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2007 Titles by Popularity - Best of DorothyL

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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 19 July 2009

There were 993 unique titles submitted in the Best Of 2007 Books on DorothyL.

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Title and AuthorCount
47 rules for highly effective bank robbers - Cook, Troy1
6th Target - Patterson, James1
813 - Leblanc, Maurice1
82 Desire - Smith, Julie 1
A Scanner Darkly - Dick, Philip1
Abby Cooper: Psychic Eye - Laurie, Victoria1
ABOVE SUSPICION - La Plante, Lynda1
Accidents Waiting To Happen - Wood, Simon1
Acqua Alta - Leon, Donna1
Acts of Nature - King, Jonathon1
AFTER A DEAD DOG - Murray, Colin1
AFTERBURN - Harrison, Colin1
All the Pretty Girls - Ellison, J.T.1
ALONE - Gardner, Lisa1
Always - Griffith, Nicola1
AMMUNITION - Bruen, Ken1
And Murder For Dessert - Delaney, Kathleen1
And Only to Deceive - Alexander, Tasha1
Angels in the Gloom (audio) - Perry, Anne1
ARKANSAS TRAVELER - Fowler, Earlene1
Artists in Crime - Marsh, Ngaio1
As A Thief in the Night - Freeman, R. Austin1
ASHES AND BONES - Cameron, Dana1
At Some Disputed Barricade - Perry, Anne1
Aunt Dimity goes West - Atherton, Nancy1
Aunt Dimity's Christmas - Atherton, Nancy1
Away with the fairies - Greenwood, Kerry1
BACKSTAB - Viets, Elaine1
Backstabber - Cockey, Tim1
Bahamarama - Morris, Bob1
Balkans books (five titles) - Steinhauer, Olen1
Ballad of Frankie Silver - McCrumb, Sharyn1
Bangkok Haunts - Burdett, John1
BASS WORE SCALES - Schweizer, Mark1
Bay City Blues - Powell, Deborah1
Beautiful Blue Death - Finch, Charles1
Beautiful Cigar Girl - Stashower, Dan1
Belles of Solace Glen - James, Susan S.1
Bermuda Schwartz - Morris, Bob1
BEST SERVED COLD - Evans, Jimmie Ruth1
Big Numbers - Getze, Jack1
BIG O - Burke, Declan1
BILLY BOYLE - Benn, James R.1
BITCH CREEK - Tapply, William G.1
Bitch Factor - Rogers, Chris1
Black Dog - Booth, Stephen1
Black Dove - Hockensmith, Steve1