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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 29 January 2012

Readers of DorothyL listserv posted the memorable books read for the first time in 2011. There were 1279 unique titles listed, 978 (47%) © 2011. The count represents the number of times each title was cited:

Author with Title Count
Aaronovitch, Ben - Midnight Riot1
Abbott, Megan - The End of Everything2
Adair, Robin - The Ghost of Waterloo1
Adair, Suzanne - Regulated For Murder1
Adams, Ellery - A Deadly Cliche1
Adams, Ellery - The Last Word5
Adams, Ron - Key Lime Squeeze1
Adler-Olsen, Jussi - The Keeper of Lost Causes (orig 2007)12
Albert, Susan Wittig - Mourning Gloria2
Albert, Susan Wittig - The Darling Dahlias and the Naked Ladies3
Albert, Susan Wittig - The Tale of Castle Cottage1
Albritten, Esri - Chihuahua of the Baskervilles1
Anable, Stephen - A Pinchbeck Bride1
Anderson, Beth - Murder Online1
Anderson, Beth - Raven Talks Back4
Andrews, Donna - The Real Macaw5
Arsenault, Emily - In Search Of The Rose Notes3
Arthurson, Wayne - Fall From Grace1
Ash, Maureen - A Deadly Penance1
Atkins, Ace - The Ranger2
Atkinson, Kate - Started Early, Took My Dog15
Ayers, Kate - A Murder of Crows1
Bailey, Frankie - Forty Acres and a Soggy Grave1
Baldacci, David - Hell's Corner1
Baldacci, David - Sixth Man1
Baldacci, David - Zero day1
Barclay, Linwood - The Accident3
Barnes, Julian - The Sense of an Ending1
Barr, Nevada - Burn1
Barrick, Ella - Quickstep to Murder1
Bartlett, Lorraine - A crafty killing1
Bass, Jefferson - The bone yard1
Bates, Quentin - Frozen Assets2
Battles, Brett - Little Girl Gone1
Beaton, M.C. - Death of a Greedy Woman1
Bell, David - Cembetery Girl1
Bell, Donnell - The Past Came Hunting1
Benison, C.C. - Twelve Drummers Drumming1
Benn, James R. - Mortal Terror1
Bennett, K. - Pay Me in Flesh1
Bentley , Jennie - Flipped Out1
Berry, Steve - The Jefferson Key1
Bizzelli, Elizabeth Kane - Dead Dogs and Englishmen2
Black, Benjamin - A Death in Summer1
Black, Cara - Murder in Passy1
Black, Lisa - Trail of Blood1
Black, Michelle - Séance In Sepia1
Blackwell, Juliet - Hexes And Hemlines1
Block, Lawrence - A Drop Of The Hard Stuff5
Bolton, S. J. - Now You See Me8
Bourbon, Melissa - Pleating for mercy1
Bowen, Gail - One fine day you're going to die1
Bowen, Rhys - Bless The Bride3
Bowen, Rhys - Naughty In Nice4
Box, C. J. - Back of Beyond4
Box, C. J. - Cold Wind4
Bradley, Alan - A Red Herring Without Mustard12
Bradley, Alan - I Am Half-Sick Of Shadows7
Bradley, Alan - Red Herring Without Mustard1
Bradley, Alan - The Weed That Strings The Hangman’s Bag1
Brady, Jacklyn - A Sheetcake Named Desire1
Brande, Robin - Doggirl2
Brannan, Sandra - Lot's Return to Sodom1
Brett, Simon - Blotto Twinks And The Ex-King's Daughter1
Brewer, Steve - The Big Wink1
Brightwell , Emily - Mrs. Jeffries Forges Ahead 1
Brookins, Carl - Red Sky1
Brookins, Carl - Reunion2
Bull, Warren - Heartland1
Burke, Alafair - Long Gone4
Burke, James Lee - Feast Day for Fools1
Burke, James Lee - The Glass Rainbow1
Burke, Jan - Disturbance2
Burke, Jan - The disturbance1
Burke, Michael - Music of the Spheres1
Butcher, Jim - Ghost Story1
Campbell, Chester D. - The Good, The Bad and The Murderous4
Cantrell, Rebecca - A Game of Lies3
Carlisle, Kate - Murder Under Cover1
Carr, Carol K - India Black1
Casey, Clark - The Perfect Defective1
Casey, Donis - Crying Blood2
