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L - N . . . Submitters with Titles (2008)

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 07 February 2009

DorothyL members submitted lists of favourite books read in 2008. This is one of the reports which can only be seen by authenticated users.

Comments are welcome. :)

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LarryA Perfect Grave - Mofina, Rick
LarryAll The Pretty Girls - Ellison, J. T.
LarryAnother Man's Moccasins - Johnson, Craig
LarryBlood Hollow - Krueger, William Kent
LarryBoundary Waters - Krueger, William Kent
LarryCypress Grove - Sallis, James
LarryDarkness Take My Hand - Lehane, Dennis
LarryDeath Without Company - Johnson, Craig
LarryDesert Cut - Webb, Betty
LarryDown River - Hart, John
LarryIron Lake - Krueger, William Kent
LarryKindness Goes Unpunished - Johnson, Craig
LarryL. A. Outlaws - Parker, T. Jefferson
LarryMaster Of The Delta - Cook, Thomas H.
LarryResolution - Parker, Robert B.
LarrySmall Crimes - Zelterserman, Dave
LarryStone Cold - Parker, Robert B.
LarryThe Cold Dish - Johnson, Craig
LarryThe Face Of Death - Mcfadyen, Cody
LarryThe Killer Inside Me - Thompson, Jim
LarryThe King Of Lies - Hart, John
LarryThe Pardon - Grippando, James
Laura AndersenCareless In Red - George, Elizabeth
Laura AndersenField Of Darkness - Read, Cornelia
Laura AndersenIn The Woods - French, Tana
Laura AndersenNew England White - Carter, Stephen
Laura AndersenSpecial Topics In Calamity Physics - Pessl, Marisha
Laura AndersenStill Life - Penny, Louise
Laura AndersenThe Cold Dish - Johnson, Craig
Laura AndersenThe Laughter Of Dead Kings - Peters, Elizabeth
Laura AndersenTouchstone - King, Laurie R.
Laura AndersenVarious Haunts Of Men - Hill, Susan
Laura CooperA Perfect Evil - Kava, Alex
Laura CooperEasy Innocence - Hellmann, Libby Fischer
Laura CooperJar City - Indridason, Arnaldur
Laura CooperThe Two Minute Rule - Crais, Robert
Laura CooperThe Virgin of Small Plains - Pickard, Nancy
Laurie SmithA Cure for All Diseases - Hill, Reginald
Laurie SmithA Very Private Enterprise - Ironside, Elizabeth
Laurie SmithCold in Hand - Harvey, John
Laurie SmithDeath in the Morning - Radley, Sheila
Laurie SmithDoors Open - Rankin, Ian
Laurie SmithHalf Broken Things - Morag, Joss
Laurie SmithShooting in the Dark - Hougan, Carolyn
Laurie SmithThe Accomplice - Ironside, Elizabeth
Laurie SmithThe Long Close Call - Martin, J. Wallis
Laurie SmithThe Private Patient - James, P. D.
Laurie SmithThe Secret Hangman - Lovesey, Peter
Laurie SmithWhen Will There Be Good News - Atkinson, Kate
Laurie SmithWhere Memories Lie - Crombie, Deborah
Lesa HolstineBlood of the Wicked - Gage, Leighton
Lesa HolstineDeath Will Get You Sober - Zelvin, Elizabeth
Lesa HolstineHail to the Chef - Hyzy, Julie
Lesa HolstineHell Hole - Grabenstein, Chris
Lesa HolstineKing of the Holly Hop - Roberts, Les
Lesa HolstineRubicon - Alexander, Lawrence
Lesa HolstineSmall Favor - Butcher, Jim
Lesa HolstineThe Anteater of Death - Webb, Betty
Lesa HolstineThe Crossroads - Grabenstein, Chris
Lesa HolstineThe Cruellest Month - Penny, Louise
Lesa HolstineThe Fault Tree - Ure, Louise
Lesa HolstineThe Fourth Time is Murder - Havill, Stephen
Lesa HolstineWhat Burns Within - Ruttan, Sandra
Lesa HolstineWhite Nights - Cleeves, Ann
Linda GerberA Rule Against Murder - Penny, Louise
Linda GerberChameleon's Shadow - Walters, Minette
Linda GerberCure for Night - Peacock, Justin
Linda GerberDamnation Falls - Wright, Edward
Linda GerberDeath's Half Acre - Maron, Margaret
Linda GerberEnvy the Night - Koryta, Michael
Linda GerberMaster Of The Delta - Cook, Thomas H.
