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2007 Titles by Popularity - Best of DorothyL

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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 19 July 2009

There were 993 unique titles submitted in the Best Of 2007 Books on DorothyL.

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Title and AuthorCount
McCafferty's Nine - Gunn, Elizabeth2
Mr. Clarinet - Stone, Nick2
Murder 101 - Barbieri, Maggie2
Neon Dragon - Dobbyn, John F.2
Next Victim - Jacobs, Jonnie2
Night of the Living Deb - McBride, Susan2
Night Work - Hamilton, Steve2
NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN - McCarthy, Cormac2
Now & Then - Parker, Robert B.2
Obsession - Kellerman, Jonathan2
Odd Thomas - Koontz, Dean2
Origin - Abu-Jaber, Diana2
Pale Horse - Todd, Charles2
Piece of My Heart - Robinson, Peter2
Play Dead - Rosenfelt, David2
Ptarmageddon - Dudley, Karen2
Sacred Games - Chandra, Vikram2
Savages - Pronzini, Bill2
Scared to Live - Booth, Stephen2
Second Mouse - Mayor, Archer2
Secret Hangman - Lovesey, Peter2
Secret Servant - Silva, Daniel2
Sex Club, The - Sellers, L.J.2
Shape Shifter - Hillerman, Tony2
Silence - Perry, Thomas2
Single Eye - Dunlap, Susan2
Skull Beneath The Skin - JAMES, P. D.2
Sliver of Truth - Unger, Lisa2
Smoky mountain tracks - Ball, Donna2
Some Welcome Home - Wildwind, Sharon2
Spanish Dagger - Wittig Albert, Susan2
Stolen Season - Hamilton, Steve2
Storm Runner - Parker, T. Jefferson2
Suffer the Little Children - Leon, Donna2
The Mark - Pinter, Jason2
Thirst - Larson, Pete2
Thousand Bones - Parrish, P.J.2
TRUE EVIL - Iles, Greg2
Two Minute Rule - Crais, Robert2
Valley to Die For - Nehring, Radine Trees2
Voices - Indridason, Arnaldur2
Water for Elephants - Gruen, Sara2
Water's Lovely - Rendell, Ruth2
Welcome Grave - Koryta, Michael2
Wheel of Darkness - Preston/Child, Douglas/Lincoln2
White League - Zigal, Thomas2
Why Mermaids Sing - Harris, C. S.2
Widow's Curse - DePoy, Phillip2
Witch Is Dead - Damsgaard, Shirley2