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NEVER GO BACK by Robert Goddard

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 29 July 2016

As a lover of crime fiction, it’s perfectly believable that an amateur finds herself knee deep in intrigue. In some mysteries, it’s uncanny (and unrealistic) how suddenly an amateur gets embroiled in yet another murder investigation. But, one argues, some crime must be discovered by amateurs. In real life, how would this work?

A friend found a slow beginning in NEVER GO BACK by Robert Goddard ©2006. Not I. I loved this story. Piece by piece the author lays down a snippet, another small tale. Men have died, some long ago. Not too surprisingly, another one does. It takes a long time to know if a death is just a death, or a crime.

In 1955 fifteen soldiers took part in a military operation at a Scottish castle commandeered by the Royal Air Force. In the modern day, some plan a reunion at the same castle. Harry Bennett, our protagonist, accidentally discovers the reunion and is swept along with the crowd to Scotland.

The story takes place in the present, but we see flashes of the past as Harry uncovers fragments of his memories. These lead him to question his fellow soldiers and their families. He doesn’t understand what he’s discovering, and he can’t quite believe it. The police don’t believe him either.

It’s a leisurely journey of many tales, seemingly unrelated, but every small diversion matters.

What a fabulous story!

If you’re one of those people who like a Cast of Characters, you’ll find an easily downloadable one here on this page. Or write to me and I’ll email it to you. In case you’ve never heard why I think ALL authors should add a Cast of Characters every time, here’s my reasons:

by Robert Goddard
Published by Bantam Dell
, a division of Random House

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