumption1
Fairstein, Linda - Entombed1
Fairstein, Linda - Hell Gate1
Fairstein, Linda - Lethal Legacy1
Fairstein, Linda - Silent Mercy3
Farnsworth, Christopher - Blood Oath1
Ferraris, Zoe - City of Veils4
Ferraris, Zoe - Finding Nouf1
Ferris, Gordon - The Hanging Shed1
Fforde, Jasper - One of Our Thursdays Is Missing1
Fields, Tricia - The Territory1
Finch, Charles - A Burial at Sea1
Finch, Charles - A Stranger in Mayfair1
Finder, Joseph - Buried Secrets1
Finder, Joseph - Vanished3
Finger, Gerrie Ferris - The End Game2
Finger, Gerrie Ferris - The Ghost Ship1
Fitzgerald, Conor - The Dogs of Rome1
Flint, Shamini - A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder2
Fluke, Joanne - Joanne Fluke's Lake Eden CookbooK1
Fluke/Levine/Meier, Joanne/Laura/Leslie - Candy Canes of Christmas Past1
Fluke/Levine/Meier, Joanne/Laura/Leslie - The Dangers of Candy Canes1
Flynn, Vince - American Assassin1
Ford, Jeffrey - The Girl in The Glass1
Forrester, James - Sacred Treason1
Forsyth, Frederick - The fourth protocol1
Fowler, Christopher - Bryant and May Off the Rails1
Fowler, Christopher - Ten Second Staircase1
Fowler, Christopher - The Victoria Vanishes1
Fowler, Christopher - White Corridor1
Fowler, Earlene - Arkansas Traveler1
Fowler, Earlene - Love Mercy3
Fowler, Earlene - Spider Web2
Francis, Dick - Come to Grief1
Francis, Dick - High Stakes1
Francis, Dick - Hot Money1
Francis, Dick - Straight1
Francis, Dick & Felix - Crossfire1
Frank, Bill - Crimes in southern indiana1
Franklin, Ariana - A Murderous Procession (The Assassin's Prayer)2
Franklin, Ariana - Grave Goods2
Franklin, Tom - Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter21
Frazer, Margaret - A Play of Piety1
Frazer, Margaret - Play of Heresy1
Frazier, Charles - Nightwoods1
Freeman, R. Austin - A Certain Dr. Thorndyke1
Freeman, R. Austin - A Silent Witness1
Freeman, R. Austin - As A Thief in the Night1
Freeman, R. Austin - Dr. Thorndyke Intervenes1
Freeman, R. Austin - Helen Vardon's Confession1
Freeman, R. Austin - Mr. Pottermack's Oversight1
Freeman, R. Austin - Pontifex, Son and Thorndyke1
Freeman, R. Austin - The Cat's Eye1
Freeman, R. Austin - The D'Arblay Mystery1
Freeman, R. Austin - The Eye of Osiris (The Vanishing Man)1
Freeman, R. Austin - The Mystery of 31 New Inn1
Freeman, R. Austin - The Mystery of Angelina Frood1
Freeman, R. Austin - The Red Thumb Mark1
Freeman, R. Austin - The Shadow of the Wolf1
Freeman, R. Austin - When Rogues Fall Out (Dr. Thorndyke's Discovery)1
French, Nicci - Secret Smile1
French, Nicci - The Safe House1
French, Tana - Faithful Place6
French, Tana - In the Woods2
French, Tana - The Likeness2
Freveletti , Jamie - The Ninth Day1
Friedman, Kinky - Armadillos & Old Lace1
Friedman, Kinky - Roadkill1
Frisbee, Mary - Satori Ranch 2
Furst, Alan - Spies of the Balkans1
Gage, Leighton - A Vine in the Blood3
Gage, Leighton - Dying Gasp1
Gage, Leighton - Every Bitter Thing3
Gager, W. S. - A Case of Accidental Intersection1
Gardiner, Meg - China Lake1
Gardner, Ashley - A death in Norfolk2
Gardner, Lisa - Live to Tell1
Gardner, Lisa - Love You More3
Gardner, Lisa - The Killing Hour1
Gardner, Lisa - The Neighbor1
Gardner, Lisa - The Perfect Husband1
Gaus, P. L. - Blood of the Prodigal 1
Gaus, P. L. - Separate from the World1
Gavin, Rick - Ranchero2
Gentill, Sulari - A Few Right Thinking Men1
George, Elizabeth - This Body of Death2
George, Kathleen - Taken1
George, Kaye - A Patchwork of Stories1
Gerritsen, Tess - Body Double1
Gerritsen, Tess - Gravity1
Gerritsen, Tess - Ice Cold2
Gerritsen, Tess - The Keepsake1
Gerritsen, Tess - The Mephisto Club2
Gerritsen, Tess - The Silent Girl8
Gerritsen, Tess - The Sinner2
Gerritsen, Tess - Vanish1
Ghelfi, Brent - The Burning Lake1
Gilbert, Michael - Close Quarters1
Gilbert, Michael - Smallbone Deceased1
Gilstrap, John - Threat Warning1
Goddard, Robert - Into the Blue1
Goldberg, Lee - Judgment1
Goldberg, Lee - Mr. Monk in Trouble1
Goldberg, Lee - Mr. Monk Is Cleaned Out1
Goldberg, Lee - Mr. Monk on the Couch1
Goldberg, Lee - Mr. Monk on the Road1
Goldenbaum, Sally - The Wedding Shawl1
Goldstein, Susan - Hollywood Forever1
Gooden, Philip - The Durham Disappearance (2011 as The Durham Deception)1
Goodis, David - Cassidy's Girl2
Goodman, Carol - Arcadia Falls1