Linda GerberThe Calling - Wolfe, Inger Ash
Linda GerberThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (orig '05) - Larsson, Stieg
Linda GerberThe Price of Butcher's Meat - Hill, Reginald
Linda GerberThe Redbreast - Nesbo, Jo
Linda GerberTouchstone - King, Laurie R.
Linda GerberVows of Silence - Hill, Susan
Linda GerberWhere Memories Lie - Crombie, Deborah
Linda GerberWhite Nights - Cleeves, Ann
linda kupecekIt Happened One Knife - Cohen, Jeffrey
linda kupecekSoldier on the Porch - Wildwind, Sharon
linda kupecekThe Murder Stone (aka A Rule Against Murder) - Penny, Louise
LizDeath Will Get You Sober - Zelvin, Elizabeth
LizI Shall Not Want - Spencer-Fleming, Julia
LizKindness Goes Unpunished - Johnson, Craig
LizLie Down With The Devil - Barnes, Linda
LizThe Likeness - French, Tana
LizThe Pearl Diver - Massey, Sujata
LizTouchstone - King, Laurie R.
LizWolfsbane And Mistletoe - Harris/Kelner, Charlaine/Toni
LJ RobertsA Moment of Silence - Dean, Anna
LJ RobertsAcqua Alta - Leon, Donna
LJ RobertsAnother Man's Moccasins - Johnson, Craig
LJ RobertsBlackman's Coffin - De Castrique, Mark
LJ RobertsBlue Heaven - Box, C. J.
LJ RobertsBuckingham Palace Gardens - Perry, Anne
LJ RobertsCold in Hand - Harvey, John
LJ RobertsCompany of Liars - Maitland, Karen
LJ RobertsEmpty Ever After - Coleman, Reed Farrel
LJ RobertsEnvy the Night - Koryta, Michael
LJ RobertsExit Music - Rankin, Ian
LJ RobertsFolly - King, Laurie R.
LJ RobertsLOST (aka The Drowning Man) - Robotham, Michael
LJ RobertsM.I.A. - Dymmoch, Michael Allen
LJ RobertsMadman on a Drum - Housewright, David
LJ RobertsMatty Groves - Grabien, Deborah
LJ RobertsRapscallion - McGee, James
LJ RobertsRevelation - Sansom, C.J.
LJ RobertsSanctuary - Bruen, Ken
LJ RobertsSilks - Francis, Dick & Felix
LJ RobertsStill Life with Devils - Grabien, Deborah
LJ RobertsSweeping Up Glass - Wall, Carolyn D.
LJ RobertsThe Birth of Blue Satan - Wynn, Patricia
LJ RobertsThe Book Thief - Zusak, Marcus
LJ RobertsThe Brass Verdict - Connelly, Michael
LJ RobertsThe City of Falling Angels - Berendt, John
LJ RobertsThe Drifter's Wheel - DePoy, Phillip
LJ RobertsThe Faithful Dead - Clare, Alys
LJ RobertsThe Iron Tongue of Midnight - Myers, Beverle Graves
LJ RobertsThe Last Troubadour - Armstrong, Derek
LJ RobertsThe Motive From the Dead - Wynn, Patricia
LJ RobertsThe Murder Stone (aka A Rule Against Murder) - Penny, Louise
LJ RobertsThe Redemption of Alexander Seaton - MacLean, Shona
LJ RobertsThe Vanished - Pronzini, Bill
LJ RobertsThe Winter Sea - Kearsley, Susanna
LJ RobertsWhen Will There Be Good News - Atkinson, Kate
Lois HirtDivine Justice - Baldacci, David
Lois HirtHardly Knew Her - Lippman, Laura
Lois HirtMurder On The Cape Fear - Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth
Lois HirtMurder Packs A Suitcase - Baxter, Cynthia
Lois HirtNorth Florida Noir - Lister, Michael
Lois HirtSnake Dreams - Doss, James D.
Lois HirtStiffs And Swines - Stanley, J.B.
Lois HirtThe Girl In The Green Raincoat - Lippman, Laura
Lois HirtThe Tales Of Beedle The Bard - Rowling, J.K.
Lois ReibachBad luck and trouble - Child, Lee
Lois ReibachCover-Up - Feinstein, John
Lois ReibachDisturbing the dead - Parshall, Sandra
Lois ReibachHard row - Maron, Margaret
Lois ReibachHarry Potter and the deathly hallows* - Rowling, J.K.
