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O - S . . . Titles with Submitter (2008)

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 07 February 2009

DorothyL members submitted lists of favourite books read in 2008. This is one of the reports which can only be seen by authenticated users.

Comments are welcome. :)

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Oblivion - Abrahams, PeterTheresa de Valence
Occam's Razor - Mayor, ArcherAbbey Hamilton
Of All Sad Words - Crider, BillRebecca Hippert
Of All Sad Words - Crider, BillShirley Wetzel
Oh Danny boy - Bowen, RhysLois Reibach
On the Wrong Track - Hockensmith, StevenDave Bennett
On the Wrong Track - Hockensmith, StevenPatti O'Brien
One Bad Apple - Connelly, SheilaCaryn St. Clair
One Bad Apple - Connelly, SheilaPeggy Baker
One Drop of Blood - Holland, ThomasJennifer Forbus
One Good Turn - Atkinson, KateAndi Davis
Open and Shut - Rosenfelt, DavidLucinda Surber
Organize Your Corpses - Maffini, Mary JaneVicki Kondelik
Out Of The Deep I Cry - Spencer-Fleming, JuliaMelanie Anton
Outsider in Amsterdam - van de Wetering, JanwillemConor
Pale horse - Todd, CharlesEllen
Pane of Death - Atwell, SarahPeggy Baker
Pane of Death - Atwell, SarahReading Princess a/k/a Tracey Thomas
Paper Scissors Death - Slan, Joanna CampbellReading Princess a/k/a Tracey Thomas
Paper-thin Alibi - Hughes, Mary EllenMary Ellen Hughes
Paper-Thin Alibi - Hughes, Mary Ellenpatricia jones
Paying For It - Black, TonyDonna
Peggy Sue Got Murdered - Gerritsen, TessKathrin P
Penguin who knew too much - Andrews, DonnaLucy Trimble
People of the Book - Brooks, GeraldineLois Reibach
People of the Book - Brooks, GeraldineMarlyn Beebe
People Who Walk in Darkness - Kaminsky, StuartBarbara Monay
Person of Interest - Schwegel, TheresaMargaret Franson
Peter and the secret of Rundoon - Barry, DaveLois Reibach
Phantom Prey - Sandford, Johnch kysar
Phantom Prey - Sandford, JohnJoan Huston
Phantom prey - Sandford, JohnPam Gee
Pictures of Perfection - Hill, ReginaldTheresa de Valence
Power in the Blood - Lister, MichaelJennifer Forbus
Preaching to the Corpse - Isleib, RobertaJ.M. ""Mike"" Hayes
Preaching to the Corpse - Isleib, RobertaKaye Barley
Precious Blood - Hayes, JonathanTheresa de Valence
Primal Threat - Emerson, EarlCathy Gallagher
Prime Time - Ryan, Hank PhillippiLois Reibach
Prime Time - Ryan, Hank PhillippiRosemary Harris
Prisoner of Birth - Archer, JeffreyHelen Nelson
Prisoner of Birth - Archer, JeffreyJoan Huston
Promise Me - Coben, HarlanRosemary Harris
Promise Not to Tell - McMahon, JenniferRosemary Harris
Protect and Defend - Flynn, VinceKimberly Andrew
Pushing Up Daisies - Harris, RosemaryEdie Embler
Pushing Up Daisies - Harris, RosemaryJeffrey Cohen
Pushing Up Daisies - Harris, RosemaryJudy Bausch
Pushing Up Daisies - Harris, RosemaryRosemary Harris
Pyres - Nikitas, DerekCraig Larson
Queen of the Flowers - Greenwood, KerryAbbey Hamilton
Queen Of The Flowers - Greenwood, KerryMeredith Phillips
Quick Study - Barbieri, Maggienancy martin
Quick Study - Barbieri, MaggieReading Princess a/k/a Tracey Thomas
Quilt As Desired - Sachitano, ArleneKimberly Andrew
Rain Dogs - Doolittle, SeanKaren Hall
Rainaldi Quartet - Adam, PaulLucy Trimble
Rapscallion - McGee, JamesLJ Roberts
Raven Black - Cleeves, AnnLucy Trimble
Raven Black - Cleeves, AnnMelanie Anton
Recovering Dad - Sternberg, LibbyShirley Wetzel
Red Dragon - Harris, ThomasConor
Red Knife - Krueger, William KentCarol Noreen
