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O - V . . . Submitters with Titles (2008)

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 07 February 2009

DorothyL members submitted lists of favourite books read in 2008. This is one of the reports which can only be seen by authenticated users.

Comments are welcome. :)

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Oline H. CogdillA Cure for Night - Peacock, Justin
Oline H. CogdillA Matter of Justice - Todd, Charles
Oline H. CogdillAnother Thing to Fall - Lippman, Laura
Oline H. CogdillChild 44 - Smith, Tom Rob
Oline H. CogdillCity of the Sun - Levien, David
Oline H. CogdillEnvy the Night - Koryta, Michael
Oline H. CogdillExit Music - Rankin, Ian
Oline H. CogdillFriend Of The Devil - Robinson, Peter
Oline H. CogdillGood People - Sakey, Marcus
Oline H. CogdillIn the Dark - Billingham, Mark
Oline H. CogdillIn The Woods - French, Tana
Oline H. CogdillRed Knife - Krueger, William Kent
Oline H. CogdillThe Brass Verdict - Connelly, Michael
Oline H. CogdillThe Dawn Patrol - Winslow, Don
Oline H. CogdillThe Finder - Harrison, Colin
Oline H. CogdillThe Genius - Kellerman, Jesse
Oline H. CogdillThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (orig '05) - Larsson, Stieg
Oline H. CogdillThe King of Swords - Stone, Nick
Oline H. CogdillThe Turnaround - Pelecanos, George
Oline H. CogdillTrigger City - Chercover, Sean
Pam GeeA spoonful of poison - Beaton, M.C.
Pam GeeAn Incomplete Revenge - Winspear, Jacqueline
Pam GeeBlood trail - Box, C. J.
Pam GeeBlue heaven - Box, C. J.
Pam GeeBones - Kellerman, Jonathan
Pam GeeBurn Out - Muller, Marcia
Pam GeeClubbed To Death - Viets, Elaine
Pam GeeDeath's Half Acre - Maron, Margaret
Pam GeeDegrees of separation - Henry, Sue
Pam GeeDevil Bones - Reichs, Kathy
Pam GeeFever - Pronzini, Bill
Pam GeeI Shall Not Want - Spencer-Fleming, Julia
Pam GeeKiller Heat - Fairstein, Linda
Pam GeeLady killer - Scottoline, Lisa
Pam GeeLegally dead - Buchanan, Edna
Pam GeeMiracle at Speedy Motors - Smith, Alexander McCall
Pam GeePhantom prey - Sandford, John
Pam GeeRed Knife - Krueger, William Kent
Pam GeeTakeover - Black, Lisa
Pam GeeThe Brass Verdict - Connelly, Michael
Pam GeeThe Cruellest Month - Penny, Louise
Pam GeeThe Fault Tree - Ure, Louise
Pam GeeWinter study - Barr, Nevada
Pat BeuerleinAn Incomplete Revenge - Winspear, Jacqueline
Pat BeuerleinBaby Shark's High Plains Redemption - Fate, Robert
Pat BeuerleinChasing Darkness - Crais, Robert
Pat BeuerleinDeath's Half Acre - Maron, Margaret
Pat BeuerleinGone to Ground - Harvey, John
Pat BeuerleinHell Hole - Grabenstein, Chris
Pat BeuerleinMoscow Rules - Silva, Daniel
Pat BeuerleinNothing to Lose - Child, Lee
Pat BeuerleinThe Cruellest Month - Penny, Louise
Pat BeuerleinThe Dawn Patrol - Winslow, Don
Pat BeuerleinThe Ever-Running Man - Muller, Marcia
Pat BeuerleinWhen Will There Be Good News - Atkinson, Kate
Pat BrowningA Wedding To Die For - Nehring, Radine Trees
Pat BrowningAbsinthe Of Malice - Browning, Pat
Pat BrowningAfter All These Years - Isaacs, Susan
Pat BrowningBaby Shark's High Plains Redemption - Fate, Robert
Pat BrowningBlood Memory - Coel, Margaret
Pat BrowningBlood of the Lamb - Lister, Michael
Pat BrowningBuffalo Bill's Defunct - Simonson, Sheila
Pat BrowningDead Man's Island - Hart, Carolyn G.