Goodwin, Jason - An evil eye1
Goodwin, Jason - Snake Stone1
Goodwin, Jason - The Janissary Tree1
Goolrick, Robert - A Reliable Wife2
Gordon, Nadia - Lethal vintage1
Grabenstein, Chris - Rolling Thunder2
Grabien, Deborah - London Calling1
Grabien, Deborah - Matty Groves1
Grabien, Deborah - New-Slain Knight1
Grafton, Sue - B is for Burglar3
Grafton, Sue - V is For Vengeance10
Gran, Sara - Claire Dewit And The City Of The Dead6
Gran, Sara - Dope1
Granger, Ann - Say it With Poison1
Greene, Graham - Brighton Rock1
Greenwood, Kerry - Cooking the books1
Greenwood, Kerry - Dead Man's Chest1
Greenwood, Kerry - Death by Water1
Greenwood, Kerry - Devil's Food1
Greenwood, Kerry - Earthly Delights1
Greenwood, Kerry - Flying Too High 1
Greenwood, Kerry - Forbidden Fruit2
Greenwood, Kerry - Heavenly Pleasures1
Greenwood, Kerry - Murder on a Midsummer Night1
Greenwood, Kerry - Trick or Treat1
Gregorio, Michael - A Visible Darkness 1
Gregory, Susanna - A Murder on London Bridge1
Gregory, Susanna - The Killer of Pilgrims1
Griffiths, Elly - House at Sea's End1
Griffiths, Elly - The Crossing Places3
Griffiths, Elly - The House at Sea's End (British Ed.)1
Griffiths, Elly - The Janus Stone6
Grimes, Martha - Belle Ruin1
Grindle, Lucretia - The Faces of Angels (2006)1
Grindle, Lucretia - The Lost Daughter1
Gross, Andrew - Eyes Wide Open1
Groundwater, Beth - Deadly Currents1
Gruber, Michael - The Book of Air and Shadows1
Gruley, Bryan - Starvation Lake1
Gruley, Bryan - The Hanging Tree4
Gustainis, Justin - Hard Spell2
Gutteridge , Don - Solemn Vows 1
Guttridge, Peter - The Last King of Brighton1
Habila, Helon - Oil On Water1
Hackler, Michal - Legend of the Dead 1
Haddam, Jane - A Stillness In Bethlehem1
Haddam, Jane - Cheating At Solitaire1
Haddam, Jane - Deadly Beloved1
Haddam, Jane - Flowering Judas4
Haddam, Jane - Living witness1
Haddam, Jane - Not A Creature Was Stirring1
Haddam, Jane - Skeleton Key1
Haddam, Jane - Somebody Else's Music1
Haddam, Jane - The Headmaster's Wife1
Haddam, Jane - True Believers1
Haines, Carolyn - Bones of a Feather1
Haines, Carolyn ed. - Delta Blues1
Hall, James W. - Dead Last1
Hall, Karen - Unreasonable Risk1
Hall, M. R. - Coroner1
Hall, M. R. - The Redeemed1
Hall, Parnell - The Innocent Woman (1993)2
Hall, Tarquin - The Case of the Missing Servant1
Hallinan, Timothy - A Nail Through The Heart2
Hallinan, Timothy - Breathing Water2
Hallinan, Timothy - Crashed2
Hallinan, Timothy - Little Elvises10
Hallinan, Timothy - The Fourth Watcher4
Hallinan, Timothy - The Queen Of Patpong10
Halter, Paul - The Lord Of Misrule2
Hambly, Barbara - Dead and Buried1
Hambly, Barbara - The Shirt on His Back2
Hambly, Barbara - Those Who Hunt The Night1
Hamilton, Barbara - A Marked Man1
Hamilton, Barbara - The Ninth Daughter1
Hamilton, Denise - Damage Control6
Hamilton, Ian - Disciple Of Las Vegas1
Hamilton, Ian - The Touch of the Deadly Tigress1
Hamilton, Lyn - The Maltese Goddess 1
Hamilton, Steve - Ice Run1
Hamilton, Steve - Misery Bay6
Hamilton, Steve - The Lock Artist3
Hamilton, Steve - The Lock Artist 1
Hammett, Dashiel - Arson Plus1
Hammett, Dashiel - The Glass Key1
Handler, David - The Blood Red Indian Summer3
Hannah, Sophie - A Room Swept White1
Hannah, Sophie - Cradle in the Grave2
Harbach, Chad - The Art of Fielding (not a mystery)1
Hare, Cyril - An English Murder1
Harkness, Deborah - A Discovery of Witches2
Harmon, Ken - The Fat Man: A Tale of North Pole Noir1
Harper, Tom - The Mosaic of Shadows1
Harris, C. S. - What Remains of Heaven1
Harris, C. S. - Where Shadows Dance2
Harris, Charlaine - Dead reckoning1
Harris, Charlaine - Grave secret1
Harris, Charlaine - Shakespeare’s christmas1
Harris, Fred - Easy Pickin's1
Harris, Paul - The Secret Keeper1
Harrison, Cora - Deed of Murder 2
Harrison, Cora - Eye of The Law 1
Harrison, Cora - Scales of Retribution 1
Harrison, Cora - The Sting of Justice 1
Harrison, Kim - Dead Witch Walking1
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia - Body Line3
Hart, Carolyn - Dead By Midnight1
Hart, Carolyn - Death on Demand1
Hart, Carolyn - Ghost in Trouble1
Hart, Ellen - The Lost Women of Lost Lake1
Hart, Erin - False Mermaid1
Hart, Erin - Haunted Ground1
Hart, John - Down River1
Hart, John - Iron House8
Hart, John - The Last Child1