Red Knife - Krueger, William KentEllen
Red Knife - Krueger, William KentJanet Cearley
Red Knife - Krueger, William KentJoyce Delaney
Red Knife - Krueger, William KentKaye Barley
Red Knife - Krueger, William KentMarilyn Meredith
Red Knife - Krueger, William KentOline H. Cogdill
Red Knife - Krueger, William KentPam Gee
Red Knife - Krueger, William KentSuzanne Epstein
Remains Silent - Baden, Michael and Linda Kenney BadenGail Farrelly
Rendezvous At Kamakura Inn - Browne, MarshallErin Bulman
Repair To Her Grave - Graves, SarahLynn
Resolution - Parker, Robert B.Larry
Revelation - Sansom, C.J.LJ Roberts
Riptide - Tixier, StanCindy Maher
Road Rage - Rendell, RuthN. J. Lindquist
Rock & Roll Never Forgets - Grabien, DeborahNikki Strandskov
Roux Morgue - Johnson, ClaireReading Princess a/k/a Tracey Thomas
Rubicon - Alexander, LawrenceLesa Holstine
Ruddy Gore - Greenwood, KerryAbbey Hamilton
Rules of Prey - Sandford, JohnCaryn St. Clair
Rumpole and the Reign of Terror - Mortimer, JohnEllen
Rumpole and the Reign of Terror - Mortimer, JohnGail Farrelly
Sacrifice - Bolton, S.J.BJ Simon
Sacrifice - Bolton, S.J.Carol Noreen
Salt River - Sallis, JamesLucinda Surber
Sanctuary - Bruen, KenLJ Roberts
Saturnalia - Davis, LindsayShirley McLean
Savage Night - Guthrie, AllanDonna
Saving Room for Desert - Constantine, K.C.J.M. ""Mike"" Hayes
Savvy - Law, IngridSheila Beaumont
Say Goodbye - Gardner, LisaJoan Huston
Scared To Live - Booth, StephenErin Bulman
School Days - Parker, Robert B.Phil Mann
Scone Cold Dead - Dunnett, KaitlynEdie Embler
Seaweed on the Street - Evans, StanleyDave Bennett
Second Violin - Lawton, JohnClea Simon
Seeking Whom He May Devour - Vargas, FredLucinda Surber
Set Sail For Murder - Hart, Carolyn G.Pat Browning
Shadow Dance - Andersen, SusanKathrin P
Shadow Man - McFadyen, CodyJoan Huston
Shadow of the Wind - Zafon, Carlos RuizAndi Davis
Shadows and lies - Eccles, MarjorieNina Wells
Shelter from the Storm - Dunbar, TonyTheresa de Valence
Shermans Creek - Hopkins, RonaldJulie Burns
Shimura Trouble - Massey, SujataGail Hueting
Shimura Trouble - Massey, SujataMeredith Phillips
Shoot the Lawyer Twice - Bowen , Michael A.N. J. Lindquist
Shooting in the Dark - Hougan, CarolynLaurie Smith
Shot Girl - Olson , Karen E.Clea Simon
Shoulder The Sky - Perry, AnneBonnie Rauscher
Shoulder the sky - Perry, AnneKathleen Rainwater
Shutter Island - Lehane, DennisJennifer Forbus
Shutter Island - Lehane, DennisPeter RENNEBOHM
Signs in the Blood - Lane, VickiNikki Strandskov
Silence of the Grave - Indridason, ArnaldurEllen
Silence of the Grave - Indridason, ArnaldurLucinda Surber
Silent In The Grave - Raybourn, DeannaFred Yoder
Silent In The Sanctuary - Raybourn, DeannaCarol Crigger
Silent In The Sanctuary - Raybourn, DeannaGail Farrelly
Silent In The Sanctuary - Raybourn, DeannaJayne Barnard
Silent In The Sanctuary - Raybourn, DeannaJudy Bausch
Silent In The Sanctuary - Raybourn, DeannaMelanie Anton
Silent In The Sanctuary - Raybourn, DeannaRebecca Hippert
Silks - Francis, Dick & FelixLJ Roberts
Silks - Francis, Dick & FelixMeredith Phillips
Silver Anniversary Murder - Harris, LeeMichelle Hollstein
Six Geese A-Slaying - Andrews, DonnaAnnette Mahon
Six Geese A-Slaying - Andrews, DonnaKathleen Rainwater
Skeleton Dance - Elkins, AaronDave Bennett
Skeleton Lake - Doogan, MikeJanet Cearley
Skeleton Lake - Doogan, MikeJanice Doxtator
Slay Ride - Grabenstein, ChrisSusan Mueller
Sleeping doll - Deaver, JeffreyEllen
