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2016 Title by Popularity - Memorable Books on DorothyL

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 13 March 2017

Readers of DorothyL listserv posted memorable books read for the first time in 2016, see 2016 Summary for more information. There were 1158 unique titles listed. Short stories are listed with "[SS]" in the title. The count represents the number of times each author was cited:

Title By Popularity + Alphabetical No.Cites
The Outcast Dead - Griffiths, Elly2
The Sound of Broken Glass - Crombie, Deborah2
The Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths - Bingham, Harry2
The Strangler Vine - Carter, M.J.2
The Theory of Death - Kellerman, Faye2
The White Ghost - Benn, James R.2
The Widow - Barton, Fiona2
The Woman in Cabin 10 - Ware, Ruth2
The Woman on the Orient Express - Ashford, Lindsay Jayne2
The Zig Zag Girl - Griffiths, Elly2
Underground Airlines - Winters, Ben H.2
What Gold Buys - Parker, Ann2
What's Left Behind - Bowen, Gail2
When Bunnies Go Bad - Simon, Clea2
When Falcons Fall - Harris, C. S.2
White Nights - Cleeves, Ann2
Woman With A Blue Pencil - McAlpine, Gordon2
You Will Know Me - Abbott, Megan2
12 Rose Street - Bowen, Gail1
13 Hours in Benghazi - Zuckoff, Mitchell1
14 - Ellison, J. T.1
23337 - King, Stephen1
A Bed Of Scorpions - Flanders, Judith1
A Bitter Truth - Todd, Charles1
A Cast Of Falcons - Burrows, Steve1
A Cold White Sun - Delany, Vicki1
A Dangerous Place - Winspear, Jacqueline1
A Death Left Hanging - Spencer, Sally1
A Demon Summer - Malliet, G.M.1
A Disguise To Die For - Vallere, Diane1
A Famine of Horses - Chisholm, P. F.1
A Fatal Inheritance - Harrison, Cora1
A Fistful Of Collars - Quinn, Spencer1
A Good Time Coming - Harris, C. S.1
A Hitch at the Fairmont - Averbeck, Jim1
A KILLING AT EL KAB - Patterson, Janis1
A Kind Of Justice - James, Renee1
A Lesson in Secrets - Winspear, Jacqueline1
A Lonely Death - Todd, Charles1
A Man Of Some Repute (A Very English Mystery Book 1) - Edmondson, Elizabeth1
A Memory of Muskets - Ernst, Kathleen1
A Morbid Taste For Bones - Peters, Ellis1
A Muddied Murder - Tyson, Wendy1
A Multitude of Sins - Wren, M. K.1
A Murder In Time - McElwain, Julie1
A Murder of Crows - Chisholm, P. F.1
A Murder of Magpies - Flanders, Judith1
A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs - Peters, Ellis1
A Perfect Match - McGown, Jill1
A Perilous Undertaking - Raybourn, Deanna1