Haskins, Michaels - Free Range Institution1
Hasler, Susan - Intelligence2
Havill, Steven F. - Double Prey2
Havill, Steven F. - Statute of Limitations1
Havill, Steven F. - Twice Buried1
Hayder, Mo - Gone1
Hayder, Mo - The hanging hill1
Hayes, J. M. - Server Down1
Hays, Tony - The Beloved Dead1
Hays, Tony - The Divine Sacrifice1
Hays, Tony - The Killing Way 1
Haywood, Gar Anthony - Assume Nothing1
Haywood, Gar Anthony - Cemetery Road1
Haywood, Gar Anthony - Fear Of The Dark1
Healey, Karen - The Shattering1
Heilbrun, Robert - Offer of Proof1
Hellmann, Libby Fischer - An Eye For Murder1
Hellmann, Libby Fischer - Set the Night on Fire 1
Hellmann, Libby Fischer - Toxicity1
Helms, Richard - Thunder Moon1
Henry, Sara J. - Learning to Swim3
Hewson, David - A Season for the Dead1
Hewson, David - City of Fear1
Hewson, David - The Fallen Angel1
Heyer, Georgette - They Found Him Dead1
Heyer, Georgette - Why Shoot a Butler?1
Hiaasen, Carl - Chomp1
Hill, Reginald - Death Comes for the Fat Man1
Hill, Reginald - Good Morning Midnight2
Hill, Reginald - Midnight Fugue1
Hill, Reginald - The Price of Butcher’s Meat1
Hill, Reginald - The Price of Butcher's Meat1
Hill, Reginald - The Woodcutter9
Hill, Russell - The Dog Sox2
Hill, Russell - The Lord God Bird2
Hill, Sasscer - Full Mortality1
Hill, Susan - The Betrayal of Trust5
Hill, Susan - The Shadow in the Street1
Hill, Susan - The Shadows in the Street1
Hill, Susan - The Various Haunts of Men3
Hill, Susan - The Vows of Silence1
Hillerman, Tony - The Blessing Way1
Hinger, Charlotte - Deadly descent1
Hinger, Charlotte - Lethal Lineage 2
Hoag, Tami - Down the Darkest Road1
Hockensmith, Steve - World's Greatest Sleuth2
Hoklotubbe, Sara Sue - The American Cafe2
Holding, Elisabeth Sanxay - The Obstinate Murderer1
Holt, Ann - 12221
Horan, Ellen - 31 Bond Street1
Horowitz, Anthony - The House of Silk1
Hovey, Joan Hall - Listen to the Shadows1
Hughes, Declan - All the Dead Voices1
Hughes, Declan - City of Lost Girls1
Hughes, Declan - The Price of Blood1
Hunter, Stephen - Point of Impact1
Hunter, Stephen - Soft Target1
Hurwitz, Gregg - Trust No One1
Hurwitz, Gregg - You're Next1
Hyzy, Julie - Buffalo West Wing3
Hyzy, Julie - Grace Under Pressure1
Hyzy, Julie - State Of The Onion1
Indridason, Arnaldur - Arctic Chill (Orig: 2005)1
Indridason, Arnaldur - Silence of the Grave1
Indridason, Arnaldur - Voices1
Irving, John - Last Night In Twisted River1
Isaacs, Susan - As Husbands Go1
Izner, Claude - The Predator of Batignolles1
Jaffarian, Sue Ann - Baited Blood1
Jaffarian, Sue Ann - Ghost in the Polka Dot Bikini1
Jaffarian, Sue Ann - Where's Your Daddy?1
James, Darrell - Nazareth Child1
James, Miranda - Classified as Murder2
James, Miranda - Murder past due1
James, P. D. - Death Comes To Pemberley1
James, P. D. - Devices And Desires1
James, Peter - Dead Like You1
James, Peter - Dead Man's Grip2
Jance, J. A. - Betrayal of Trust2
Jance, J. A. - Hand of Evil1
Jecks, Michael - No Law in the Land 1
Jecks, Michael - The Bishop Must Die1
Jennings, Maureen - Season of Darkness2
Johns, Linda - Hannah west in the belltown towers1
Johnson, Craig - Another Man's Moccasins2
Johnson, Craig - Death Without Company3
Johnson, Craig - Hell is Empty18
Johnson, Craig - Junkyard Dogs4
Johnson, Craig - Kindness Goes Unpunished1
Johnson, Craig - The Cold Dish2
Johnson, Craig - The Dark Horse1
Johnson, Linda O - The More the Terrier1
Jones, Darynda - First Grave On The Right2
Jones, J. Sydney - Requiem in Vienna1
Jones, J. Sydney - The silence1
Jones, Merry - The River Killings1
Kaaberbol, Lene - The Boy in the Suitcase1
Kane, Andrea - The Girl Who Disappeared Twice1
Karp, Marshall - Blood Thirsty1
Karp, Marshall - Flipping Out1
Karp, Marshall - The Rabbit Factory1
Kaufman, Thomas - Steal the Show1
Kay, Susan - Legacy1
Kellerman, Faye - Hangman1
Kellerman, Faye - Stalker1
Kellerman, Faye - The Mercedes Coffin1
Kelly, Erin - The Poison Tree1
Kelly, Jim - Death Toll2
Kelly, Susan - Kid's Stuff1
Kelner, Toni L.P. - A Blast From The Past1
Kent, Christobel - The Drowning river1
Kent, Graeme - Devil-Devil1
Kepler, Lars - The Hypnotist (orig 2001)2
Kerr, Philip - A Quiet Flame1
Kerr, Philip - Field Grey (US title: Field Gray)2
Kiely, Tracy - Murder Most Persuasive1
Kilmer, Nicholas - Butterfly in Flame1