Pat BrowningIn the Dead of Winter - Mehl, Nancy
Pat BrowningJust Add Water - Schwartz, Jinx
Pat BrowningKindred Spirits - Meredith, Marilyn
Pat BrowningLetters from Home - Hart, Carolyn G.
Pat BrowningLocation Location - Sloane, Kit
Pat BrowningLove, Lies and Liquor - Beaton, M.C.
Pat BrowningMurder Under the Palms - Matteson, Stefanie
Pat BrowningName Games - Abresch, Peter
Pat BrowningSet Sail For Murder - Hart, Carolyn G.
Pat BrowningSummer of the Big Bachi - Hirahara, Naomi
Pat BrowningThe Hanged Man - Skibbins, David
patricia jones14 - Ellison, J. T.
patricia jonesA River To Die For - Nehring, Radine Trees
patricia jonesA Wedding To Die For - Nehring, Radine Trees
patricia jonesBurn Out - Muller, Marcia
patricia jonesChristmas Is Murder - Challinor, C.S.
patricia jonesDeadly Omen - Meredith, Marilyn
patricia jonesFace Of A Killer - Burcell, Robin
patricia jonesHell Hole - Grabenstein, Chris
patricia jonesHouse Of Whispers - Lucke, Margaret
patricia jonesI Shall Not Want - Spencer-Fleming, Julia
patricia jonesJust Add Water - Schwartz, Jinx
patricia jonesLie Down With The Devil - Barnes, Linda
patricia jonesPaper-Thin Alibi - Hughes, Mary Ellen
patricia jonesThere Goes Santa Claus - Mehl, Nancy
Patricia TurnbullA Fatal Grace - Penny, Louise
Patricia TurnbullAnother Man's Moccasins - Johnson, Craig
Patricia TurnbullBehind the scenes at the museum - Atkinson, Kate
Patricia TurnbullDeath of a cozy writer - Malliet, G.M.
Patricia TurnbullEarthly delights: a Corinna Chapman mystery - Greenwood, Kerry
Patricia TurnbullForcing Amaryllis - Ure, Louise
Patricia TurnbullLet the northern lights erase your name - Vida, Vendela
Patricia TurnbullNot all tarts are apple - Granger, Pip
Patricia TurnbullSome welcome home - Wildwind, Sharon
Patricia TurnbullStill Life - Penny, Louise
Patricia TurnbullThe girl in the green glass mirror - McGregor, Elizabeth
Patricia TurnbullThe hunt for Sonya Dufrette - Raichev, R. T.
Patricia TurnbullVillage affairs - Chan, Cassandra
Patti O'BrienA Carrion Death - Stanley, Michael
Patti O'BrienA Fatal Waltz - Alexander, Tasha
Patti O'BrienGrounds for Murder - Balzo, Sandra
Patti O'BrienHeavenly Pleasures - Greenwood, Kerry
Patti O'BrienOn the Wrong Track - Hockensmith, Steven
Patti O'BrienThe Cruellest Month - Penny, Louise
Patti O'BrienThe Lady in the Lake - Chandler, Raymond
Patti O'BrienWhat Angels Fear - Harris, C. S.
Patti O'BrienWhen Gods Die - Harris, C. S.
Peggy BakerA Royal Pain - Bowen, Rhys
Peggy BakerDeath in West Wheeling - Dymmoch, Michael Allen
Peggy BakerDeath Will Get You Sober - Zelvin, Elizabeth
Peggy BakerDeath's Half Acre - Maron, Margaret
Peggy BakerIt Happened One Knife - Cohen, Jeffrey
Peggy BakerOne Bad Apple - Connelly, Sheila
Peggy BakerPane of Death - Atwell, Sarah
Peggy BakerSmell of Death - Meredith, F. M.
