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2016 Title by Popularity - Memorable Books on DorothyL

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 13 March 2017

Readers of DorothyL listserv posted memorable books read for the first time in 2016, see 2016 Summary for more information. There were 1158 unique titles listed. Short stories are listed with "[SS]" in the title. The count represents the number of times each author was cited:

Title By Popularity + Alphabetical No.Cites
Books of a Feather - Carlisle, Kate3
Brutality - Thoft, Ingrid3
Clawback - Jance, J. A.3
Dreaming Spies - King, Laurie R.3
End of Watch - King, Stephen3
Four Furlongs - Crigger, Carol Wright3
Harbour Street - Cleeves, Ann3
Hell Bay - Thomas, Will3
How the Light Gets In - Penny, Louise3
I Hear the Sirens in the Street - McKinty, Adrian3
Identity - Thoft, Ingrid3
IQ - Ide, Joe3
One Under - Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia3
Rain Dogs - McKinty, Adrian3
Rock with Wings - Hillerman, Anne3
The Cellar - Walters, Minette3
The Child Garden - McPherson, Catriona3
The Cold Cold Ground - McKinty, Adrian3
The Ex - Burke, Alafair3
The Ghost Fields - Griffiths, Elly3
The Golden Age of Murder: The Mystery of the Writers Who Invented the Modern Detective Story - Edwards, Martin3
The Pot Thief Who Studied Georgia O'Keefe - Orenduff, J. Michael3
The Promise - Crais, Robert3
The Puffin of Death - Webb, Betty3
The Question Of The Felonious Friend - Copperman/Cohen, E.J./Jeff 3
The Sixth Idea - Tracy, P.J.3
To Dwell in Darkness - Crombie, Deborah3
Who Buries the Dead - Harris, C. S.3
With a Vengeance - Dashofy, Annette3
A Banquet of Consequences - George, Elizabeth2
A Brilliant Death - Yocum, Robin2
A Curious Beginning - Raybourn, Deanna2
A Dark and Stormy Murder - Buckley, Julia2
A Deadly Affair at Bobtail Ridge - Shames, Terry2
A Death Along the River Fleet - Calkins, Susanna2
A Dying Fall - Griffiths, Elly2
A Killing at Cotton Hill - Shames, Terry2
A Killing in Zion - Hunt, Andrew2
A Room Full of Bones - Griffiths, Elly2
A Serpent's Tooth - Johnson, Craig2
A Shameful Murder - Harrison, Cora2
A Time of Torment - Connolly, John2
All Men Fear Me - Casey, Donis2
All Murders Final! - Harris, Sherry2
All the Little Liars - Harris, Charlaine2
Angels Burning - O'Dell, Tawni2
Any Other Name - Johnson, Craig2
Artifact - Pandian, Gigi2
Away in a Manger - Bowen, Rhys2
Badlands - Box, C. J.2