Lois ReibachHarry Potter and the half-blood prince* - Rowling, J.K.
Lois ReibachHungry Ghosts - Dunlap, Susan
Lois ReibachLegally dead - Buchanan, Edna
Lois ReibachLie Down With The Devil - Barnes, Linda
Lois ReibachOh Danny boy - Bowen, Rhys
Lois ReibachPeople of the Book - Brooks, Geraldine
Lois ReibachPeter and the secret of Rundoon - Barry, Dave
Lois ReibachPrime Time - Ryan, Hank Phillippi
Lois ReibachStormy weather - Woods, Paula L.
Lois ReibachTo Darkness and To Death - Spencer-Fleming, Julia
Lois ReibachVanishing Act - Feinstein, John
Lucinda SurberA Cold Day in Paradise - Hamilton, Steve
Lucinda SurberA Grave in Gaza - Rees, Matt Benyon
Lucinda SurberBig Red Tequila - Riorden, Rick
Lucinda SurberBoundary Waters - Krueger, William Kent
Lucinda SurberCase Histories - Atkinson, Kate
Lucinda SurberHamlet?s Revenge! - Innes, Michael
Lucinda SurberHit Man - Block, Lawrence
Lucinda SurberLonely Hearts - Harvey, John
Lucinda SurberMessenger of Truth - Winspear, Jacqueline
Lucinda SurberMoonlight Downs (aka Diamond Dove) - Hyland, Adrian
Lucinda SurberMotherless Booklyn - Lethem, Jonathan
Lucinda SurberOpen and Shut - Rosenfelt, David
Lucinda SurberSalt River - Sallis, James
Lucinda SurberSeeking Whom He May Devour - Vargas, Fred
Lucinda SurberSilence of the Grave - Indridason, Arnaldur
Lucinda SurberSlip Of The Knife - Mina, Denise
Lucinda SurberSoul Patch - Coleman, Reed Farrel
Lucinda SurberSugartown - Estleman, Loren D.
Lucinda SurberThe Crazy School - Read, Cornelia
Lucinda SurberThe Guards - Bruen, Ken
Lucinda SurberThe Telling of Lies - Findley, Timothy
Lucinda SurberThe Water Room - Fowler, Christopher
Lucinda SurberThe Wrong Kind of Blood - Hughes, Declan
Lucinda SurberThirty-Three Teeth - Cotterill, Colin
Lucinda SurberWhat's the Worst that Could Happen? - Westlake, Donald
Lucy TrimbleAlehouse Murders - Ash, Maureen
Lucy TrimbleHandshape - Jennings, Maureen
Lucy TrimbleMurder Never Forgets - O'Hehir, Diana
Lucy TrimblePenguin who knew too much - Andrews, Donna
Lucy TrimbleRainaldi Quartet - Adam, Paul
Lucy TrimbleRaven Black - Cleeves, Ann
Lucy TrimbleSuffer the Little Children - Leon, Donna
Lucy TrimbleT Is For Trespass - Grafton, Sue
Lucy TrimbleThe Traitor's Tale - Frazer, Margaret
Lynn24 Hours - Iles, Greg
LynnAn Angel To Die For - Ballard, Mignon F
LynnBaby Shark's High Plains Redemption - Fate, Robert
LynnCircle Of Wolves - Wilson, Karen Ann
LynnClubbed To Death - Viets, Elaine
LynnCuriosity Killed The Cat Sitter - Clement, Blaize
LynnDeath Gets A Time Out - Waldman, Ayelet
LynnDeath With An Ocean View - Charles, Nora
LynnDog Gone - Key, Eileen
LynnGetting Old Is To Die For - Lakin, Rita
LynnHooked On Murder - Hechtman, Betty
LynnI'll Be Seeing You - Clark, Mary Higgins
LynnMurder At The Monk's Table - O'Marie, Carol Anne
LynnMurder At The Pta Luncheon - Wolzien, Valerie
LynnMurder Checks Inn - Myers, Tim
LynnRepair To Her Grave - Graves, Sarah
LynnSorrow On Sunday - Purser, Ann
LynnThe Cranefly Orchid Murders - Riggs, Cynthia
LynnThe Ghostway - Hillerman, Tony
LynnWhen The Wind Blows - Saul, John
Marcie MackA Carrion Death - Stanley, Michael
Marcie MackAnother Man's Moccasins - Johnson, Craig
Marcie MackBaby Shark's High Plains Redemption - Fate, Robert
Marcie MackBlackman's Coffin - De Castrique, Mark
Marcie MackCool Cache - Smiley, Patricia
Marcie MackDeath Rites - Gimenez-Bartlett, Alicia
Marcie MackDeath Will Get You Sober - Zelvin, Elizabeth
Marcie MackEnvy the Night - Koryta, Michael
Marcie MackExile Trust - O'Neil, Vincent H.
