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2007 Titles by Popularity - Best of DorothyL

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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 19 July 2009

There were 993 unique titles submitted in the Best Of 2007 Books on DorothyL.

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Title and AuthorCount
BLACK ORDER - Rollins, James1
Blacksmith's Daughter - Adair, Suzanne1
Blink Justice - Alexander, Bruce1
Blood and Circuses - Greenwood, Kerry1
Blood is the Sky - Hamilton, Steve1
Blood Lines - Burke, Jan1
BLOOD MATTERS - Cannon, Taffy1
Blood of Caesar - Bell, Albert1
Blood of Others - Mofina, Rick1
Blood of Paradise - Corbett, David 1
BLOOD ON THE TONGUE - Booth, Stephen1
Blood-dimmed Tide - Airth, Rennie1
Bloodhounds - Lovesey, Peter1
Bloodshot - MacBride, Stuart1
Bloody Tower - Dunn, Carola1
Blown Away - Ford, G.M.1
Blue Alibi - Levine, Paul1
Blue Blood - McBride, Susan1
BLUE CORN MURDERS - Pickard, Nancy1
Bobbie Faye's Very (very, very, very) bad day - Causey, Toni McGee 1
BONE COLLECTOR - Deaver, Jeffrey1
Bone Garden - Gerritsen, Tess1
Bones to Ashes - Reichs, Kathy1
Bookhunter - Shiga, Jason1
Borkmann's Point - Hakan, Nesser1
Boy's Tale - Frazer, Margaret1
Breath of Snow and Ashes - Gabaldon, Diana1
Bride and Doom - Donnelly, Deborah1
Broken - Armstrong, Kelley1
Broken Skin - McBride, Stuart1
Brush With Death - Lind, Hailey1
Buried - Billingham, Mark1
Burning Ghats - Mann, Paul1
Burning Glass - Carl, Lillian S.1
BUSMAN'S HONEYMOON - Sayers, Dorothy L.1
BUSTED FLUSH - Smith, Brad1
Butcher's Boy - Perry , Thomas1
Cache of Corpses - Kisor, Henry1
CALCULATED DEMISE - Spiller, Robert1
Calibre - Bruen, Ken1
CALLING THE DEAD - Meredith, Marilyn1
Candy Cane Murder - Fluke, Levine, Meier, Joanne, Laura, Meier1
Case Histories - Atkinson, Kate1
Case of the Missing Books - Sansom, Ian1
case of the missing marquis - Springer, Nancy1
Casino Royale - Fleming, Ian1
Cat Deck the Halls - Murphy, Shirley Rousseau1
Cavalcade - Satterthwait, Walter1
Ceremony in Death - Robb, J.D.1
Chameleon's Shadow - Walters, Minette1