Peggy BakerThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (orig '05) - Larsson, Stieg
Peggy BakerThe Laughter of Dead Kings - Peters, Elizabeth
Peggy BakerWaterloo Sunset - Edwards, Martin
Peggy BakerWhere Memories Lie - Crombie, Deborah
Peter RENNEBOHMBuried Lies - Rennebohm, Peter
Peter RENNEBOHMClabbered Dirt, Sweet Grass - Paulsen, Gary
Peter RENNEBOHMNo Country For Old Men - McCarthy, Cormac
Peter RENNEBOHMShutter Island - Lehane, Dennis
Peter RENNEBOHMSo Brave, young, and handsome - Enger, Leif
Peter RENNEBOHMThe Chase - Cussler, Clive
Phil MannA Christmas Guest - Perry, Anne
Phil MannAn Arcadian Death - Jeffries, Roderic
Phil MannCase for Three Detectives - Bruce, Leo
Phil MannCries and Whiskers - Simon, Clea
Phil MannFer-de-Lance - Stout, Rex
Phil MannGator Kill - Crider, Bill
Phil MannHundred-Dollar Baby - Parker, Robert B.
Phil MannIn the Dead of Winter - Mehl, Nancy
Phil MannMaigret chez le ministre (a.k.a. Maigret and the Calame Report) - Simenon, Georges
Phil MannMurder at Bridge - Austin, Anne
Phil MannSchool Days - Parker, Robert B.
Phil MannThe Case of the Demure Defendant - Gardner, Erle Stanley
Phil MannThe Mensa Murders - Martin, Lee (a.k.a. Anne Wingate)
Phil MannThe Three Coffins (a.k.a. The Hollow Man) - Carr, John Dickson
Phil MannYukon Murders - Porter, Don G.
Reading Princess a/k/a Tracey ThomasAnd Murder for Dessert - Delaney, Kathleen
Reading Princess a/k/a Tracey ThomasBean There Done That - Balzo, Sandra
Reading Princess a/k/a Tracey ThomasCurse of the Spellmans - Lutz, Lisa
Reading Princess a/k/a Tracey ThomasHandbags and Homicide - Howell, Dorothy
Reading Princess a/k/a Tracey ThomasKiller Mousse - Wells, Melinda
Reading Princess a/k/a Tracey ThomasNo Such Thing as a Free Lunch! - Fredman, Shelly
Reading Princess a/k/a Tracey ThomasPane of Death - Atwell, Sarah
Reading Princess a/k/a Tracey ThomasPaper Scissors Death - Slan, Joanna Campbell
Reading Princess a/k/a Tracey ThomasQuick Study - Barbieri, Maggie
Reading Princess a/k/a Tracey ThomasRoux Morgue - Johnson, Claire
Reading Princess a/k/a Tracey ThomasThe Diva Runs Out of Thyme - Davis, Krista
Reading Princess a/k/a Tracey ThomasThe Lover's Knot - O'Donohue, Clare
Reading Princess a/k/a Tracey ThomasThrough a Glass Deadly - Atwell, Sarah
Rebecca HippertA Kind of Acquaintance: A Kavanagh and Salt Mystery - Armstrong, David
Rebecca HippertA Presumption of Death - Walsh, Jill Paton
Rebecca HippertAn Incomplete Revenge - Winspear, Jacqueline
Rebecca HippertBones of the Barbary Coast: A Cree Black Novel - Hecht, Daniel
Rebecca HippertFidelity - Perry, Thomas
Rebecca HippertLord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade - Gabaldon, Diana
Rebecca HippertMarch Violets - Kerr, Philip
Rebecca HippertOf All Sad Words - Crider, Bill
Rebecca HippertSilent In The Sanctuary - Raybourn, Deanna
Rebecca HippertT Is For Trespass - Grafton, Sue
Rebecca HippertThe Body on the Beach - Brett, Simon
Rebecca HippertThe Eye Of Jade - Wei Liang, Diane
Rebecca HippertThe Private Patient - James, P. D.
Rebecca HippertWe Shall Not Sleep - Perry, Anne
Roberta IsleibAsking for Murder - Isleib, Roberta
Roberta IsleibBlood Trail - Box, C. J.