King, Dana - Wild Bill1
King, Jackie - The Inconvenient Corpse1
King, Laurie R. - A Monstrous Regiment of Women1
King, Laurie R. - Locked Rooms1
King, Laurie R. - Pirate King6
King, Laurie R. - The Game1
King, Laurie R. - The Language of Bees1
King, Laurie R. - The Pirate King1
King, Stephen - 11/22/633
King, Stephen - Under the Dome1
Kisor, Henry - Season's Revenge1
Knight, Bernard - A Plague of Heretics1
Knight, Bernard - According to the Evidence1
Knightly, Robert - The Cold Room2
Koch, Margaret - Blonde Joke2
Koch, Margaret - Camp Soul1
Koch, Margaret - Stark Raving1
Koch, Margaret - To Kill an Echo1
Konrath, J. A. - Whiskey Sour1
Koontz, Dean - Darkness Under the Sun1
Koontz, Dean - Sole Survivor1
Koontz, Dean - The Watchers1
Koontz, Dean - What the night knows1
Koryta, Michael - A Welcome Grave1
Koryta, Michael - So Cold The River1
Koryta, Michael - The Cypress House5
Koryta, Michael - The Ridge4
Krajewski, Marek - The End of the World in Breslau (2003)1
Krajewski, Marek - The Phantoms of Breslau (2005)1
Kraus, Daniel - Rotters1
Kresge, Robert - Murder for Greenhorns1
Krich, Rochelle - Blues in the Night1
Krueger, William Kent - Northwest Angle14
Krueger, William Kent - The Devil's Bed1
Krueger, William Kent - Vermilion Drift1
Kurkov, Andrey - Death and the Penguin (1996)1
Lackberg, Camilla - The Ice Princess (Orig: 2002)3
Lackberg, Camilla - The Preacher1
Lackberg, Camilla - The Stonecutter1
Landis, Jill Marie - Mai Tai One On1
Lane, Vicki - A Day of Small Things1
Lane, Vicki - Under the Skin5
LaPlante, Alice - Turn of Mind6
LaRochelle, David - The end1
Larsen, K. J. - Liar Liar1
Larson, Erik - In the Garden of Beasts1
Larsson, Stieg - The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (2007)4
Larsson, Stieg - The Girl Who Played With Fire (2006)3
Larsson, Stieg - The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2005)2
Lavene, Joyce & Jim - A spirited gift1
Lavene, Joyce & Jim - A Touch of Gold1
Lawrence, Paul - A Plague of Sinners2
Lawrenson, Deborah - The Lantern2
Lawton, John - Lily of the Field1
Lawton, John - Second Violin1
Le Carre, John - Call for the Dead1
Le Carre, John - Smiley's People1
Le Carre, John - The Looking Glass War1
Le Carre, John - The Spy Who Came in from the Cold1
Le Carre, John - Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy1
Lehane, Dennis - Moonlight Mile3
Lehane, Dennis - Mystic River1
Lehane, Dennis - Shutter Island1
Leon, Donna - A Noble Radiance 1
Leon, Donna - A Question of Belief1
Leon, Donna - Drawing Conclusions2
Leon, Donna - Uniform Justice1
Leoni, Giulio - The Kingdom of Light1
Levine, Laura - Pampered to Death1
Levine, Paul - Solomon vs. Lord1
Lewis, Alan - The Blood in Snowflake Garden1
Lewis, Ann Margaret - Murder in the Vatican1
Lewis, Mitchell Scott - Murder in the 11th House1
Lief, Katia - Waterbury2
Lief, Katia - You Are Next1
Lind, Hailey - Brush with Death1
Lippman, Laura - By a Spider's Thread1
Lippman, Laura - I'd Know You Anywhere2
Lippman, Laura - The Girl in The Green Raincoat1
Lippman, Laura - The Most Dangerous Thing6
Liskow, Steve - The Whammer Jammers1
Lister, Michael - The Body and the Blood3
Locke, M. Louisa - Maids of Misfortune1
Logue, Mary - Blood Country1
Loupas, Elizabeth - The Second Duchess3
Lovesey, Peter - Circle1
Lovesey, Peter - Skeleton Hill1
Lovesey, Peter - Stagestruck1
Lovesey, Peter - The Headhunters1
Lovesey, Peter - The House Sitter1
Lovesey, Peter - Upon a Dark Night1
Lupton, Rosamund - Sister4
Lutz, John - Serial1
Lutz, Lisa - The Spellmans Strike Again1
Lutz/Hayward, Lisa/David - Heads You Lose1
Lynds, Gayle - The Last Spymaster1
MaBerry, Jonathan - Ghost Road Blues1
Macbain, Bruce - Roman Games: A Plinius Secundus Mystery1
MacBride, Stuart - Dark blood1
MacBride, Stuart - Dying Light1
MacBride, Stuart - Shatter the bones1
MacDonald, Ross - The Zebra-Striped Hearse1
MacKenzie, Jassy - Random Harvest1
Maclean, Shona - A Game of Sorrows1
MacLean, Shona - The Redemption of Alexander Seaton1
Madison, Ada - The Square-Root Of Murder1
Maffini, Mary Jane - Devil's in the Details1
Maffini, Mary Jane - The Busy Woman's Guide to Murder2
Mahoney, Dan - Once In Never Out1
Maitland, Barry - All My Enemies1
Maitland, Barry - No Trace1
Maitland, Barry - Silvermeadow1
