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2012 Title with Author - Memorable Books on DorothyL

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 10 February 2013

Readers of DorothyL listserv posted memorable books read for the first time in 2012, see 2012 Summary for more information. There were 1131 titles submitted. Short stories are listed with "[SS]" in the title. The count represents the number of times each book was cited:

Title and AuthorCount
Arms And The Woman - Hill, Reginald1
Artifact - Pandian, Gigi2
As The Crow Flies - Johnson, Craig9
Ash and Bone - Harvey, John1
Assassins of Athens - Siger, Jeffrey1
Assault With a Deadly Glue Gun - Lois, Winston1
August Moon - Lourey, Jess1
Aunt Dimity's Death - Atherton, Nancy1
Available Dark - Hand, Elizabeth1
Baby Shark - Fate, Robert1
Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues - Fate, Robert1
Baby Shark's High Plains Redemption - Fate, Robert1
Baby Shark's Jugglers at the Border - Fate, Robert1
Baby Shark's Showdown at Chigger Flats - Fate, Robert3
Back in the Habit - Loweecey, Alice1
Back Of Beyond - Box, C. J.1
Bad Intentions [orig 2010] - Fossum, Karin2
Bad Moon - Ritter, Todd1
Bad Moon Rising - Gorman, Ed2
Baltimore Blues - Lippman, Laura1
Banking On Death - Lathen, Emma1
Beastly Things - Leon, Donna3
Beef Stolen Off - Lipperman, Liz1
Before I Go To Sleep - Watson, S. J.3
Before the frost - Henning, Mankell1
Before the Poison - Robinson, Peter7
Behold a Pale Horse - Tremayne, Peter1
Behold Here's Poison - Heyer, Georgette1
Believing the Lie - George, Elizabeth3
Betrayal Of Trust - Jance, J. A.1
Bitter Water - Ferris, Gordon1
Black and Blue - Rankin, Ian1
Black Fridays - Sears, Michael2
Black Ship - Dunn, Carola1
Blacklands - Bauer, Belinda1
Blackout - Willis, Connie1
Blackwater - Ekman, Kerstin1
Bleed for me - Robotham, Michael1
Bleeding Through - Parshall, Sandra2
Blonde Joke - Koch, Margaret1
Blood Harvest - Bolton, S. J.1
Blood Hina - Hirahara, Naomi1
Blood Is the Sky - Hamilton, Steve1
Blood Lance - Westerson, Jeri1
Blood Mud - Constantine, K.C.1
Blood Relations: Selected Letters of Ellery Queen - Goodrich, Joseph (ed)1
Blood Sacrifice - Lister, Michael2
Blood Will Tell - Stabenow, Dana1
Bloodland - Glynn, Alan1