Marcie MackFractured - Slaughter, Karin
Marcie MackGod's Spy - Gomez-Jurado, Juan
Marcie MackHeat Lightning - Sandford, John
Marcie MackHell Hole - Grabenstein, Chris
Marcie MackI Shall Not Want - Spencer-Fleming, Julia
Marcie MackL. A. Outlaws - Parker, T. Jefferson
Marcie MackLeather Maiden - Lansdale, Joe R.
Marcie MackMemory of a Murder - Staggs, Earl
Marcie MackMind's Eye - Nesser, Hakan
Marcie MackSlient in the Sanctuary - Raybourn, Deanna
Marcie MackSweet Man is Gone - Ehrhart, Peggy
Marcie MackThe Brass Verdict - Connelly, Michael
Marcie MackThe Curse of the Pogo Stick - Cotterill, Colin
Marcie MackThe Drifter's Wheel - DePoy, Phillip
Marcie MackThe Night Stalker - Swain, James
Marcie MackThe September Society - Finch, Charles
Margaret FransonDead Time - White, Stephen
Margaret FransonDevil Bones - Reichs, Kathy
Margaret FransonEven Cat Sitters Get the Blues - Clement, Blaize
Margaret FransonI Shall Not Want - Spencer-Fleming, Julia
Margaret FransonJudas Horse - Smith, April
Margaret FransonLie Down With The Devil - Barnes, Linda
Margaret FransonPerson of Interest - Schwegel, Theresa
Margaret FransonStalking Death - Flora, Kate
Margaret FransonStone Cold - Baldacci, David
Margaret FransonThe Blood Ballad - MacPherson, Rett
Margaret FransonThe Bordeaux Betrayal - Crosby, Ellen
Margaret FransonThree Shirt Deal - Cannell, Stephen
Margaret FransonWinter Study - Barr, Nevada
Marilyn MeredithA River To Die For - Nehring, Radine Trees
Marilyn MeredithBrother Odd - Koontz, Dean
Marilyn MeredithCimarron Rose - Burke, James Lee
Marilyn MeredithCity for Ransom - Walker, Robert
Marilyn MeredithCold Case - Burcell, Robin
Marilyn MeredithRed Knife - Krueger, William Kent
Marilyn MeredithThe Given Day - Lehane, Dennis
Mark BakerFeint of Art - Lind, Hailey
Mark BakerGoody Goody Gunshots - Carter, Sammi
Mark BakerHell for the Holidays - Grabenstein, Chris
Mark BakerIt Happened One Knife - Cohen, Jeffrey
Mark BakerKilling Bridezilla - Levine, Laura
Mark BakerMum's the Word - Collins, Kate
Mark BakerThe Clockwork Teddy - Lamb, John J.
Marlene KondelikA Judgement in Stone - Rendell, Ruth
Marlene KondelikIn The Woods - French, Tana
Marlene KondelikMark of the Lion - Arruda, Suzanne
Marlene KondelikMaster Of The Delta - Cook, Thomas H.
Marlene KondelikStill Life - Penny, Louise
Marlene KondelikThe Fire - Neville, Katherine
Marlene KondelikThe Laughter of Dead Kings - Peters, Elizabeth
Marlene KondelikThe Private Patient - James, P. D.
