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2007 Authors - Best of DorothyL

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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 05 February 2009

There were 670 unique authors submitted in the Best Of 2007 Books on DorothyL.

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Pullman, Phillip
Quentin, Patrick
Ramsay, Frederick
Rankin, Ian
Rawls, Randy
Raybourn, Deanna
Raybourne, Deanna
Rayne, Sarah
Raynor , Richard
Read, Cornelia
Reaves, Sam
Rees, Matt Benyon
Reichs, Kathy
Rendell, Ruth
Rennebohm, Peter
Riccio, Dolores Stewart
Richards, Emilie
Richardson , Kat
Rigolosi, Steven
Rinehart, Mary Roberts
Riordan, Rick
Rizer, Fran
Robb, J.D.
Roberts, Gillian
Roberts, Natalie M.
Roberts, Nora
Robinson, Peter
Robinson, Spider
Robotham, Michael
Rogers, Chris
Rollins, James
Rose, M.J.
Rosenfelt, David
rowe, rosemary
Rowling, J. K.
Rozan, S. J.
Rubenfeld, Jed
Rusch, Kristine Kathryn
Ryan, Hank
Ryan, P.B.
Sakey, Marcus
Sallis, James
Sandford, John
Sansom, C.J.
Sansom, Ian
Santangelo, Elena
Santlofer, Jonathan
Satterthwait, Walter
Saums, Mary
Sayers, Dorothy L.