Volunteers — Indefatigable Sharpies

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 07 December 2011

Posts from DorothyL which pertain to Best Reads for the year will be forwarded (by email) to several Indefatigable Sharpies who will copy and paste the information from the emails into a spreadsheet template which I will provide. Sharpies do not need to be computer experts, but s/he must know enough to use search/replace functions in a word processor and basic editing functions in Excel, as well as having an interest in being precise. S/he doesn’t have to know how to do everything before we start, we will have a test session to make sure everyone is happy with the project.

Interested? Read on:

When one volunteers to be an Indefatigable Sharpie, the Collator (currently me) will invite you to join two google groups: DLOrganizeBests@ g… and ONE of: DLBests1@g…, DLBests2@g…, DLBests3@g, DLBests4@g…, DLBests5@g…, DLBests6@g…, DLBests7@g…, DLBests8@g…, DLBests8@g…, DLBests10@g…, DLBests11@g… (caps NOT important, address hidden for spam-prevention).

Questions about how to perform your part in the Best of Year posts on DL should be posted to DLOrganizeBests@g… (caps not important). Other people who have done this job previously can help you.

I will make a post to DLOrganizeBests@g… with the template spreadsheet to be used for this year along with a few samples of "typical" posts (from prior years). Each Sharpie who is volunteering for this year’s project who has not had previous experence with this project is asked to complete the sample. In this way, we can both determine how well you are suited to this (unpaid but emotionally rewarding:) project. People who are serial volunteers may, of course, complete the test sample and remind themselves of all the little items which require attention!

Indefatigable Sharpies will mark & copy the booklist portion from the email, and paste it into a word processor where they will clean up the copy in such a fashion that they can then copy & paste into an Excel spreadsheet which I will provide. Periodically the spreadsheets will be emailed to me and I will compile the data into another spreadsheet. The work is extremely tedious and one must perform the tasks precisely, but there are ways to make the job less onerous and it is possible to develop a rhythm doing it. What word processor you use doesn’t matter. I will send out an .xls file (Excel versions 97-2003), so your computer doesn’t need to be modern. If you use a spreadsheet program which has any compatibility with Excel, I’m sure it will work out fine. See specific notes about processing Booklist data for more information.

The good news is that people really do appreciate the booklists when we’re done!

Note that if you're going to add your own Best of Year items to your own spreadsheet, make sure that you post that information at the TOP of your post to DorothyL, so The Allocator does not forward your information to another Sharpie for processing.

If you'd like to volunteer, please comment here. For greater privacy, use the Contact menu item at the top of the screen or use the Contact form or email me directly if you know my address.