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2007 Authors by Popularity with Titles - Best of DorothyL

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 20 July 2009

There were 670 unique authors submitted in the Best of 2007 Books on DorothyL.

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Setterfield, DianeThirteenth Tale10
Robotham, MichaelNight Ferry7
Robotham, MichaelThe Suspect3
Raybourn, DeannaSilent in the Grave10
McDermid, ValDistant Echo1
McDermid, ValGrave Tattoo7
Gabaldon, DianaBreath of Snow and Ashes1
Gabaldon, DianaDragonfly in Amber1
Gabaldon, DianaDrums of Autumn1
Gabaldon, DianaExcalibur1
Gabaldon, DianaFiery Cross1
Gabaldon, DianaLord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade2
Gabaldon, DianaLord John and the Private Matter1
Gabaldon, DianaOutlander1
Gabaldon, DianaVoyager1
Andrews, DonnaPenguin Who Knew Too Much9
Andrews, DonnaYou've Got Murder1
Krueger, William KentCopper River2
Krueger, William KentThunder Bay7
Grafton, SueT is For Trespass9
Cain, ChelseaConfessions of a Teen Sleuth1
Cain, ChelseaHeartsick8
Box, C. J.Free Fire9
Robinson, PeterFriend of the Devil5
Robinson, PeterPiece of My Heart2
Robinson, PeterSTRANGE AFFAIR1
Rankin, IanExit Music2
Rankin, IanNaming of the Dead6
Coel, MargaretEagle Catcher1
Coel, MargaretGirl with the Braided Hair6
Coel, MargaretWife of moon1
Seranella, BarbaraDeadman's Switch7
Sandford, JohnEasy Prey1
Sandford, JohnInvisible Prey6
Perry, AnneAngels in the Gloom (audio)1
Perry, AnneAt Some Disputed Barricade1
Perry, AnneChristmas Beginning2
Perry, AnneSlaves of Obsession1
Perry, AnneWe Shall Not Sleep1
O'Connell, CarolFind Me5
O'Connell, CarolMallory's Oracle1
O'Connell, CarolWinter House1
Lovesey, PeterBloodhounds1
Lovesey, PeterFalse Inspector Dew1
Lovesey, PeterLast Detective1
Lovesey, PeterReaper, the1
Lovesey, PeterRough Cider1
Lovesey, PeterSecret Hangman2