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2017 Title with Author (Copyright 2017 only) - Memorable Books on DorothyL

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 31 March 2018

Readers of DorothyL listserv posted memorable books read for the first time in 2017, see 2017 Summary for more information. There were 306 unique titles © 2017 listed. Short stories are listed with "[SS]" in the title. The count represents the number of times each author was cited:

Title with Author ©2017 only No. Cites
12 Angry Librarians - James, Miranda1
A Christmas Peril - HENNRIKUS, J A1
A Clash of Spheres - Chisholm, P. F.3
A Cold And Lonely Place - Henry, Sarah J.1
A Dark So Deadly - MacBride, Stuart2
A Darkness Absolute - Armstrong, Kelley1
A Deadly Fundraiser - Kennedy, Mary1
A Death By Any Other Name - Arlen, Tessa1
A Distant View of Everything - Smith, Alexander McCall1
A Fatal Collection - Hughes, Mary Ellen2
A Handful of Ashes - McCarthy, Rob1
A High Mortality of Doves - Ellis, Kate1
A Legacy of Spies - le Carre, John2
A Mystery At Carlton House - Gardner, Ashley1
A Perfect Manhattan Murder - Kiely, Tracy1
A Perilous Undertaking - Raybourn, Deanna1
A Shimmer of Hummingbirds - Burrows, Steve1
A Slight Deviation from the Mean [SS] - Oleksiw, Susan1
After Life - Sakey, Marcus1
After the Fire - Mankell, Henning2
All Murders Final - Harris, Sherry1
All Our Wrong Todays - Mastai, Elan1
Among the Dead: A Rachel Carver Mystery - Backlund, J.R.1
An Unconventional Mr. Peadlebody - Gardner, D.L.1
An Unsettling Crime for Samuel Craddock - Shames, Terry7
Another Man's Ground - Booth, Claire1
August Snow - Jones, Stephen Mack1
Aunt Dimity's And The Widow's Curse - Atherton, Nancy1
B Is For Bad Girls - Cantrell, Rebecca & Sean Black1
Bad Blood - McGilloway, Brian1
Bannerless - Vaughn, Carrie1
Beau Death - Lovesey, Peter1
Beauty Like The Night - Bourne, Joanna1
Before Its Too Late - Driscoll, Sara1
Before the Dawn - Woodhouse, Jake1
Betrayal at Iga - Spann, Susan1
Blood Betrayal - Lister, Michael1
Blood for Wine - Easley, Warren C.1
Bluebird, Bluebird - Locke, Attica2
Body on Baker Street: A Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mystery - Delany, Vicki2
Bone Box - Kellerman, Faye2
Brooklyn Wars - Stein, Triss2
Burials - Evans, Mary Anna2
Buried Lies - Ohlsson, Kristina1
Burned - Herman, Julie1
Burning Bright - Petrie, Nick1
C Is For Coochy Coo - Cantrell, Rebecca & Sean Black1
Cast Iron - May, Peter1
Cat About Town - Conte, Cate1
Chime & Punishment - Holmes, Julianne1