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I - K . . . Submitters with Titles (2008)

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 07 February 2009

DorothyL members submitted lists of favourite books read in 2008. This is one of the reports which can only be seen by authenticated users.

Comments are welcome. :)

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J.M. ""Mike"" HayesBy the Time You Read This - Blunt, Giles
J.M. ""Mike"" HayesDeath Comes for the Fat Man - Hill, Reginald
J.M. ""Mike"" HayesEmpire of Lies - Klavan, Andrew
J.M. ""Mike"" HayesInvisible Prey - Sandford, John
J.M. ""Mike"" HayesNo Time for Goodbye - Barclay, Linwood
J.M. ""Mike"" HayesPreaching to the Corpse - Isleib, Roberta
J.M. ""Mike"" HayesSaving Room for Desert - Constantine, K.C.
J.M. ""Mike"" HayesStatute of Limitations - Havill, Steven F.
J.M. ""Mike"" HayesThe Final Country - Crumley, James
J.M. ""Mike"" HayesThe Turnaround - Pelecanos, George
Janet CearleyBound By Blood - Nelson, Rick
Janet CearleyDamnation Falls - Wright, Edward
Janet CearleyHell Hole - Grabenstein, Chris
Janet CearleyIn a Dark Season - Lane, Vicki
Janet CearleyIn The Wind - Fister, Barbara
Janet CearleyMaster Of The Delta - Cook, Thomas H.
Janet CearleyMighty Old Bones - Saums, Mary
Janet CearleyRed Knife - Krueger, William Kent
Janet CearleySkeleton Lake - Doogan, Mike
Janet CearleyThe Murder Stone (aka A Rule Against Murder) - Penny, Louise
Janice DoxtatorBorderlands - McGilloway, Brian
Janice DoxtatorCold in Hand - Harvey, John
Janice DoxtatorSkeleton Lake - Doogan, Mike
Janice DoxtatorSlip of the Knife - Mina, Denise
Janice DoxtatorThe Big Both Ways - Straley, John
Janice DoxtatorThe Fault Tree - Ure, Louise
Janice DoxtatorThe Price of Butcher's Meat - Hill, Reginald
Janice DoxtatorThis Night's Foul Work - Vargas, Fred
Janice DoxtatorVoices - Indridason, Arnaldur
Jayne BarnardAunt Dimity's Christmas - Atherton, Nancy
Jayne BarnardDead Ex - Kozak, Harley Jane
Jayne BarnardFree Reign - Aubert, Rosemary
Jayne BarnardIn Like Flynn - Bowen, Rhys
Jayne BarnardJester Leaps In - Gordon, Alan
Jayne BarnardMasquerade - Satterthwait, Walter
Jayne BarnardMatricide At St Martha's - Edwards, Ruth Dudley
Jayne BarnardMurder Melts In Your Mouth - Martin, Nancy
Jayne BarnardSilent In The Sanctuary - Raybourn, Deanna
Jayne BarnardThe Age Of Dreaming - Revoyr, Nina
Jayne BarnardThe Dead Don't Get Out Much - Maffini, Mary Jane
Jayne BarnardThe Harper's Quine - Mcintosh, Pat
Jayne BarnardThe Iron Tongue of Midnight - Myers, Beverle Graves
Jayne BarnardThe Spellman Files - Lutz, Lisa
JeanneCries and Whiskers - Simon, Clea
JeanneDead Beat - Butcher, Jim
JeanneThe Good Husband of Zebra Drive - McCall-Smith, Alexander
Jeffrey CohenBaby Shark's High Plains Redemption - Fate, Robert
Jeffrey CohenHell Hole - Grabenstein, Chris
Jeffrey CohenI Shall Not Want - Spencer-Fleming, Julia
Jeffrey CohenPushing Up Daisies - Harris, Rosemary
Jeffrey CohenThe Crazy School - Read, Cornelia
Jeffrey CohenThe Hanged Man - Skibbins, David
Jen WendelChasing Darkness - Crais, Robert
Jen WendelDeath in the Garden - Ironside, Elizabeth
Jen WendelFull Dark House - Fowler, Christopher
Jen WendelGuards - Bruen, Ken
Jen WendelHold Tight - Coben, Harlan
Jen WendelIn The Woods - French, Tana
Jen WendelIn The Woods - French, Tana
Jen WendelThe Private Patient - James, P. D.
