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2007 Titles by Popularity - Best of DorothyL

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By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 19 July 2009

There were 993 unique titles submitted in the Best Of 2007 Books on DorothyL.

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Title and AuthorCount
Lark's Lament - Gordon, Alan3
Mahu Surfer - Plakcy, Neil3
Murder in Metropolis - Cruse, Lonnie3
No Good Deed - Lippman, Laura3
Palace Tiger - Cleverly, Barbara3
Pardonable Lies - Winspear, Jacqueline3
Real Basket Case - Groundwater, Beth3
Saturnalia - Davis, Lindsey3
Second Shot - Sharp, Zoe3
Secret Sins - Charles, Kate3
Sharp Objects - Flynn, Gillian3
Sleeping Doll - Deaver, Jeffery3
Song is You - Abbott, Megan3
Sovereign - Sansom, C.J.3
Spellman Files - Lutz, Lisa3
The Star - Skibbins, David3
The Suspect - Robotham, Michael3
Three Bags Full - Swann, Leonie3
Tonight I Said Goodbye - Koryta, Michael3
Too Hot to Handle - Maffini, Mary Jane3
Tumbling Blocks - Fowler, Earlene3
White Corridor - Fowler, Christopher3
Winter's Child - Maron, Margaret3
ALL SHOTS - Conant, Susan2
All Together Dead - Harris, Charlaine2
Alto Wore Tweed - Schweizer, Mark2
American Detective - Estleman, Loren D.2
ANATOMY OF FEAR - Santlofer, Jonathan2
Arsenic Labyrinth - Edwards, Martin2
BANGKOK TATTOO - Burdett, John2
BARITONE WORE CHIFFON - schweizer, Mark2
Beautiful Lies - Unger, Lisa2
Blonde Faith - Mosley, Walter2
Blown Away - Gericke, Shane2
Blue Springs - Rennebohm, Peter2
Bootlegger's Daughter - Maron, Margaret2
Brat Farrar - Tey, Josephine2
Case of Two Cities - Xialong, Qiu2
Cat Pay the Devil - Murphy, Shirley Rousseau2
Catalogue of death - Dereske, Jo2
CHEF WHO DIED SAUTEEIING - Finklestein, Honora2
Christmas Beginning - Perry, Anne2
Chick and the dead - Daniels, Casey 2
Circle of Assassins - Rigolosi, Steven2
City of Fire - Ellis, Robert2
Cold Moon Home - Pomeroy, Julia2
Color of Blood - Hughes, Declan2
Copper River - Krueger, William Kent2
Crime Seen - Laurie, Victoria2