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2012 Title with Author (Copyright 2012 only) - Memorable Books on DorothyL

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 10 February 2013

Readers of DorothyL listserv posted memorable books read for the first time in 2012, see 2012 Summary for more information. There were 757 book titles ©2012, 427 unique. Short stories are listed with "[SS]" in the title. The count represents the number of times each book was cited:

Title with AuthorCount
Plotting at the PTA - Alden, Laura1
Plunder - Evans, Mary Anna1
Popped Off - Allen, Jeffrey1
Powdered Peril - Beck, Jessica1
Princess Elizabeth's Spy - Macneal, Susan Elia1
Racing From Death - Hill, Sasscer1
Raging Water - Meredith, Marilyn2
Ransom River - Gardiner, Meg1
Raylan - Leonard, Elmore1
Ready Scrap Shoot - Slan, Joanna Campbell1
Red Tide - Brantley, Peg1
Redemption - Flora, Kate1
Redshirts: A Novel With Three Codas - Scalzi, John1
Rest for the Wicked - Hart, Ellen1
Restless in the grave - Stabenow, Dana1
Robert B. Parker's Lullaby - Atkins, Ace2
Sacrifice Fly - O'Mara, Tim1
Sail of Stone - Ake, Edwardson1
Salvation of a Saint - Higashino, Keigo2
Sanctity of Hate - Royal, Priscilla1
Sarah's Key - de Rosnay, Tatiana1
Say You're Sorry - Robotham, Michael3
Seconds Away - Coben, Harlan1
Shadow of NIght - Harkness, Deborah1
Shekinah Legacy - Lindberg, Gary1
Shifting Is for the Goyim [SS] - Zelvin, Elizabeth1
Short Stories of Earl Staggs [SS] - Staggs, Earl1
Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death - Runcie, James1
Silent Valley (US title: Blessed are the dead) - Nunn, Malla1
Sins of the Father - Terry, Mark1
Skating on the Edge - Charbonneau, Joelle1
Slack's War: Selected Civil War Letters Of General James R. Slack - Williamson, David1
Some Like it Hawk - Andrews, Donna6
Sour Apples - Connolly, Sheila3
Speaking of Murder - Baker, Tace1
Spitfire - Sandoval, Annette1
Standing in another man's grave - Rankin, Ian3
Stay Close - Coben, Harlan1
Sticks & Stones - Larsen, KJ1
Storm Damage - Kovacs, Ed1
Sweet Tooth - McEwan, Ian1
Taft 2012 - Heller, Jason1
Taken - Crais, Robert5
Talking to the Dead - Bingham, Harry2
Target: Tinos - Siger, Jeffrey4
The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared - Jonasson, Jonas1
The Absent One - Adler-Olsen, Jussi1
The Age of Doubt - Camilleri, Andrea1
The Art Forger - Shapiro, B.A.4
The Awareness and Other Deadly Tales - Moran, Terrie Farley1