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2007 Authors by Popularity - Best of DorothyL

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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 20 July 2009

There were 670 unique authors submitted in the Best of 2007 Books on DorothyL.

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Lippman, Laura44
Bowen, Rhys26
Penny, Louise26
Grabenstein, Chris25
Viets, Elaine21
Cleverly, Barbara19
Hill, Reginald19
Child, Lee17
Crais, Robert17
Crombie, Deborah16
Harris, Charlaine16
Johnson, Craig16
Burke, James Lee15
Cleland, Jane14
Franklin, Ariana14
Spencer-Fleming, Julia14
Blunt, Giles13
Fate, Robert13
Maron, Margaret13
Cotterill, Colin12
Indridason, Arnaldur12
Pickard, Nancy12
Connelly, Michael11
Greenwood, Kerry11
Rowling, J. K.11
Andrews, Donna10
Gabaldon, Diana10
McDermid, Val10
Raybourn, Deanna10
Robotham, Michael10
Setterfield, Diane10
Box, C. J.9
Cain, Chelsea9
Grafton, Sue9
Krueger, William Kent9
Coel, Margaret8
Rankin, Ian8
Robinson, Peter8
Coben, Harlan7
Cohen, Jeffrey7
Hart, John7
Hockensmith, Steve7
Kozak, Harley Jane7
Leon, Donna7
Lovesey, Peter7
O'Connell, Carol7
Perry, Anne7
Sandford, John7
Seranella, Barbara7
Booth, Stephen6