Castillo, Linda - Breaking Silence4
Castle, Richard - Heat Rises1
Chalmers, K. K. - Murder In A Good Neighborhood1
Chamberlain, Diane - The Midwife's Confession2
Charbonneau, Joelle - Skating Over the Line2
Chiaverini, Jennifer - The Wedding Quilt1
Child, Lee - The Affair15
Child, Lee ed. - First Thrills1
Christian, Marika - Phone Kitten1
Cleeves, Ann - Silent Voices1
Clemens, Judy - Flowers For Her Grave1
Clement, Blaize - Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons2
Coben, Harlan - Live Wire2
Cohen, Jeffrey - The Gun Also Rises1
Coleman, Reed Farrel - Hurt Machine2
Colfer, Eoin - Plugged2
Collins, Max Allan - Bye Bye Baby1
Conant, Susan - Brute Strength2
Connelly, Michael - The Drop8
Connelly, Michael - The Fifth Witness3
Connolly, John - The Burning Soul1
Connolly, Sheila - Bitter harvest1
Connolly, Sheila - Let's Play Dead1
Cook, Thomas H. - The Quest for Anna Klein1
Copperman, E. J. - An Uninvited Ghost4
Corey, James S. A. - Leviathan Wakes1
Corris, Peter - Follow the money1
Cotterill, Colin - Killed At The Whim Of A Hat5
Cotterill, Colin - Slash and Burn2
Crais, Robert - The Sentry6
Crider, Bill - The Wild Hog Murders5
Cronin, Keith - Me Again1
Culver, Chris - The Abbey1
Cummings, Charles - The Trinity Six1
Curran, John - Agatha Christie’s Secret Notebooks1
Dahl , Arne - Misterioso 1
Dams, Jeanne - Murder in burnt orange1
Daniels, Casey - A Hard Night's Fright1
Davis, Krista - The Diva Haunts a House 1
Dawson, Janet - Bit Player1
de Castrique, Mark - The Sandburg Connection1
Delaney, Kathleen - Murder Half-Baked1
Delany, Vicki - Among the Departed3
DePoy, Phillip - A Corpse's Nightmare2
Dereske, Jo - Farewell Miss Zukas6
deWitt, Patrick - The Sisters Brothers2
Dickinson, David - Death in a Scarlet Coat1
Dirda, Michael - On Conan Doyle or The Whole Art of Storytelling1
Doiron, Paul - Trespasser1
Drier, Michele - Edited for Death1
Dugoni, Robert - Murder One1
Duncan, Alice - Fallen Angels1
Duncan, Elizabeth J. - A Killer's Christmas in Wales2
Dunn, Carola - Anthem for Doomed Youth 1
Eastland, Sam - Eye Of The Red Tsar2
Eco, Umberto - The Prague Cemetery1
Edwards, Martin - The Hanging Wood2
Edwards, Phil - Retirement can be Murder1
Elkins, Aaron - The Worst Thing4
Ellis, Kate - The Jackal Man1
Ellis, Robert - Murder Season1
Ellison, J. T. - Where All the Dead Lie3
Ephron, Hallie - Come and Find Me1
Ergang, Barry - The Play of Light and Shadow1
Evanovich, Janet - Smokin' Seventeen1
Evans, Justin - The White Devil1
Everett, Percival - Assumption1
Fairstein, Linda - Silent Mercy3
Ferris, Gordon - The Hanging Shed1
Fforde, Jasper - One of Our Thursdays Is Missing1
Fields, Tricia - The Territory1
Finch, Charles - A Burial at Sea1
Finder, Joseph - Buried Secrets1
Finger, Gerrie Ferris - The Ghost Ship1
Fluke, Joanne - Joanne Fluke's Lake Eden CookbooK1
Fluke/Levine/Meier, Joanne/Laura/Leslie - Candy Canes of Christmas Past1
Fowler, Earlene - Spider Web2
Frank, Bill - Crimes in southern indiana1
Franklin, Ariana - A Murderous Procession (The Assassin's Prayer)2
Frazer, Margaret - Play of Heresy1
Frazier, Charles - Nightwoods1
Freveletti , Jamie - The Ninth Day1
Frisbee, Mary - Satori Ranch 2
Gage, Leighton - A Vine in the Blood3
Gardner, Ashley - A death in Norfolk2
Gardner, Lisa - Love You More3
Gavin, Rick - Ranchero2
Gerritsen, Tess - The Silent Girl8
Ghelfi, Brent - The Burning Lake1
Gilstrap, John - Threat Warning1
Goldberg, Lee - Judgment1