Jen WendelThe Reapers - Connolly, John
Jen WendelThe Virgin of Small Plains - Pickard, Nancy
Jennifer ForbusA Carrion Death - Stanley, Michael
Jennifer ForbusAngel's Tip - Burke, Alafair
Jennifer ForbusBrother - Fredericks, James
Jennifer ForbusChasing Darkness - Crais, Robert
Jennifer ForbusEnvy the Night - Koryta, Michael
Jennifer ForbusK.I.A. - Holland, Thomas
Jennifer ForbusMad Mouse - Grabenstein, Chris
Jennifer ForbusMistress Of The Art Of Death - Franklin , Ariana
Jennifer ForbusOne Drop of Blood - Holland, Thomas
Jennifer ForbusPower in the Blood - Lister, Michael
Jennifer ForbusShutter Island - Lehane, Dennis
Jennifer ForbusThe Book Thief - Zusak, Marcus
Jennifer ForbusThe Cold Dish - Johnson, Craig
Jennifer ForbusThe Crime Writer - Hurwitz, Gregg
Jennifer ForbusThe Fourth Watcher - Hallinan, Timothy
Jennifer ForbusTilt-A-Whirl - Grabenstein, Chris
Jennifer ForbusWhack-A-Mole - Grabenstein, Chris
Jim JacksonBlackman's Coffin - De Castrique, Mark
Jim JacksonDown River - Hart, John
Jim JacksonGentlemen & Players - Harris, Joanne
Jim JacksonIn the Company of Liars - Ellis, David
Jim JacksonL. A. Outlaws - Parker, T. Jefferson
Jim JacksonStone Quarry - Rozan, SJ
Jim JacksonStrangers in Death - Robb, JD
Jim JacksonThe Broken Window - Deaver, Jeffrey
Jim JacksonTrunk Music - Connelly, Michael
Jim JacksonWinter Study - Barr, Nevada
Joan Huston14 - Ellison, J. T.
Joan HustonBodies Left Behind - Deaver, Jeffrey
Joan HustonBoneyard - Gagnon, Michelle
Joan HustonDisturbing the Dead - Parshall, Sandra
Joan HustonFace Of A Killer - Burcell, Robin
Joan HustonFractured - Slaughter, Karin
Joan HustonHell Hole - Grabenstein, Chris
Joan HustonI Shall Not Want - Spencer-Fleming, Julia
Joan HustonPhantom Prey - Sandford, John
Joan HustonPrisoner of Birth - Archer, Jeffrey
Joan HustonSay Goodbye - Gardner, Lisa
Joan HustonShadow Man - McFadyen, Cody
Joan HustonSlip Of The Knife - Mina, Denise
Joan HustonSouth of Hell - Parrish, P. J.
Joan HustonThe Brass Verdict - Connelly, Michael
Joan HustonThe Cruellest Month - Penny, Louise
Joan HustonThe Price - Sokoloff, Alex
Joan HustonThe Spy Who Came for Christmas - Morrell, David
Joan HustonThe Tunnels - Gagnon, Michelle
Joan HustonThe Watchman - Crais, Robert
Joan HustonThree Shirt Deal - Cannell, Stephen
Joyce DelaneyAnother Man's Moccasins - Johnson, Craig
Joyce DelaneyBlue Heaven - Box, C. J.
Joyce DelaneyChasing Darkness - Crais, Robert
Joyce DelaneyI Shall Not Want - Spencer-Fleming, Julia
Joyce DelaneyRed Knife - Krueger, William Kent
Joyce DelaneySlip Of The Knife - Mina, Denise
Joyce DelaneySwan Peak - Burke, James Lee
Joyce DelaneyThe Brass Verdict - Connelly, Michael
Joyce DelaneyThe Calling - Wolfe, Inger Ash
Joyce DelaneyThe Dawn Patrol - Winslow, Don
Joyce DelaneyThe Turnaround - Pelecanos, George
Joyce DelaneyTouchstone - King, Laurie R.
