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2007 Titles by Popularity - Best of DorothyL

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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 19 July 2009

There were 993 unique titles submitted in the Best Of 2007 Books on DorothyL.

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Title and AuthorCount
Crime Writer - Hurwitz, Gregg2
CROSS - Bruen, Ken2
DAMNATION STREET - Klavan, Andrew2
Day Will Come - Clemens, Judy2
Dead Heat - Francis, Dick & Felix2
Dead Madonna - Houston, Victoria2
Dead Place - Booth, Stephen2
Deadly Advice - Isleib, Roberta2
Deadly Vintage - Flinn, Elaine2
Death of Dalziel - Hill, Reginald2
Death Without Company - Johnson, Craig2
Drive - Sallis, James2
Drop Edge of Yonder - Casey, Donis2
Exit Music - Rankin, Ian2
False Mirror - Todd, Charles2
Feint of Art - Lind, Hailey2
Final Undertaking - De Castrique, Mark2
FINER END - Crombie, Deborah2
Flawless - Spanogle, Joshua2
Flesh and Bone - Bass, Jefferson2
Forgotten Man - Crais, Robert2
Forty Words for Sorrow - Blunt, Giles2
Ha'Penny - Walton, Jo2
Heat of the Moon - Parshall, Sandra2
Hell for the Holidays - Grabenstein, Chris2
Hellfire Conspiracy - Thomas, Will2
Hide - Gardner, Lisa2
Holmes on the Range - Hockensmith, Steve2
How to Marry a Ghost - McIntyre, Hope2
Impulse - Ramsay, Frederick2
In the Rain - Rozan, S. J.2
Interred With Their Bones - Carrell, Jennifer Lee2
Jasmine's Fate - Rawls, Randy2
Judas Strain - Rollins, James2
Judgement of Strangers - Taylor, Andrew2
JUNE BUG - Lourey, Jess2
Keeper of the Keys - O'Shaughnessy, Perri2
Last Nightingale - Flacco, Anthony2
Last Rituals - Sigurdardottir, Yrsa2
Last Spymaster - Lynds, Gayle2
LET THERE BE SUSPECTS - Richards, Emilie2
Limehouse Text - Thomas, Will2
Lisey's Story - King, Stephen2
Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade - Gabaldon, Diana2
Lost Dog - Cameron, Bill2
Love Kills - Buchanan, Edna2
Mad Mouse - Grabenstein, Chris2
Malice in Metropolis - Cruse, Lonnie2