Slient in the Sanctuary - Raybourn, DeannaMarcie Mack
Slip Of The Knife - Mina, DeniseCaroline Upcher
Slip Of The Knife - Mina, DeniseClea Simon
Slip of the Knife - Mina, DeniseJanice Doxtator
Slip Of The Knife - Mina, DeniseJoan Huston
Slip Of The Knife - Mina, DeniseJoyce Delaney
Slip Of The Knife - Mina, DeniseLucinda Surber
Sliver of Truth - Unger, LisaJudy Bausch
Sliver of Truth - Unger, LisaMichael Sherer
Small Crimes - Zelterserman, DaveLarry
Small Favor - Butcher, JimAbbey Hamilton
Small Favor - Butcher, JimLesa Holstine
Smell of Death - Meredith, F. M.Peggy Baker
Snake Dreams - Doss, James D.Lois Hirt
Snakeskin Shamison - Hirahara, NaomiGail Nickerson
Snitch Jacket - Goffard, ChristopherMichael Sherer
So Brave, young, and handsome - Enger, LeifPeter RENNEBOHM
So Much Blood - Brett, SimonBarbara Monay
Sold Down the River - Hambly, BarbaraCarol Hutton
Soldier on the Porch - Wildwind, SharonKaye Barley
Soldier on the Porch - Wildwind, Sharonlinda kupecek
Some Danger Involved - Thomas, WillErin Bulman
Some welcome home - Wildwind, SharonPatricia Turnbull
Something's Fishy in Palm Springs - Hollstein, Michelle AnnMichelle Hollstein
Sorrow On Sunday - Purser, AnnLynn
Soul Patch - Coleman, Reed FarrelLucinda Surber
South of hell - Parrish, P. J.Ellen
South of Hell - Parrish, P. J.Joan Huston
South of Hell - Parrish, P. J.Karen Hall
South Of Hell - Parrish, P. J.Mary Ellen Hughes
Sparkling Cyanide - Christie, AgathaCarole Shmurak
Special Topics In Calamity Physics - Pessl, MarishaBonnie Rauscher
Special Topics In Calamity Physics - Pessl, MarishaLaura Andersen
Stalked - Freeman, BrianKaye Barley
Stalking Death - Flora, KateMargaret Franson
Stalking Death - Flora, KateSusan Mueller
Stalking the Angel - Crais, RobertCaryn St. Clair
State Of The Onion - Hyzy, JulieCarol Noreen
State Of The Onion - Hyzy, JulieCheryl Gillis
State Of The Onion - Hyzy, JulieEllen
State Of The Onion - Hyzy, JulieFred Yoder
State Of The Onion - Hyzy, JulieShirley McLean
State of the Union - Thor, BradKimberly Andrew
Statute of Limitations - Havill, Steven F.J.M. ""Mike"" Hayes
Stealing The Dragon - Maleeny, TimSuzanne Epstein
Stiffs And Swines - Stanley, J.B.Lois Hirt
Still Life - Penny, LouiseAndi Davis
Still Life - Penny, LouiseHelen Nelson
Still Life - Penny, LouiseJulia Clarke
Still Life - Penny, LouiseLaura Andersen
Still Life - Penny, LouiseMarlene Kondelik
Still Life - Penny, LouisePatricia Turnbull
Still Life with Devils - Grabien, DeborahLJ Roberts
Stitches in Time - Michaels, BarbaraTheresa de Valence
Stone Cold - Baldacci, DavidMargaret Franson
Stone Cold - Baldacci, DavidShirley McLean
Stone Cold - Parker, Robert B.Larry
Stone Quarry - Rozan, SJJim Jackson
Stormy weather - Woods, Paula L.Lois Reibach
Stranger in Paradise - Parker, Robert B.Annette Mahon
Strangers in Death - Robb, JDJim Jackson
Strangers In Death - Robb, JDJulie Burns
Strip For Murder - Prather, Richard SDonna
Suffer the Little Children - Leon, DonnaLucy Trimble
Sugartown - Estleman, Loren D.Lucinda Surber
Summer of the Big Bachi - Hirahara, NaomiCindy Maher
Summer of the Big Bachi - Hirahara, NaomiPat Browning
Swan Peak - Burke, James LeeEllen
Swan Peak - Burke, James LeeJoyce Delaney
Swan Peak - Burke, James LeeKaye Barley
Sweeping Up Glass - Wall, Carolyn D.LJ Roberts
Sweet Love - Cooper, NatashaEdie Embler
Sweet Love - Strohmeyer, SarahCindy Maher
Sweet Man is Gone - Ehrhart, PeggyMarcie Mack
Sweetheart - Cain, ChelseaCaroline Upcher