Maitland, Barry - The Marx Sisters1
Malliet, G. M. - Death of a Cozy Writer2
Malliet, G. M. - Wicked Autumn2
Mallory/Victor, Michael Allan/Marilyn - Killer instinct2
Manfredo, Lou - Rizzo's Fire1
Manfredo, Lou - Rizzo's War2
Mankell, Henning - Faceless Killers1
Mankell, Henning - Sidetracked1
Mankell, Henning - The Troubled Man5
Marcotte, Doris Kenney - The Beads Of Lapis Lazuli: A Greek Mystery1
Maron, Margaret - One Coffee With1
Maron, Margaret - Three Day Town2
Maron, Margaret - Three-Day Town8
Marr, Melissa - Graveminder1
Marsh, Ngaio - Light Thickens1
Marston, Edward - Railway to the Grave1
Martin, Allana - Death of a Healing Woman 1
Martin, George R. R. - A Game of Thrones1
Martin, Nancy - Sticky Fingers1
Masters, Priscilla - Frozen Charlotte1
Mayor, Archer - Tag Man4
McCourtney, Lorena - Invisible1
McCrumb, Sharon - The Rosewood Casket1
McDermid, Val - A Darker Domain1
McDermid, Val - Fever of the Bone (Brit: 2009)1
McDermid, Val - The Grave Tattoo1
McDermid, Val - The Retribution1
McDermid, Val - The Wire in the Blood1
McDermid, Val - Trick of the Dark1
McFarland, Nora - Hot Shot and Bothered1
McGee, James - Rebellion2
McGrath, M. J. - White Heat1
McGraw, Marja - Bogey Nights1
McGraw, Marja - Prudy's Back1
McIntosh, Pat - The Stolen Voice1
McKay, Shirley - Fate and Fortune (originally announced as Lines of Inquiry?1
McKinley, Jenn - Death by the Dozen1
McKinty, Adrian - Falling Glass1
McKinty, Adrian - The Dead Yard1
McPherson, Catriona - After the Armistice Ball2
Medlicott, Joan A. - The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love1
Mercier, Pascal - Night Train to Lisbon1
Meredith, F. M. - Angel Lost1
Meredith, Marilyn - Bears With Us2
Meyer, Deon - Blood Safari1
Meyer, Deon - Heart of the Hunter (Proteus 2002)1
Meyer, Deon - Thirteen Hours2
Miller, John J. - The first assassin1
Miller, Susan Cummins - Quarry1
Mina, Denise - The End of the Wasp Season1
Mina, Denise - Deception1
Mina, Denise - The End of the Wasp Season4
Mofina, Rick - Dangerous Women & Desperate Men2
Mofina, Rick - The Panic Zone1
Mole, William - The Hammersmith Maggot1
Montalvan, Luis Carlos - Until Tuesday1
Moore, Graham - The sherlockian1
Moorehead, Caroline - A Train In Winter1
Moran (Editor), Terrie Farley - Murder new york style: fresh slices1
Morgenstern, Erin - The Night Circus3
Morgenstern, Erin - The Night Circus 1
Moriarty, Liane - What Alice Forgot1
Morris, R. N. (Roger) - A Razor Wrapped in Silk1
Morson, Ian - Falconer and the Death of Kings1
Morson, Ian - Falconer's Trial1
Mortimer, John - Rumpole Misbehaves1
Morton, Kate - The Distant Hours1
Morton, Kate - The House At Riverton1
Mosley, Walter - Known to Evil1
Muller, Marcia - City of whispers1
Muller, Marcia - Coming Back1
Muller, Marcia - Locked In1
Muller, Marcia - Wild and Lonely Place1
Murakami, Haruki - 1Q841
Murphy, J. J. - Murder Your Darlings2
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau - Cat Telling Tales1
Nadel, Barbara - Sure and Certain Death2
Neel, Janet - Death of a Partner1
Neel, Janet - Death On Site1
Neel, Janet - Death's Bright Angel1
Neel, Janet - O Gentle Death1
Nehring, Radine Trees - A River to Die For1
Nehring, Radine Trees - A Valley to Die For1
Neri, Kris - Magical Alienation1
Nesbo, Jo - Headhunters (orig 2008)1
Nesbo, Jo - Nemesis (orig 2002)2
Nesbo, Jo - The Devil's Star (orig 2003)1
Nesbo, Jo - The Redbreast (orig 2000)4
Nettleton, Mike - Shotgun start1
Neville, Stuart - Stolen Souls2
Nickson, Chris - The Broken Token1
Niffeneger, Audrey - Her Fearful Symmetry1
Novik, Naomi - Tongues of Serpents1
Nunn, Malla - A Beautiful Place to Die1
Nunn, Malla - Let the Dead Lie1
O'Connell, Carol - The Chalk Girl2
O'Donohue, Clare - Missing Persons3
O'Donohue, Clare - The Devil's Puzzle1
Oleksiw, Susan - Under the Eye of Kali2
Oliphant, B. J. - A ceremonial death1
Oliphant, B. J. - Death and the delinquent1
Olson, Karen - Ink Flamingos1
Ondaatje, Michael - The Cat's Table1
Orenduff, J. Michael - The Pot Thief Who Studied Einstein3
Orenduff, J. Michael - The Pot Thief Who Studied Escoffier2
Orenduff, J. Michael - The Pot Thief Who Studied Ptolemy3
Orenduff, J. Michael - The Pot Thief Who Studied Pythagoras1
Page, Katherine Hall - The Body in the Gazebo1
Pajer, Bernadette - A Spark of Death2
Palma, Felix J. - The Map Of Time1