Roberta IsleibI Shall Not Want - Spencer-Fleming, Julia
Roberta IsleibLie Down With The Devil - Barnes, Linda
Roberta IsleibThe Brass Verdict - Connelly, Michael
Roberta IsleibThe Draining Lake - Indridason, Arnaldur
Roberta IsleibThe Turnaround - Pelecanos, George
Rosemary HarrisAll The Pretty Girls - Ellison, J. T.
Rosemary HarrisCase Histories - Atkinson, Kate
Rosemary HarrisEven Cat Sitters Get the Blues - Clement, Blaize
Rosemary HarrisI Shall Not Want - Spencer-Fleming, Julia
Rosemary HarrisPrime Time - Ryan, Hank Phillippi
Rosemary HarrisPromise Me - Coben, Harlan
Rosemary HarrisPromise Not to Tell - McMahon, Jennifer
Rosemary HarrisPushing Up Daisies - Harris, Rosemary
Sally A FellowsBleeding Kansas - Paretsky, Sara
Sally A FellowsDuma Key - King, Stephen
Sally A FellowsHardly Knew Her - Lippman, Laura
Sally A FellowsIn The Woods - French, Tana
Sally A FellowsThe Given Day - Lehane, Dennis
Sandra ParshallCareless In Red - George, Elizabeth
Sandra ParshallChristine Falls - Black, Benjamin
Sandra ParshallFractured - Slaughter, Karin
Sandra ParshallI Shall Not Want - Spencer-Fleming, Julia
Sandra ParshallIn The Woods - French, Tana
Sandra ParshallMaster Of The Delta - Cook, Thomas H.
Sandra ParshallThe Bone Garden - Gerritsen, Tess
Sandra ParshallThe Bordeaux Betrayal - Crosby, Ellen
Sandra ParshallThe Grave Tattoo - McDermid, Val
Sandra ParshallThe Last Good Day - Blauner, Peter
Sandra ParshallThe Poe Shadow - Pearl, Matthew
Sandra ParshallWinter Study - Barr, Nevada
Sheila BeaumontBlue Heaven - Box, C. J.
Sheila BeaumontBoundary Waters - Krueger, William Kent
Sheila BeaumontCase Histories - Atkinson, Kate
Sheila BeaumontCheating At Solitaire - Haddam, Jane
Sheila BeaumontFablehaven: Rise Of The Evening Star - Mull, Brandon
Sheila BeaumontFriend Of The Devil - Robinson, Peter
Sheila BeaumontGhost At Work - Hart, Carolyn G.
Sheila BeaumontHeavenly Pleasures - Greenwood, Kerry
Sheila BeaumontLast Post - Barnard, Robert
Sheila BeaumontMurder Unleashed - Viets, Elaine
Sheila BeaumontSavvy - Law, Ingrid
Sheila BeaumontT Is For Trespass - Grafton, Sue
Sheila BeaumontThe Cruellest Month - Penny, Louise
Sheila BeaumontThe Dragonfly Pool - Ibbotson, Eva
Sheila BeaumontThe Patron Saint Of Butterflies - Galante, Cecilia
Sheila BeaumontThe Wednesday Wars - Schmidt, Gary D.
Sheila BeaumontTheodosia And The Staff Of Osiris - LaFevers, R.L.
Sheila BeaumontThistle And Twigg - Saums, Mary
Sheila BeaumontTouchstone - King, Laurie R.