Marlene KondelikWhat The Dead Know - Lippman, Laura
Marlene KondelikWhere Memories Lie - Crombie, Deborah
Marlyn BeebeAnother Thing to Fall - Lippman, Laura
Marlyn BeebeFriend Of The Devil - Robinson, Peter
Marlyn BeebeIn The Woods - French, Tana
Marlyn BeebeNo One You Know - Richmond, Michelle
Marlyn BeebePeople of the Book - Brooks, Geraldine
Marlyn BeebeThe Crazy School - Read, Cornelia
Marlyn BeebeThe Heroines - Favorite, Eileen
Marlyn BeebeThe Lace Reader - Barry, Brunonia
Marlyn BeebeThe Price of Butcher's Meat - Hill, Reginald
Marlyn BeebeThe Writing Class - Willett, Jincy
Marlyn BeebeWhere Memories Lie - Crombie, Deborah
Mary Ellen HughesDefending Angels - Stanton, Mary
Mary Ellen HughesDouble Dog Dare - Johnston, Linda
Mary Ellen HughesDuma Key - King, Stephen
Mary Ellen HughesGhost At Work - Hart, Carolyn G.
Mary Ellen HughesLast Post - Barnard, Robert
Mary Ellen HughesMaster Of The Delta - Cook, Thomas H.
Mary Ellen HughesPaper-thin Alibi - Hughes, Mary Ellen
Mary Ellen HughesSouth Of Hell - Parrish, P. J.
Mary Ellen HughesThe Glass Of Time - Cox, Michael
Mary Ellen HughesWhere Memories Lie - Crombie, Deborah
Melanie AntonA Beautiful Blue Death - Finch, Charles
Melanie AntonA Fatal Waltz - Alexander, Tasha
Melanie AntonClosed Circle - Goddard, Robert
Melanie AntonDead Romantic - Brett, Simon
Melanie AntonGame Over - Harrod-Eagles, CynthiA
Melanie AntonGlass On The Stairs - Scherf, Margaret
Melanie AntonKiller Heat - Fairstein, Linda
Melanie AntonLast Rituals - Sigurdardottir, Yrsa
Melanie AntonOut Of The Deep I Cry - Spencer-Fleming, Julia
Melanie AntonRaven Black - Cleeves, Ann
Melanie AntonSilent In The Sanctuary - Raybourn, Deanna
Melanie AntonThe Anatomy Of Deception - Goldstone, Lawrence
Melanie AntonThe Arsenic Labyrinth - Edwards, Martin
Melanie AntonThe Doorbell Rang - Stout, Rex
Melanie AntonThe Drowning Tree - Goodman, Carol
Melanie AntonThe Headhunters - Lovesey, Peter
Melanie AntonThe Lady In The Lake - Chandler, Raymond
Melanie AntonThis Night's Foul Work - Vargas, Fred
Melanie AntonWash This Blood Clean From My Hand - Vargas, Fred
Melanie AntonWhere There's A Will - Elkins, Aaron
Meredith PhillipsA Question Of Death (Short Stories) - Greenwood, Kerry
Meredith PhillipsA Royal Pain - Bowen, Rhys
Meredith PhillipsAn Expert In Murder - Upson, Nicola
Meredith PhillipsAn Incomplete Revenge - Winspear, Jacqueline
Meredith PhillipsBlood At The Bookies - Brett, Simon
Meredith PhillipsBuried Too Deep - Finnis, Jane
Meredith PhillipsDeath Was The Other Woman - Richards, Linda L.
Meredith PhillipsDevil May Care - Foulkes, Sabastian
Meredith PhillipsFever - Pronzini, Bill
Meredith PhillipsHeavenly Pleasures - Greenwood, Kerry
Meredith PhillipsHungry Ghosts - Dunlap, Susan
Meredith PhillipsI Shall Not Want - Spencer-Fleming, Julia
Meredith PhillipsQueen Of The Flowers - Greenwood, Kerry
Meredith PhillipsShimura Trouble - Massey, Sujata
Meredith PhillipsSilks - Francis, Dick & Felix
Meredith PhillipsTell Me Pretty Maiden - Bowen, Rhys
Meredith PhillipsThe Blood Of Caesar - Bell, Albert
Meredith PhillipsThe Headhunters - Lovesey, Peter
Meredith PhillipsThe Last Embrace - Hamilton, Denise
Meredith PhillipsThe Serpent's Tale - Franklin, Ariana
Meredith PhillipsThe Triumph Of Caesar - Saylor, Stephen
Meredith PhillipsTouchstone - King, Laurie R.
Meredith PhillipsUneasy Relations - Elkins, Aaron
Meredith PhillipsWhere Memories Lie - Crombie, Deborah
Meredith PhillipsWinter In Madrid - Sansom, C.J.
Michael ShererBangkok Haunts - Burdett, John
Michael ShererCompulsion - Kellerman, Jonathan
Michael ShererHolmes On The Range - Hockensmith, Steven
Michael ShererIsland Life - Sherer, Michael W.