Palumbo, Dennis - Fever dream1
Palumbo, Dennis - Mirror image1
Parker, Ann - Mercury's Rise2
Parker, Ann - Silver Lies2
Parker, Bronson - The Providence of Death3
Parker, Robert B. - Killing the Blues1
Parker, Robert B. - Sixkill1
Parker, T. Jefferson - Silent Joe1
Parks, Brad - Eyes Of The Innocent2
Parks, Brad - Faces of the Gone1
Parot, Jean-Francois - The Saint-Florentin Murders (French 2004)1
Parris, S. J. - Heresy1
Parrish, P. J. - Dark of the Moon1
Parrish, P. J. - Island of Bones1
Parrish, P. J. - The Killing Song2
Parshall, Sandra - Under the Dog Star2
Patchett, Ann - State of Wonder 1
Paton Walsh, Jill - Debts Of Dishonour1
Paton Walsh, Jill - The Attenbury Emeralds6
Patterson, Richard North - The devil’s light1
Pawel, Rebecca - The Summer Snow1
Pearson, Ridley - The art of deception1
Pearson, Ridley - The kingdom keepers: power play1
Pelecanos, George - The Cut2
Penny, Louise - A Fatal Grace2
Penny, Louise - A Rule Against Murder1
Penny, Louise - A Trick Of The Light41
Penny, Louise - Bury Your Dead8
Penny, Louise - Still Life4
Penny, Louise - The Brutal Telling1
Penny, Louise - The Cruellest Month2
Penrose, Andrea - Sweet revenge1
Perry, Anne - Acceptable Loss1
Perry, Anne - Treason at Lisson Grove3
Perry, Thomas - Poison Flower1
Perry, Thomas - The Butcher's Boy1
Perry, Thomas - The Face-Changers1
Perry, Thomas - The Informant3
Perry, Thomas - Vanishing Act1
Peters, Ellis - A Morbid Taste for Bones1
Peters, Ellis - The Leper of St. Giles1
Peters, Ellis - The Virgin in the Ice1
Phillippi Ryan, Hank - Air Time1
Pickard, Nancy - The Scent of Rain and Lightning4
Pintoff, Stefanie - A Curtain Falls1
Pintoff, Stefanie - Secret of the White Rose2
Plakcy, Neil - Mahu Blood1
Porter, Don - Deadly Detail1
Pratchett, Terry - Guards! Guards!1
Pratchett, Terry - Snuff 1
Prather, Richard S. - Strip For Murder1
Prescott, Michael - Last Breath1
Price, Joanna - A Means of Escape1
Pronzini, Bill - Camouflage1
Puchner, Eric - Model Home1
Qiu, Xiaolong - The Mao Case1
Quarry, Nick - No Chance in Hell1
Quartey, Kwei - Wife of the Gods1
Quinn, Spencer - Dog On It2
Quinn, Spencer - The Dog Who Knew Too Much7
Quinn, Spencer - Thereby Hangs a Tail1
Quinn, Spencer - To Fetch a Thief3
Rafferty, S. S. - Die Laughing And Other Murderous Schtick2
Ramsay , Frederick - Rogue1
Rankin, Ian - Fleshmarket Alley1
Rankin, Ian - The Complaints5
Rankin, Ian - The Impossible Dead3
Raphael, Lev - Death Of A Constant Lover1
Raybourn, Deanna - Silent in the Grave1
Rayne, Sarah - What Lies Beneath1
Rayner, Clare - Death On The Table1
Rees, Mathew - The Samaritan's Secret1
Reichs, Kathy - Virals1
Rendell, Ruth - A Judgment in Stone1
Rendell, Ruth - Murder Being Once Done1
Rendell, Ruth - Shake Hands Forever1
Rendell, Ruth - Simisola1
Rendell, Ruth - The Tree of Hands1
Rendell, Ruth - The Vault2
Rendell, Ruth - Tigerlilly's Orchids1
Rickman, Phil - December1
Rickman, Phil - The secrets of pain1
Ridpath, Michael - 66° North1
Rimington, Stella - At Risk2
Riordan, Rick - The Lost Hero1
Riordan, Rick - The son of neptune1
Ritter, Todd - Bad Moon2
Robb, J. D. - New York to Dallas3
Robb, J. D. - Treachery in Death4
Roberts, Gillian - Caught Dead in Philadelphia1
Roberts, Gillian - Time and Trouble1
Roberts, Gillian - Whatever Doesn't Kill You1
Roberts, John Maddox - The Year of Confusion1
Roberts, Les - Pepper Pike1
Robertson, Imogen - Anatomy of Murder1
Robertson, Imogen - Instruments of Darkness3
Robertson, Imogen - Island of Bones1
Robertson, Michael - The Brothers of Baker Street 1
Robinson, Peter - Bad Boy1
Robinson, Peter - Blood At The Root1
Robinson, Peter - Friend of the Devil1
Robinson, Peter - Wednesday's Child1
Robotham, Michael - The wreckage1
Rock, Judith - The Rhetoric of Death3
Roman, A. E. - The Superman Project1
Rosenfelt, David - Dog Tags1
Rosenfelt, David - New Tricks1
Rosenfelt, David - One Dog Night2
Rosenfelt, David - Sudden Death1
Roslund & Hellestrom, Anders & Borge - Three Second1
Ross, Barbara - Death of an Ambitious Woman1
Rotella, Sebastian - Triple Crossing1
Rotenberg, Robert - Old city hall1
Rotenberg, Robert - The Guilty Plea1
Rothenberg, Rebecca and Cannon - Taffy The Tumbleweed Murders1
Rowling, J. K. - Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone1