Sheila BeaumontYour Heart Belongs To Me - Koontz, Dean
Shirley McLeanA Carrion Death - Stanley, Michael
Shirley McLeanA Wedding To Die For - Nehring, Radine Trees
Shirley McLeanBones To Ashes - Reichs, Kathy
Shirley McLeanBuckingham Palace Gardens - Perry, Anne
Shirley McLeanExcursion To Tindari - Camillere, Andrea
Shirley McLeanI Shall Not Want - Spencer-Fleming, Julia
Shirley McLeanIt Happened One Knife - Cohen, Jeffrey
Shirley McLeanJester Leaps In - Gordon, Alan
Shirley McLeanMad Mouse - Grabenstein, Chris
Shirley McLeanSaturnalia - Davis, Lindsay
Shirley McLeanState Of The Onion - Hyzy, Julie
Shirley McLeanStone Cold - Baldacci, David
Shirley McLeanThe Eye Of Jade - Wei Liang, Diane
Shirley McLeanThirteenth Night - Gordon, Alan
Shirley McLeanTilt-A-Whirl - Grabenstein, Chris
Shirley McLeanWinter Study - Barr, Nevada
Shirley WetzelA Royal Pain - Bowen, Rhys
Shirley WetzelBlood Alone - Benn, James R.
Shirley WetzelBring Your Own Poison - Evans, Jimmie Ruth
Shirley WetzelCrazy School - Read, Cornelia
Shirley WetzelEffigies - Evans, Mary Anna
Shirley WetzelHell Hole - Grabenstein, Chris
Shirley WetzelIt Happened One Knife - Cohen, Jeffrey
Shirley WetzelK.I.A. - Holland, Thomas
Shirley WetzelOf All Sad Words - Crider, Bill
Shirley WetzelRecovering Dad - Sternberg, Libby
Shirley WetzelThe Curse of the Pogo Stick - Cotterill, Colin
Shirley WetzelThe Fourth Watcher - Hallinan, Timothy
Steven TorresEmpty Ever After - Coleman, Reed Farrel
Steven TorresThe Black Hand - Thomas, Will
Steven TorresThe Good Son - Mclean, Russel
Susan MuellerAnatomy of Deception - Goldstone, Lawrence
Susan MuellerCalumet City - Newton, Charlie
Susan MuellerContents Under Pressure - Buchanan, Edna
Susan MuellerCover-Up - Martinez, Michele
Susan MuellerDesert Noir - Webb, Betty
Susan MuellerEven Cat Sitters Get the Blues - Clement, Blaize
Susan MuellerFree Fire - Box, C. J.
Susan MuellerGood People - Sakey, Marcus
Susan MuellerHold Tight - Coben, Harlan
Susan MuellerI Shall Not Want - Spencer-Fleming, Julia
Susan MuellerImmoral - Freeman, Brian
Susan MuellerNineteen Minutes - Picoult, Jodi
Susan MuellerNo Time For Goodbye - Barclay, Linwood
Susan MuellerSlay Ride - Grabenstein, Chris
Susan MuellerStalking Death - Flora, Kate
Susan MuellerT Is For Trespass - Grafton, Sue
Susan MuellerThe Brass Verdict - Connelly, Michael
Susan MuellerThe Broken Window - Deaver, Jeffrey
Susan MuellerThe Chicago Way - Harvey, Michael
Susan MuellerThe Fault Tree - Ure, Louise
Susan MuellerThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (orig '05) - Larsson, Stieg
Susan MuellerVanishing Act - Perry, Thomas
Suzanne EpsteinAnother Man's Moccasins - Johnson, Craig
Suzanne EpsteinArctic Chill - Indridason, Arnaldur
Suzanne EpsteinBlood Trail - Box, C. J.
Suzanne EpsteinBloodshot - MacBride, Stuart
Suzanne EpsteinBlue Heaven - Box, C. J.