JTTThe Girl Who Played with Fire - Larsson, Stieg
JTTThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (orig '05) - Larsson, Stieg
Judy BauschA Fatal Waltz - Alexander, Tasha
Judy BauschA Field of Darkness - Read, Cornelia
Judy BauschBaby Shark - Fate, Robert
Judy BauschChristietown - Kandel, Susan
Judy BauschCrooked - Wiprud, Brian
Judy BauschCue the Easter Bunny - Evans, Liz
Judy BauschDead Famous - O'Connell, Carol
Judy BauschForcing Amaryllis - Ure, Louise
Judy BauschHell Hole - Grabenstein, Chris
Judy BauschHer Royal Spyness - Bowen, Rhys
Judy BauschI Shall Not Want - Spencer-Fleming, Julia
Judy BauschNow May You Weep - Crombie, Deborah
Judy BauschPushing Up Daisies - Harris, Rosemary
Judy BauschSilent In The Sanctuary - Raybourn, Deanna
Judy BauschSliver of Truth - Unger, Lisa
Judy BauschThe Dirty Secrets Club - Gardiner, Meg
Judy BauschThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (orig '05) - Larsson, Stieg
Judy BauschThe September Society - Finch, Charles
Judy BauschThe Serpent's Tale - Franklin, Ariana
Judy BauschThe Spellman Files - Lutz, Lisa
Julia ClarkeA Carrion Death - Stanley, Michael
Julia ClarkeA deeper sleep - Stabenow, Dana
Julia ClarkeAnother Man's Moccasins - Johnson, Craig
Julia ClarkeBlue Heaven - Box, C. J.
Julia ClarkeBurn Out - Muller, Marcia
Julia ClarkeChasing Darkness - Crais, Robert
Julia ClarkeDead Time - White, Stephen
Julia ClarkeFlesh House - Macbride, Stuart
Julia ClarkeKiller Heat - Fairstein, Linda
Julia ClarkeKindness Goes Unpunished - Johnson, Craig
Julia ClarkeLast Embrace - Hamilton, Denise
Julia ClarkeNo wind of blame - Heyer, Georgette
Julia ClarkeStill Life - Penny, Louise
Julia ClarkeThe body in the snowdrift - Page, Katherine Hall
Julia ClarkeThe Brass Verdict - Connelly, Michael
Julia ClarkeThe Death Maze - Franklin , Ariana
Julia ClarkeThe Edith Wharton murders - Raphael, Lev
Julia ClarkeThe Eye Of Jade - Wei Liang, Diane
Julia ClarkeThe Fourth Time is Murder - Havill, Stephen
Julia ClarkeThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (orig '05) - Larsson, Stieg
Julia ClarkeThe Serpent's Tale - Franklin, Ariana
Julia ClarkeThe woman who rode to the moon - Johnson, Bett Reece
Julie BurnsFidelity - Perry, Thomas
Julie BurnsFolly - King, Laurie R.
Julie BurnsFractured - Slaughter, Karin
Julie BurnsHold Tight - Coben, Harlan
Julie BurnsIn the Bleak Midwinter - Hall, Patricia
Julie BurnsNo Time For Goodbye - Barclay, Linwood
Julie BurnsShermans Creek - Hopkins, Ronald
Julie BurnsStrangers In Death - Robb, JD
Julie BurnsThe Cruellest Month - Penny, Louise
Julie BurnsThe Fault Tree - Ure, Louise
Julie BurnsThe Virgin of Small Plains - Pickard, Nancy
Karen BeckerBlackman's Coffin - De Castrique, Mark
Karen BeckerDeath's Half Acre - Maron, Margaret
Karen BeckerDragon and Judge - Zahn, Timothy
Karen BeckerThe Battle of the Labyrinth - Riorden, Rick
Karen BeckerThe Curse of the Pogo Stick - Cotterill, Colin
Karen BeckerThe Dawn Patrol - Winslow, Don
Karen BeckerThe Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - Schaffer, Ann
Karen BeckerThe Lottery - Wood, Patricia
Karen BeckerUsed and Rare - Goldstone, Lawrence
Karen HallHold Tight - Coben, Harlan
Karen HallRain Dogs - Doolittle, Sean
Karen HallSouth of Hell - Parrish, P. J.