Roy, Lori - Bent Road1
Royal, Priscilla - A killing season1
Royal, Priscilla - Tyrant of the Mind1
Royal, Priscilla - Valley of Dry Bones1
Royal, Priscilla - Wine of Violence1
Rozan, S. J. - Ghost Hero12
Rozan, S. J. - On the Line4
Rozan, S. J. - The Shanghai Moon1
Rubenfeld, Jed - The Death Instinct2
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn - Consequences: a retrieval artist novel1
Russell, Craig - The Long Glasgow Kiss1
Russell, Sheldon - The Insane Train1
Russell, Sheldon - The Yard Dog2
Ruttan, Sandra - What Burns Within1
Ryan, Garry - Malabarista 1
Ryan, Hank Phillippi - Drive Time2
Ryan, P. B. - Still Life with Murder1
Ryan, William - The Holy Thief2
Sacheri, Eduardo - The Secret in Their Eyes1
Sakey, Marcus - Good People1
Sakey, Marcus - The Blade Itself1
Sallis, James - The Killer is Dying2
Sanchez, Bob - When Pigs Fly1
Sandford, John - Bad Blood2
Sandford, John - Buried Prey2
Sandford, John - Shock Wave4
Sansom, C. J. - Dark Fire1
Sansom, C. J. - Dissolution2
Sansom, C. J. - Heartstone6
Sansom, C. J. - Revelation1
Sansom, C. J. - Sovereign2
Santangelo, Elena - Fear Itself2
Saramago, Jose - Blindness1
Savile, Steven - Silver1
Sayers, Dorothy L. - Whose Body?1
Schaffert, Timothy - The Coffins Of Little Hope1
Schlink, Bernhard - Self's Punishment1
Schwartz, Jinx - Land of Mountains1
Schweizer, Mark - The Alto Wore Tweed1
Schweizer, Mark - The Christmas Cantata1
Scott, A. D. - A Double Death on the Black Isle1
Scott, A. D. - A Small Death in the Great Glen3
Scottoline, Lisa - Killer Smile1
Scottoline, Lisa - Think Twice1
See, Lisa - Dragon Bones1
See, Lisa - Flower Net1
See, Lisa - The Interior1
Sefton, Maggie - Unraveled1
Sellers, L. J. - Dying for Justice5
Sellers, L. J. - Passions of the Dead1
Sellers, L. J. - Secrets To Die For2
Sellers, L. J. - The Arranger3
Sellers, L. J. - The Sex Club3
Sellers, L. J. - The Suicide Effect1
Shaber, Sarah - Louise's War2
Shaber, Sarah - Snipe Hunt1
Shaffer, Mary Ann - The Guernsey Literary + Potato Peel Pie Society1
Sharp, Zoe - Fourth Day1
Sharp, Zoe - Killer Instinct1
Sharp, Zoe - Riot Act1
Sharp, Zoe - Road Kill1
Shaw, J.D. - The Secrets of Loon Lake1
Shepard, William S. - Murder on the Danube1
Siger, Jeffrey - Assassins of athens1
Siger, Jeffrey - Murder in mykonos1
Siger, Jeffrey - Prey on Patmos1
Sigurdardottir, Yrsa - Ashes to Dust (2007)2
Sigurdardottir, Yrsa - Last Rituals (2005)1
Silva, Daniel - Moscow Rules1
Silva, Daniel - Portrait Of A Spy2
Silva, Daniel - The Rembrandt Affair1
Silva, Daniel - The Unlikely Spy1
Simonson, Sheila - Buffalo Bill's Defunct1
Sims, E. Joan - Cemetery Silk1
Slaughter, Karin - Broken2
Slaughter, Karin - Fallen2
Slaughter, Karin - Fractured2
Smith, Alexander McCall - The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party1
Smith, Martin Cruz - Three Stations1
Speart, Jessica - Winged Obsession1
Speller, Elizabeth - The Return of Capt. John Emmett1
Spencer, Sally - Echoes of the dead1
Spencer, Sally - The dark lady1
Spencer-Fleming, Julia - All Mortal Flesh1
Spencer-Fleming, Julia - I Shall Not Want2
Spencer-Fleming, Julia - One Was a Soldier36
Spencer-Fleming, Julia - Out of the Deep I Cry2
Spencer-Fleming, Julia - To Darkness and to Death1
Sprinkle, Patricia - Daughter of Deceit1
St. John, Lauren - Dead Man's Cove1
Staab, Rochelle - Who Do Voodoo?1
Stabenow, Dana - A Night Too Dark1
Stabenow, Dana - Fire and Ice1
Stabenow, Dana - Though Not Dead7
Stacy, Lyndon - No Going Back1
Staggs, Earl - Short Stories of Earl Staggs1
Stallwood, Veronica - Oxford Blue 1
Stallwood, Veronica - Oxford Knot1
Stallwood, Veronica - Oxford Letters1
Stallwood, Veronica - Oxford Proof1
Stanley, J. B. (Jennifer) - Black Beans And Vice1
Stanley, J. B. (Jennifer) - The Way Of The Guilty1
Stanley, Kelli - City of Secrets2
Stanley, Michael - A Carrion Death2
Stanley, Michael - Death Of The Mantis4
Stanton, Mary - Angel Condemned1
Stark, Richard - The Hunter1
Starr, Melvin R. - A Trail of Ink1
Steinhauer, Olen - The Nearest Exit1
Stephenson, Neal - Reamde1
Stevens, Chevy - Never Knowing2
Stevens, Chevy - Still Missing5
Stevens, Taylor - The Informationist3
Stevens, Taylor - The Innocent1
Stewart, Amy - Wicked Bugs1
Stout, Rex - The Doorbell Rang1
Stout, Rex - The Hand in The Glove1