Goldberg, Lee - Mr. Monk on the Couch1
Goldberg, Lee - Mr. Monk on the Road1
Goldenbaum, Sally - The Wedding Shawl1
Goldstein, Susan - Hollywood Forever1
Goodman, Carol - Arcadia Falls1
Goodwin, Jason - An evil eye1
Grafton, Sue - V is For Vengeance10
Gran, Sara - Claire Dewit And The City Of The Dead6
Greenwood, Kerry - Cooking the books1
Griffiths, Elly - The House at Sea's End (British Ed.)1
Grindle, Lucretia - The Faces of Angels (2006)1
Grindle, Lucretia - The Lost Daughter1
Gross, Andrew - Eyes Wide Open1
Groundwater, Beth - Deadly Currents1
Gustainis, Justin - Hard Spell2
Guttridge, Peter - The Last King of Brighton1
Haddam, Jane - Flowering Judas4
Haines, Carolyn - Bones of a Feather1
Hall, James W. - Dead Last1
Hall, M. R. - The Redeemed1
Hall, Parnell - The Innocent Woman (1993)2
Hallinan, Timothy - Little Elvises10
Hambly, Barbara - The Shirt on His Back2
Hamilton, Denise - Damage Control6
Hamilton, Ian - Disciple Of Las Vegas1
Hamilton, Ian - The Touch of the Deadly Tigress1
Hamilton, Steve - Misery Bay6
Handler, David - The Blood Red Indian Summer3
Hannah, Sophie - Cradle in the Grave2
Harbach, Chad - The Art of Fielding (not a mystery)1
Harkness, Deborah - A Discovery of Witches2
Harris, C. S. - Where Shadows Dance2
Harris, Charlaine - Dead reckoning1
Harrison, Cora - Deed of Murder 2
Harrison, Cora - Scales of Retribution 1
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia - Body Line3
Hart, Carolyn - Dead By Midnight1
Hart, Ellen - The Lost Women of Lost Lake1
Hart, John - Iron House8
Haskins, Michaels - Free Range Institution1
Havill, Steven F. - Double Prey2
Hayder, Mo - Gone1
Hayder, Mo - The hanging hill1
Hays, Tony - The Beloved Dead1
Haywood, Gar Anthony - Assume Nothing1
Healey, Karen - The Shattering1
Hellmann, Libby Fischer - Toxicity1
Helms, Richard - Thunder Moon1
Henry, Sara J. - Learning to Swim3
Hewson, David - The Fallen Angel1
Hill, Russell - The Dog Sox2
Hill, Susan - The Betrayal of Trust5
Hinger, Charlotte - Lethal Lineage 2
Hoklotubbe, Sara Sue - The American Cafe2
Horowitz, Anthony - The House of Silk1
Hunter, Stephen - Soft Target1
Hurwitz, Gregg - Trust No One1
Hurwitz, Gregg - You're Next1
Hyzy, Julie - Buffalo West Wing3
Jaffarian, Sue Ann - Baited Blood1
Jaffarian, Sue Ann - Ghost in the Polka Dot Bikini1
Jaffarian, Sue Ann - Where's Your Daddy?1
James, Darrell - Nazareth Child1
James, Miranda - Classified as Murder2
James, P. D. - Death Comes To Pemberley1
James, Peter - Dead Man's Grip2
Jance, J. A. - Betrayal of Trust2
Jennings, Maureen - Season of Darkness2
Johnson, Craig - Hell is Empty18
Johnson, Linda O - The More the Terrier1
Jones, Darynda - First Grave On The Right2
Jones, J. Sydney - The silence1
Kaaberbol, Lene - The Boy in the Suitcase1
Kane, Andrea - The Girl Who Disappeared Twice1
Kaufman, Thomas - Steal the Show1
Kelly, Jim - Death Toll2
Kelner, Toni L.P. - A Blast From The Past1
Kent, Graeme - Devil-Devil1
Kiely, Tracy - Murder Most Persuasive1
King, Dana - Wild Bill1
King, Laurie R. - Pirate King6
King, Laurie R. - The Pirate King1
King, Stephen - 11/22/633
Knightly, Robert - The Cold Room2
Koch, Margaret - Stark Raving1
Koch, Margaret - To Kill an Echo1
Koryta, Michael - The Cypress House5
Koryta, Michael - The Ridge4
Kraus, Daniel - Rotters1
Krueger, William Kent - Northwest Angle14
Lackberg, Camilla - The Preacher1
Landis, Jill Marie - Mai Tai One On1
Lane, Vicki - Under the Skin5