Michael ShererSliver of Truth - Unger, Lisa
Michael ShererSnitch Jacket - Goffard, Christopher
Michael ShererThe Crime Writer - Hurwitz, Gregg
Michael ShererThe First Wave - Benn, James R.
Michael ShererThe Snake Stone - Goodwin, Jason
Michael ShererTropic of Night - Gruber, Michael
Michelle HollsteinA Bone to Pick - Harris, Charlaine
Michelle HollsteinDeadly Withdrawal - Hollstein, Michelle Ann
Michelle HollsteinDiagnosis Murder: The Death Merchant - Goldberg, Lee
Michelle HollsteinGrinning in His Mashed Potatoes - Mosely, Margaret
Michelle HollsteinHe Sees You When You're Sleeping - Higgins Clark, Mary & Carol
Michelle HollsteinHoneymoon - Patterson, James
Michelle HollsteinIsland Life - Sherer, Michael W.
Michelle HollsteinMaid in Heaven - Hollstein, Michelle Ann
Michelle HollsteinMetro Girl: Alex Barnaby Series - Evanovich, Janet
Michelle HollsteinMr. Monk Goes to Germany - Goldberg, Lee
Michelle HollsteinMr. Monk in Outer Space - Goldberg, Lee
Michelle HollsteinMrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle - Gilman, Dorothy
Michelle HollsteinSilver Anniversary Murder - Harris, Lee
Michelle HollsteinSomething's Fishy in Palm Springs - Hollstein, Michelle Ann
Michelle HollsteinTwilight - Meyer, Stephanie
Michelle HollsteinVisions of Sugar Plums - Evanovich, Janet
MysAnitaHell Hole - Grabenstein, Chris
MysAnitaThe Draining Lake - Indridason, arnaldur
N. J. LindquistA Taste for Death - James, P. D.
N. J. LindquistDelete All Suspects - Andrews, Donna
N. J. LindquistHelen Has No Fury - Roberts, Gillian
N. J. LindquistLetters from Home - Hart, Carolyn G.
N. J. LindquistMemories are Murder - Allin, Lou
N. J. LindquistMiss Zukas and the Library Murders - Derske, Jo
N. J. LindquistRoad Rage - Rendell, Ruth
N. J. LindquistShoot the Lawyer Twice - Bowen , Michael A.
N. J. LindquistThe Cold Dish - Johnson, Craig
N. J. LindquistWhen Hell Freezes Over - Blechta, Rick
nancy martinAntiques Flee Market - Allan, Barbara
nancy martinMurder Melts in Your Mouth - Martin, Nancy
nancy martinQuick Study - Barbieri, Maggie
nancy martinToo Pretty to Die - McBride, Susan
nancy martinWorking Stiff - Carrington, Tori
NehringA River To Die For - Nehring, Radine Trees
NehringAbsinthe Of Malice - Browning, Pat
NehringBlinded By Darkness - Burton, Tony
NehringKindred Spirits - Meredith, Marilyn
NehringMalice In Mexico - Wigglesworth, Gayle
NehringMemory Of A Murder - Staggs, Earl
Nikki StrandskovAn Incomplete Revenge - Winspear, Jacqueline
Nikki StrandskovCase Histories - Atkinson, Kate
Nikki StrandskovCity of Shadows - Franklin , Ariana
Nikki StrandskovHell Hole - Grabenstein, Chris
Nikki StrandskovI Shall Not Want - Spencer-Fleming, Julia
Nikki StrandskovRock & Roll Never Forgets - Grabien, Deborah
Nikki StrandskovSigns in the Blood - Lane, Vicki
Nikki StrandskovThe Book of Air and Shadows - Gruber, Michael
Nikki StrandskovThe First Wave - Benn, James R.
Nikki StrandskovTo Dream of the Dead - Rickman, Phil
Nina WellsCareless In Red - George, Elizabeth
Nina WellsDakota - Grimes, Martha
Nina WellsDrop edge of yonder - Casey, Donis
Nina WellsHard row - Maron, Margaret
Nina WellsHoly Moly - Rehder, Ben
Nina WellsIn The Woods - French, Tana
Nina WellsIrish tiger - Greeley, Andrew
Nina WellsShadows and lies - Eccles, Marjorie
Nina WellsThe Private Patient - James, P. D.
Nina WellsWidow's curse - DePoy, Phillip