Suzanne EpsteinBorkmann's Point (translation ?06) - Nesser, Hakan
Suzanne EpsteinDeadman's Switch - Seranella, Barbara
Suzanne EpsteinDeath Song - McGarrity, Michael
Suzanne EpsteinDon't Look Back - Fossum, Karin
Suzanne EpsteinFlesh House - MacBride, Stuart
Suzanne EpsteinFriend Of The Devil - Robinson, Peter
Suzanne EpsteinHold Tight - Coben, Harlan
Suzanne EpsteinIn The Woods - French, Tana
Suzanne EpsteinRed Knife - Krueger, William Kent
Suzanne EpsteinStealing The Dragon - Maleeny, Tim
Suzanne EpsteinT Is For Trespass - Grafton, Sue
Suzanne EpsteinThe Brass Verdict - Connelly, Michael
Suzanne EpsteinThe Draining Lake - Indridason, Arnaldur
Suzanne EpsteinThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (orig '05) - Larsson, Stieg
Suzanne EpsteinThe Various Haunts of Men - Hill, Susan
Suzanne EpsteinWhat is Mine - Holt, Anne
Suzanne EpsteinWhat The Dead Know - Lippman, Laura
Suzanne EpsteinWhere Memories Lie - Crombie, Deborah
Suzanne EpsteinWinter Study - Barr, Nevada
Theresa de ValenceAmuse Bouche - Bidulka, Anthony
Theresa de ValenceAnatomy of Fear - Santlofer, Jonathan
Theresa de ValenceBermuda Schwartz - Morris, Bob
Theresa de ValenceBimbos of the Death Sun - McCrumb, Sharyn
Theresa de ValenceBlood Hollow - Krueger, William Kent
Theresa de ValenceBlood Orchid - Woods, Stuart
Theresa de ValenceBuried Lies - Rennebohm, Peter
Theresa de ValenceCutthroat - Brewer, Steve
Theresa de ValenceMurder - Hall, Parnell
Theresa de ValenceMurder Before Dawn - Whitney, Polly
Theresa de ValenceNo Time For Goodbye - Barclay, Linwood
Theresa de ValenceOblivion - Abrahams, Peter
Theresa de ValencePictures of Perfection - Hill, Reginald
Theresa de ValencePrecious Blood - Hayes, Jonathan
Theresa de ValenceShelter from the Storm - Dunbar, Tony
Theresa de ValenceStitches in Time - Michaels, Barbara
Theresa de ValenceTahoe Silence - Borg, Todd
Theresa de ValenceThe April Fools Day Murder - Harris, Lee
Theresa de ValenceThe Bar Mitzvah Murder - Harris, Lee
Theresa de ValenceThe Christening Day Murder - Harris, Lee
Theresa de ValenceThe Closet Hanging - Fennelly, Tony
Theresa de ValenceThe Fathers Day Murder - Harris, Lee
Theresa de ValenceThe Glory Hole Murders - Fennelly, Tony
Theresa de ValenceThe Good Friday Murder - Harris, Lee
Theresa de ValenceThe Happy Birthday Murder - Harris, Lee
Theresa de ValenceThe Ivy Tree - Stewart, Mary
Theresa de ValenceThe Mothers' Day Murder - Harris, Lee
Theresa de ValenceThe Silver Anniversary Murder - Harris, Lee
Theresa de ValenceThe Wrong Kind of Blood - Hughes, Declan
Theresa de ValenceThe Yom Kippur Murder - Harris, Lee
Theresa de ValenceTilt-A-Whirl - Grabenstein, Chris
Theresa de ValenceTrick Question - Dunbar, Tony
Theresa de ValenceWhat The Dead Know - Lippman, Laura
Truly DonovanA Carrion Death - Stanley, Michael
Truly DonovanCity of Shadows - Franklin , Ariana
Truly DonovanFriend Of The Devil - Robinson, Peter
Truly DonovanMissing - Alvtegen, Karen
Truly DonovanThe Janissary Tree - Goodwin, Jason
Truly DonovanThe Monsters of Templeton - Groff, Lauren
Truly DonovanWhen Will There Be Good News - Atkinson, Kate
Vicki KondelikIn The Woods - French, Tana
Vicki KondelikOrganize Your Corpses - Maffini, Mary Jane
Vicki KondelikThe Cruellest Month - Penny, Louise
Vicki KondelikThe Fire - Neville, Katherine
Vicki KondelikThe Iron Tongue of Midnight - Myers, Beverle Graves
Vicki KondelikThe King of Lies - Hart, John
Vicki KondelikThe Laughter of Dead Kings - Peters, Elizabeth
Vicki KondelikThe Spellman Files - Lutz, Lisa
Vicki KondelikThe Tale of Briar Bank - Albert, Susan Wittig
Vicki KondelikWhat The Dead Know - Lippman, Laura