Karen HallThe Case of the Greedy Lawyers - Brookins, Carl
Karen HallThe Cleanup - Doolittle, Sean
Karen HallThe Iron Girl - Hart, Ellen
Karen HallThe Keepsake - Gerritsen, Tess
Karen HallThe Woods - Coben, Harlan
Karen HallThunder Bay - Krueger, William Kent
Kathleen RainwaterA Christmas secret - Perry, Anne
Kathleen RainwaterA Royal Pain - Bowen, Rhys
Kathleen RainwaterAn incomplete revenge - Winspear, Jacqueline
Kathleen RainwaterDeath Swatch - Childs, Laura
Kathleen RainwaterFolly du jour - Cleverly, Barbara
Kathleen RainwaterFrill Kill - Childs, Laura
Kathleen RainwaterMurder in Miniature - Grace, Margaret
Kathleen RainwaterNo Graves Yet - Perry, Anne
Kathleen RainwaterShoulder the sky - Perry, Anne
Kathleen RainwaterSix Geese A-Slaying - Andrews, Donna
Kathleen RainwaterThe House on Tradd Street - White, Karen
Kathleen RainwaterTomb of Zeus - Cleverly, Barbara
Kathleen RainwaterToo dead to swing - Glatzer, Hal
Kathrin PBaby Shark - Fate, Robert
Kathrin PBlood Price - Huff, Tanya
Kathrin PCharmed To Death - Damsgaard, Shirley
Kathrin PCrucifix - Montanari, Richard
Kathrin PDying In Style - Viets, Elaine
Kathrin PDying To Be Thin - Lilley, Kathryn
Kathrin PPeggy Sue Got Murdered - Gerritsen, Tess
Kathrin PShadow Dance - Andersen, Susan
Kathrin PThe Afghan - Forsyth, Frederick
Kathrin PThe Maltese Falcon - Hammett, Dashiell
Kaye Barley14 - Ellison, J. T.
Kaye BarleyAnother Man's Moccasins - Johnson, Craig
Kaye BarleyAnother Thing to Fall - Lippman, Laura
Kaye BarleyBaby Shark's High Plains Redemption - Fate, Robert
Kaye BarleyBuried Lies - Rennebohm, Peter
Kaye BarleyDeath Will Get You Sober - Zelvin, Elizabeth
Kaye BarleyDeath's Half Acre - Maron, Margaret
Kaye BarleyFace Time - Ryan, Hank Phillippi
Kaye BarleyFriend Of The Devil - Robinson, Peter
Kaye BarleyIn a Dark Season - Lane, Vicki
Kaye BarleyKiller Heat - Fairstein, Linda
Kaye BarleyMighty Old Bones - Saums, Mary
Kaye BarleyPreaching to the Corpse - Isleib, Roberta
Kaye BarleyRed Knife - Krueger, William Kent
Kaye BarleySoldier on the Porch - Wildwind, Sharon
Kaye BarleyStalked - Freeman, Brian
Kaye BarleySwan Peak - Burke, James Lee
Kaye BarleyThe Black Hand - Thomas, Will
Kaye BarleyThe Cluttered Corpse - Maffini, Mary Jane
Kaye BarleyThe Cruellest Month - Penny, Louise
Kaye BarleyThe Drifter's Wheel - DePoy, Phillip
Kaye BarleyThe Fault Tree - Ure, Louise
Kaye BarleyThe Price - Sokoloff, Alex
Kaye BarleyThe Socorro Blast - Taichert, Pari Noskin
Kaye BarleyWhere Memories Lie - Crombie, Deborah
Kimberly AndrewCurse of the Spellmans - Lutz, Lisa
Kimberly AndrewExtreme Measures - Flynn, Vince
Kimberly AndrewEye of the Needle - Follett, Ken
Kimberly AndrewHell Hole - Grabenstein, Chris
Kimberly AndrewLover's Knot - O'Donohue, Clare
Kimberly AndrewMew is for Murder - Simon, Clea
Kimberly AndrewProtect and Defend - Flynn, Vince
Kimberly AndrewQuilt As Desired - Sachitano, Arlene
Kimberly AndrewState of the Union - Thor, Brad
Kristy MonteeLooking for Rachel Wallace - Parker, Robert B.
Kristy MonteeLush Life - Price, Richard
Kristy MonteeThe Scarlet Ruse - MacDonald, John D
Kristy MonteeThe Tinder Box - Walters, Minette