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2016 Title with Author (Copyright 2016 only) - Memorable Books on DorothyL

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 13 March 2017

Readers of DorothyL listserv posted memorable books read for the first time in 2016, see 2016 Summary for more information. There were 379 unique titles © 2016 listed. Short stories are listed with "[SS]" in the title. The count represents the number of times each author was cited:

Title with Author ©2016 No.Cites
A Bed Of Scorpions - Flanders, Judith1
A Brilliant Death - Yocum, Robin2
A Cast Of Falcons - Burrows, Steve1
A Dark and Stormy Murder - Buckley, Julia2
A Death Along the River Fleet - Calkins, Susanna2
A Disguise To Die For - Vallere, Diane1
A Good Time Coming - Harris, C. S.1
A Great Reckoning - Penny, Louise29
A Hero of France - Furst, Alan3
A KILLING AT EL KAB - Patterson, Janis1
A Kind Of Justice - James, Renee1
A Memory of Muskets - Ernst, Kathleen1
A Muddied Murder - Tyson, Wendy1
A Murder In Time - McElwain, Julie1
A Perilous Undertaking - Raybourn, Deanna1
A Rising Man - Mukherjee, Abir1
A Stitch to Die For - Winston, Lois1
A Study in Scarlet Women - Thomas, Sherry1
A Thousand Falling Crows - Sweazy, Larry D.1
A Time of Torment - Connolly, John2
A Turn for the Bad - Connolly, Sheila1
A Useful Woman - Wilde, Darcie1
Above the Waterfall - Rash, Ron1
Admiral - Danker, Sean1
All Murders Final! - Harris, Sherry2
All the Little Liars - Harris, Charlaine2
Alliance of Equals - Lee/Miller, Sharon/Steve1
Among the Wicked - Castillo, Linda3
And After The Fire : A Novel - Belfer, Lauren1
Angels Burning - O'Dell, Tawni2
Another One Goes Tonight - Lovesey, Peter5
Apprentice in Death - Robb, J.D.1
Apricot's Revenge - Ying, Song1
Aunt Dimity And The Buried Treasure - Atherton, Nancy1
Babylon Berlin - Kutscher, Volker1
Baggage - Redling, S.G.1
Before the Fall - Hawley, Noah2
Behind Closed Doors - Paris, B.A.2
Between the Living and the Dead - Crider, Bill1
Black Widow - Brookmyre, Christopher1
Blind Sight - O'Connell, Carol2
Blood Defense - Clark, Marcia1
Blood Flag - Martini, Steve1
Blood Money Murder - Chandler, Jessie1
Blood strand - Ould, Chris1
Blue Madonna - Benn, James R.4
Boar Island - Barr, Nevada1
BODY ON THE BAYOU - Bryon, Ellen1
Books of a Feather - Carlisle, Kate3
Brain Storm - Elaine, Viets1