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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 25 June 2014

Yowzers, what a story! NERVE DAMAGE by Tom Combs is an absorbing read. I was leaving town the next day but almost didn't pack in daylight because I was too interested in reading the story—mismatched socks will be your fault, Tom!

Drake Cody, ER physician at Hennepin-North Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is delivered by helicopter to a drowning victim. She is the wife of Jon Malar, a fellow physician, research partner and friend. She is also the lawyer for their nascent research drug. Drake is afraid Jon won’t have the heart to keep up with their current research, but it gets worse when he becomes the prime suspect. Meanwhile other parties clamour for the promise of wealth. Soon hurt feelings and secrets converge with obsessions and criminal activity until it’s hard to distinguish who are the good guys and who will win.

NERVE DAMAGE is compelling and satisfying.

by Tom Combs
© 2014
Published by Evoke Publishing

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