LaPlante, Alice - Turn of Mind6
Larson, Erik - In the Garden of Beasts1
Lavene, Joyce & Jim - A spirited gift1
Lavene, Joyce & Jim - A Touch of Gold1
Lawrenson, Deborah - The Lantern2
Leon, Donna - Drawing Conclusions2
Levine, Laura - Pampered to Death1
Lewis, Alan - The Blood in Snowflake Garden1
Lewis, Mitchell Scott - Murder in the 11th House1
Lief, Katia - Waterbury2
Lippman, Laura - The Girl in The Green Raincoat1
Lippman, Laura - The Most Dangerous Thing6
Liskow, Steve - The Whammer Jammers1
Loupas, Elizabeth - The Second Duchess3
Lovesey, Peter - Stagestruck1
Lutz, John - Serial1
Lutz/Hayward, Lisa/David - Heads You Lose1
MacBride, Stuart - Shatter the bones1
Madison, Ada - The Square-Root Of Murder1
Maffini, Mary Jane - The Busy Woman's Guide to Murder2
Malliet, G. M. - Wicked Autumn2
Mallory/Victor, Michael Allan/Marilyn - Killer instinct2
Manfredo, Lou - Rizzo's Fire1
Mankell, Henning - The Troubled Man5
Maron, Margaret - Three Day Town2
Maron, Margaret - Three-Day Town8
Marr, Melissa - Graveminder1
Martin, Nancy - Sticky Fingers1
Masters, Priscilla - Frozen Charlotte1
Mayor, Archer - Tag Man4
McDermid, Val - The Retribution1
McDermid, Val - Trick of the Dark1
McFarland, Nora - Hot Shot and Bothered1
McGee, James - Rebellion2
McGrath, M. J. - White Heat1
McGraw, Marja - Bogey Nights1
McKinley, Jenn - Death by the Dozen1
McKinty, Adrian - Falling Glass1
Meredith, F. M. - Angel Lost1
Meredith, Marilyn - Bears With Us2
Mina, Denise - The End of the Wasp Season1
Mina, Denise - The End of the Wasp Season4
Mofina, Rick - Dangerous Women & Desperate Men2
Montalvan, Luis Carlos - Until Tuesday1
Moorehead, Caroline - A Train In Winter1
Morgenstern, Erin - The Night Circus3
Morgenstern, Erin - The Night Circus 1
Moriarty, Liane - What Alice Forgot1
Muller, Marcia - City of whispers1
Murakami, Haruki - 1Q841
Murphy, J. J. - Murder Your Darlings2
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau - Cat Telling Tales1
Neri, Kris - Magical Alienation1
Nesbo, Jo - Headhunters (orig 2008)1
Neville, Stuart - Stolen Souls2
O'Donohue, Clare - Missing Persons3
O'Donohue, Clare - The Devil's Puzzle1
Olson, Karen - Ink Flamingos1
Ondaatje, Michael - The Cat's Table1
Orenduff, J. Michael - The Pot Thief Who Studied Escoffier2
Page, Katherine Hall - The Body in the Gazebo1
Pajer, Bernadette - A Spark of Death2
Palumbo, Dennis - Fever dream1
Parker, Ann - Mercury's Rise2
Parker, Robert B. - Killing the Blues1
Parker, Robert B. - Sixkill1
Parks, Brad - Eyes Of The Innocent2
Parrish, P. J. - The Killing Song2
Parshall, Sandra - Under the Dog Star2
Patchett, Ann - State of Wonder 1
Paton Walsh, Jill - The Attenbury Emeralds6
Patterson, Richard North - The devil’s light1
Pearson, Ridley - The kingdom keepers: power play1
Pelecanos, George - The Cut2
Penny, Louise - A Trick Of The Light41
Penrose, Andrea - Sweet revenge1
Perry, Anne - Acceptable Loss1
Perry, Anne - Treason at Lisson Grove3
Perry, Thomas - The Informant3
Pintoff, Stefanie - Secret of the White Rose2
Plakcy, Neil - Mahu Blood1
Pratchett, Terry - Snuff 1
Prescott, Michael - Last Breath1
Price, Joanna - A Means of Escape1
Pronzini, Bill - Camouflage1
Puchner, Eric - Model Home1
Quinn, Spencer - The Dog Who Knew Too Much7
Ramsay , Frederick - Rogue1
Rankin, Ian - The Impossible Dead3
Rayne, Sarah - What Lies Beneath1
Rendell, Ruth - The Vault2
Rickman, Phil - The secrets of pain1
