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2012 Title by Popularity - Memorable Books on DorothyL

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 10 February 2013

Readers of DorothyL listserv posted memorable books read for the first time in 2012, see 2012 Summary for more information. There were 1131 titles submitted. Short stories are listed with "[SS]" in the title. The count represents the number of times each book was cited:

The Beautiful Mystery - Penny, Louise19
No Mark Upon Her - Crombie, Deborah18
Defending Jacob - Landay, William12
Gone Girl - Flynn, Gillian10
The Other Woman - Ryan, Hank Phillippi10
As The Crow Flies - Johnson, Craig9
Learning to Swim - Henry, Sara J.9
The Buzzard table - Maron, Margaret9
Broken Harbor - French, Tana8
The Chalk Girl - O'Connell, Carol8
Trickster's Point - Krueger, William Kent8
11/22/63 - King, Stephen7
And when she was good - Lippman, Laura7
Before the Poison - Robinson, Peter7
Criminal - Slaughter, Karin7
Dead Scared - Bolton, S. J.7
Garment of Shadows - King, Laurie R.7
The Cold Dish - Johnson, Craig7
The Twelve Clues of Christmas - Bowen, Rhys7
Trust Your Eyes - Barclay, Linwood M.7
Fun House - Grabenstein, Chris6
Ghost Hero - Rozan, S. J.6
Some Like it Hawk - Andrews, Donna6
The Black Box - Connelly, Michael6
The Drop - Connelly, Michael6
The Expats - Pavone, Chris6
1222 - Holt, Anne5
A Question Of Identity - Hill, Susan5
An Unmarked Grave - Todd, Charles5
Bring Up The Bodies - Mantel, Hilary5
Don't Ever Get Old - Friedman, Daniel5
Elegy for Eddie - Winspear, Jacqueline5
Killing Silence - Herring, Peg5
Taken - Crais, Robert5
The Fear Artist - Hallinan, Timothy5
The Heat of the Moon - Parshall, Sandra5
Bryant and May and the Memory of Blood - Fowler, Christopher4
Cooking the Books - Greenwood, Kerry4
Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter - Franklin, Tom4
Death of the Mantis - Stanley, Michael4
Gone Missing - Castillo, Linda4
Let the Devil Sleep - Verdon, John4
Northwest Angle - Krueger, William Kent4
Not My Blood - Cleverly, Barbara4
Off the Grid - Tracy, P. J.4
One Was a Soldier - Spencer Fleming, Julia4
Started Early, Took My Dog - Atkinson, Kate4
Target: Tinos - Siger, Jeffrey4
The Art Forger - Shapiro, B.A.4
The Blackhouse - May, Peter4