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Volunteers Requested for 2009 Best of Year Booklists

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 13 December 2009

Volunteers are needed to keep publishing the Best of Year Booklists. Here’s what’s required.

One or more volunteers is needed to skim *every* DL post from 15 Dec to 31 Jan and forward the relevant ones to an email list (this person is Volunteer A). Then Volunteer B forwards the email in round robin fashion to the processing committee (Volunteers C). Members of the processing committee will mark & copy the booklist portion from the email, and paste it into a word processor where they will clean up the copy in such a fashion that they can then copy & paste into an Excel spreadsheet which I will provide. It’s extremely tedious work, and one must perform the tasks precisely, but there are ways to make the job less onerous and it is possible to develop a rhythm doing it.

Volunteers A & B do not need any more skill than they currently use reading DL. Volunteers C do not need to be computer experts, but they must know enough to use search/replace functions in a word processor and basic editing functions in Excel. You don’t have to know how to do everything before we start, we’ll have our own email group and I’m sure everyone on that list will be happy to help explain. What word processor you use doesn’t matter. I will send out an .xls file (Excel versions 97-2003), so your computer doesn’t need to be modern. If you use a spreadsheet program which has any compatibility with Excel, I’m sure it will work out fine.

I will still do the more complex issues of compilation, analysis and presentation of the data.

If we get a dozen volunteers, the job will not be too much for any one person, and will allow for losing one or two persons without unbearable hardship on the rest. Once we’re in the final stages, I will still ask for DL volunteers to research missing author sex and copyright date; we are *not* asking for those volunteers in this round.

So who wants to help?

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I am happy to be a C; I have Excel and know how to use it, also have some experience cleaning up code and weird characters. My day job is legal editor for a law book publisher.

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I can't look at your signature (in your post) because a message comes up (from your website?) asking for id and authentication. Please send your email address to me via the Contact button at the top of the screen. (Or post to DL, and I will see who you are :)


Hi Theresa -

Sorry I missed this the first time around. I read and enjoy the DorothyL best of lists every year and would be happy to be an A, B or C if you still need volunteers. I saved copies of the December digests so that I had something to read over the hiatus. I've included my email in the field above, so if you still need help, please let me know. Thanks.

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Hi Penny,

Looks like we're all set for now, but come the end of January when we start compiling the data, we'll need volunteers to investigate missing copyright dates, etc.



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