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THE GIRL WHO CRIED WOLF by Robert Ferrigno

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 29 September 2013

THE GIRL WHO CRIED WOLF by Robert Ferrigno is an outrageous, sardonic romp through the rainforests with idiots on both sides of the story’s moral watershed. It takes time to read 326 pages, so what one thinks about the characters changes, the bad- and good- guys mutate into something else.

Robert Ferrigno is a highly talented storyteller. He takes us derisively through preposterous ecological positions, then we burst out laughing, then we stumble upon something distressingly sad. Though he’s made the eco-terrorists a laughing stock, he manages to pull off some real appreciation for just how badly humans have endangered the earth. Lots of philosophical vignettes are jammed in there alongside tongue-in-cheek wacky characters who remain passionately self-centred.

THE GIRL WHO CRIED WOLF is a book one would like to keep thinking about. Unlike a physical book where one has the picture on the cover to contain one’s interaction with the story, an ebook provides only a glimpse at some artwork at the beginning; there’s nothing to focus one’s thoughts around, no image to ponder what it means about the parts unread, nothing to trigger memory later. For visual persons, this is a big drawback of ebooks; one hopes future ebook designers will develop ways to display the cover image each time the book is re-opened. This is a book which would benefit from such an anchor.

It’s sheer luck that I encountered Robert Ferrigno’s writing, but having done so, I’ll be back, again and again.

THE GIRL WHO CRIED WOLF is a wonderful, riveting story.

by Robert Ferrigno
© 2013
Published by Stairway Press, Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

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