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Best Books of 2008 on DorothyL

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 30 January 2009

From November through early February, readers of DorothyL listserv posted their favourite books read for the first time during 2008 to the DorothyL list. I copied, cleaned and pasted data from those emails into an Excel spreadsheet, then created pivot tables which produced the information included in the attached reports. Many thanks to this year's crew of volunteers who looked up missing data: L.J. Roberts, Abbey Hamilton, Debbie Bogenschutz, Debbie Rae Miller, Kelly Chandler, Lisa Weissenbuehler, Margaret Franson, Patty Andersen, and Sandra K. And many thanks to my husband, Thomas, who did all the hard computer work!

Due to the slightly private nature of some information, there are several reports on this page which are only visible to authenticated users who have joined the DorothyL group. This means that regardless of group joining, you should be able to access ALL 5 of the reports you can see in the list below (those with logins have 8 reports to choose from).

Click on the report name (below) to see that report. Click your browser BACK button to come back to this list, or click on the breadcrumbs (under photo at top, breadcrumbs begin: YOU ARE HERE). For those people who have created a login, please note that the "group" function produces unreliable breadcrumbs; if you get lost, click the DorothyL menu button at the top of the screen to refresh (i.e. ignore the unreliable YOU ARE HERE breadcrumbs which occur with the privileged reports). If these instructions don't work, please add a comment here or send an email using the form here. Again, write if this needs clarifying--I'd like to help.

Comments are welcome. :) Thanks to the posters! Rather than clutter up the site with my remarks, I've thanked the posters personally -- please know your remarks are very appreciated.

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JeffCohen's picture

Thanks to all (well, seven of you) who cited my books as one of your favorites for the year. There were a lot of books published, and you mentioned mine. I don't have words for that.

And above that, thank you to Theresa for taking on the truly monstrous task of compiling this list. I don't know how you do it, and don't want to, but I'm really, really impressed that you do every year. You're either a saint, or you're crazy.

Seriously, you should get a free DorothyL T-shirt or something AT LEAST!!!

Misa Ramirez's picture

I just joined this group and wanted to share my congratulations to all these wonderful authors! What an amazing list of great books!

Lucinda's picture

Thanks so much for taking on this enormous task!

cleland's picture

Thanks for all your great work and to all those who participated in the BEST OF survey. I am so honored to be on this list.

I very much enjoy the DorothyL list -- reading all of the many many participants' thoughts and comments on books (and more) is just great.

Bravo to all, but especially Theresa for ALL that work!

Warmly, Jane
Jane K. Cleland
Josie Prescott Antiques Mystery Series

Clea Simon's picture

I am both honored and surprised to be on this list! Especially because my last book was actually a Dec. '07 book. Now I'm hoping that I don't split my two votes between my two upcoming '09 books (actually, I'll be thrilled if they both get one vote each next year!).

- Clea

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