Ridpath, Michael - 66° North1
Riordan, Rick - The son of neptune1
Ritter, Todd - Bad Moon2
Robb, J. D. - New York to Dallas3
Robertson, Imogen - Island of Bones1
Robertson, Michael - The Brothers of Baker Street 1
Robotham, Michael - The wreckage1
Rosenfelt, David - One Dog Night2
Roslund & Hellestrom, Anders & Borge - Three Second1
Rotella, Sebastian - Triple Crossing1
Rotenberg, Robert - The Guilty Plea1
Roy, Lori - Bent Road1
Royal, Priscilla - A killing season1
Rozan, S. J. - Ghost Hero12
Rubenfeld, Jed - The Death Instinct2
Ryan, Garry - Malabarista 1
Sallis, James - The Killer is Dying2
Sandford, John - Buried Prey2
Sandford, John - Shock Wave4
Santangelo, Elena - Fear Itself2
Schaffert, Timothy - The Coffins Of Little Hope1
Schweizer, Mark - The Christmas Cantata1
Scott, A. D. - A Double Death on the Black Isle1
Sefton, Maggie - Unraveled1
Sellers, L. J. - Dying for Justice5
Sellers, L. J. - The Arranger3
Shaber, Sarah - Louise's War2
Sharp, Zoe - Fourth Day1
Siger, Jeffrey - Prey on Patmos1
Sigurdardottir, Yrsa - Ashes to Dust (2007)1
Silva, Daniel - Portrait Of A Spy2
Slaughter, Karin - Fallen2
Smith, Alexander McCall - The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party1
Speart, Jessica - Winged Obsession1
Speller, Elizabeth - The Return of Capt. John Emmett1
Spencer-Fleming, Julia - One Was a Soldier36
Staab, Rochelle - Who Do Voodoo?1
Stabenow, Dana - A Night Too Dark1
Stabenow, Dana - Though Not Dead7
Staggs, Earl - Short Stories of Earl Staggs1
Stanley, Kelli - City of Secrets2
Stanley, Michael - Death Of The Mantis4
Stanton, Mary - Angel Condemned1
Stephenson, Neal - Reamde1
Stevens, Chevy - Never Knowing2
Stevens, Taylor - The Informationist3
Stevens, Taylor - The Innocent1
Stewart, Amy - Wicked Bugs1
Swanson, Denise - Murder Of A Book Store Babe1
Swanson, Denise - Murder Of A Creped Suzette1
Sylvis, Randall - The Boy Who Shoots Crows1
Talley, Marcia - A Quiet Death2
Tallis, Frank - Vienna Twilight (Deadly Communion)3
Talton, Jon - South Phoenix Rules1
Tapply, William - The Nomination1
Thompson, James - Lucifer's Tears2
Thompson, Victoria - Murder on Sister's Row1
Todd, Charles - A Lonely Death4
Tremayne, Peter - The Chalice of Blood1
Trent, Gayle - Killer Sweet Tooth1
Tyler, L. C. - The Herring in the Library1
Ulfelder, Steve - Purgatory Chasm1
Upson, Nicola - Two For Sorrow1
Vargas, Fred - An Uncertain Place2
Various, - Top Suspense: 13 Classic Stories By 12 Masters Of The Genre1
Viets, Elaine - Death on a Platter1
Vittachi, Nury - The Feng Shui Detective Goes West1
Walker, Martin - Black diamond1
Warner, Penny - How To Party With A Killer Vampire1
Watson, S. J. - Before I Go To Sleep10
Webber, Heather - Absolutely Positively1
Weir, Theresa - The Orchard1
Wendelboe, C. M. - Death Along the Spirit Road1
West, Michael Lee - Gone With A Handsomer Man3
Westerson, Jeri - Troubled Bones2
White, Randy Wayne - Night Vision1
Whitmer, Benjamin - Pike1
Wier, George - The Last Call: A Bill Travis Mystery1
Wilhelm, Kate - Heaven is High2
Williams, Amanda Kyle - The Stranger You Seek5
Winspear, Jacqueline - A Lesson in Secrets8
Witek, Barbara - Santa Wore Combat Boots1
Wright, Austin - Tony and Susan2
Wright, Nancy Means - Mary Wollstonecraft: The Nightmare1
Wynn, Patricia - A Killing Frost2
Yates, Jen - Wreck The Halls1
Zafiro, Frank - And every man has to die1
Zeltserman, Dave - Julius Katz and Archie4
Zurl, Wayne - A New Prospect1