Summerscale, Kate - The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher1
Swann, Leonie - Three Bags Full2
Swann, Leonie - Three Bags Full 2
Swanson, Denise - Murder Of A Book Store Babe1
Swanson, Denise - Murder Of A Creped Suzette1
Sylvis, Randall - The Boy Who Shoots Crows1
Talley, Marcia - A Quiet Death2
Tallis, Frank - Vienna Secrets1
Tallis, Frank - Vienna Twilight (Deadly Communion)3
Talton, Jon - South Phoenix Rules1
Tapply, William - Outwitting Trolls1
Tapply, William - The Nomination1
Taylor, Andrew - The Anatomy of Ghosts1
Templeton, Aline - The Darkness and the Deep1
Tey, Josephine - The Daughter of Time1
Thomas, Ross - Out On The Rim1
Thompson, James - Lucifer's Tears2
Thompson, James - Snow Angels2
Thompson, Victoria - Murder on Sister's Row1
Thompson, Victoria - Murder on St. Mark's Place1
Thompson, Victoria - Murder on  Washington Square1
Thornton, Kate - Inhuman Condition2
Todd, Charles - A Duty to the Dead 2
Todd, Charles - A Lonely Death4
Todd, Charles - A Matter of Justice1
Todd, Charles - An Impartial Witness2
Todd, Charles - The Confession1
Tolkien, Simon - Final Witness1
Tracy, P. J. - Shoot to Thrill3
Tremayne, Peter - The Chalice of Blood1
Trent, Gayle - Killer Sweet Tooth1
Turow, Scott - Innocent1
Turow, Scott - Presumed Innocent2
Tursten, Helen - Detective Inspector Huss1
Tyler, L. C. - Ten Little Herrings1
Tyler, L. C. - The Herring in the Library1
Tyler, L. C. - The Herring-Seller's Apprentice1
Ulfelder, Steve - Purgatory Chasm1
Upson, Nicola - Two For Sorrow1
Uviller, Daphne - Super in the City1
Valentine, Jenny - Me, the Missing and the Dead1
Vargas, Fred - An Uncertain Place2
Various, - Top Suspense: 13 Classic Stories By 12 Masters Of The Genre1
Verdon, John - Think of a Number6
Viets, Elaine - Death on a Platter1
Vine, Barbara - Dark Adapted Eye1
Vittachi, Nury - The Feng Shui Detective Goes West1
Waddell, Dan - Blood Atonement1
Waddell, Dan - The Blood Detective2
Walker, Martin - Black diamond1
Walker, Robert W. - Scalpers (orig title ""Razor's Edge 1989)1
Wall, Kathryn R. - Sanctuary Hill: A Bay Tanner Mystery1
Warner, Penny - How To Party With A Killer Vampire1
Watson, S. J. - Before I Go To Sleep10
Webb, Betty - Desert Cut1
Webb, Betty - Desert Lost1
Webb, Betty - Desert Shadows1
Webb, Betty - Desert Wives1
Webb, Betty - The Koala of Death1
Webber, Heather - Absolutely Positively1
Weir, Theresa - Hush1
Weir, Theresa - The Orchard1
Wells, Shirley - Presumed Dead1
Wendelboe, C. M. - Death Along the Spirit Road1
Wentworth, Patricia - Miss Silver Deals with Death1
Wentworth, Patricia - Miss Silver Intervenes1
West, Michael Lee - Gone With A Handsomer Man3
Westerson, Jeri - Serpent in the Thorns: A Medieval Noir1
Westerson, Jeri - The Demon's Parchment1
Westerson, Jeri - Troubled Bones2
White, Jenny - The Winter Thief1
White, Randy Wayne - Night Vision1
White, Randy Wayne - North of Havana1
Whitmer, Benjamin - Pike1
Wier, George - The Last Call: A Bill Travis Mystery1
Wildwind, Sharon - 1st Monday In Advent1
Wildwind, Sharon - Missing Presumed Wed1
Wildwind, Sharon - Soldier On The Porch1
Wilhelm, Kate - Heaven is High2
Williams, Amanda Kyle - The Stranger You Seek5
Williamson, David - The 47th Indiana: A Civil War History1
Willis, Connie - Blackout/All Clear1
Willis, Connie - To Say Nothing Of The Dog1
Wilson, Laura - The Innocent Spy1
Wilson, Susan - One Good Dog1
Wingfield, R. D. - Hard Frost1
Winslow, Don - The Gentleman's Hour2
Winslow, Don - The Winter of Frankie Machine1
Winspear, Jacqueline - A Lesson in Secrets8
Winspear, Jacqueline - Among The Mad3
Winspear, Jacqueline - An Incomplete Revenge1
Winspear, Jacqueline - The Mapping of Love and Death3
Wiprud, Brian M. - Pipsqueak1
Wishart, David - Bodies Politic1
Witek, Barbara - Santa Wore Combat Boots1
Wolfe, Inger Ash - The Calling1
Wright, Austin - Tony and Susan2
Wright, Nancy Means - Mad Cow Nightmare1
Wright, Nancy Means - Mary Wollstonecraft: The Nightmare1
Wright, Nancy Means - Midnight Fires1
Wright, Sally - Publish and Perish1
Wynn, Patricia - A Killing Frost2
Yates, Jen - Wreck The Halls1
Zafiro, Frank - And every man has to die1
Zafiro, Frank - Dead even: a river city crime anthology1
Zeltserman, Dave - Julius Katz and Archie4
Zouroudi, Anne - The Messenger of Athens1
Zurl, Wayne - A New Prospect1