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Best of 2012 books have been published!

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 10 February 2013

DorothyL is a 20+ year old mailing list which goes to ~3K addresses of people in ~25 countries who are interested in mystery, suspense, & crime fiction. Click DorothyL to start at the top of the DorothyL section on this site (i.e. the underlined and highlighted word). This link will give you some extra information about the group of DorothyLers.

Every year members of DorothyL post lists of their favourite books read in the prior year and we have a team of kindly volunteers to help get the job done. Click Best of 2012 DorothyL booklists or select the menu item "DorothyL" at the top of the screen to see 2011 and prior years.

Or, bookmark this link:

Hope you find some good books!