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2012 Author with Title (Copyright 2012 only) - Memorable Books on DorothyL

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 10 February 2013

Readers of DorothyL listserv posted memorable books read for the first time in 2012, see 2012 Summary for more information. There were 757 book titles ©2012, 427 unique. Short stories are listed with "[SS]" in the title. The count represents the number of times each book was cited:

Author with TitleCount
Fossum, Karin - The Caller [orig 2011]1
Foster, Sharon E. - The Resurrection of Nat Turner, VolI1
Francis, Felix - Dick Francis's Bloodline2
Francis, Felix - Gamble1
Frankel, Laurie - Goodbye for Now1
Freed, David - Flat Spin1
French, Tana - Broken Harbor8
Freydont, Shelley - Foul Play At The Fair1
Friedman, Daniel - Don't Ever Get Old5
Gagnon, Michelle - Don't Turn Around2
Gardiner, Meg - Ransom River1
Gardner, Lisa - Catch Me3
George, Elizabeth - Believing the Lie3
George, Elizabeth - The Edge of Nowhere1
Gerritsen, Tess - Last to Die2
Gibson, K.B. - Class on Murder1
Gilbert, Steve - A Lovely Indecent Departure1
Goldsborough, Robert - Archie Meets Nero1
Goodrich, Joseph (ed) - Blood Relations: Selected Letters of Ellery Queen1
Gordon-Smith, Dolores - Trouble Brewing1
Gorman, Ed - Bad Moon Rising2
Grabenstein, Chris - Fun House6
Graham, Barbara - Murder by Vegetable: The Baby Quilt1
Greaves, Chuck - Hush Money1
Grecian, Alex - The Yard1
Greenwood, Kerry - Unnatural Habits3
Gregory, Susanna - The Piccadilly Plot1
Griffiths, Elly - A Room Full of Bones3
Grimes, Andrew - The Richmond Conspiracy1
Grisham, John - The Litigators1
Gruley, Bryan - The Skeleton Box2
Hale, Rebecca - How to Tail a Cat1
Hale, Shannon - Midnight In Austenland1
Hall, Karen - Through Dark Spaces1
Hall, Tarquin - The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken3
Hallinan, Timothy - The Fear Artist5
Hamilton, Denise - Damage Control1
Hamilton, Steve - Die a Stranger3
Hand, Elizabeth - Available Dark1
Harkness, Deborah - Shadow of NIght1
Harris, C. S. - When Maidens Mourn2
Harris, Charlaine - Charlaine1
Hart, Carolyn - What the Cat Saw2
Hart, Ellen - Rest for the Wicked1
Havill, Steven F. - One Perfect Shot2
Haynes, Elizabeth - Into the Darkest Corner2
Heaberlin, Julia - Playing Dead2
Hechtman, Betty - If Hooks Could Kill1
Heller, Jason - Taft 20121
Helms, Richard - The Unresolved Seventh1