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Authors, please read!

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 06 February 2009

Authors, please provide an easy way for readers of the Best Of DorothyL lists and my book reviews to find you!

Create a login to this site, see becoming an authenticated user and group member.

On your My Account page (click on menu item at top of left side of screen), do any of the following which is appropriate:
1. Select the EDIT tab.
a) On the "Account" page, upload a picture (maximum size is 30KB), add a signature, choose your timezone, etc. If you don't know how to make your image 30KB, email the image to me and I will upload it for you.
b) On the "Personal information" page, indicate whether you're an author, list your website, blog and a description that will help readers looking for information about you.
2. On the NOTIFICATIONS tab, you can change your email preferences for the groups in which you belong.
3. On the TRACK tab, you or any authenticated user can look up all your posts on this site.
4. On the CONTACT tab, you or any authenticated user can send you an email (without disclosing the recipient's email address.

Use the Contact form or send an email to Theresa AT ReviewsbyTdeV DOT com (caps not important) telling me you've done so and I will create links to your user page. Note that "AT" = "@" and "DOT" = "." (both without quotes), and my email address is not shown as a hyperlink, to cut down on spam created by automated bots which reap email addresses from websites.

At this time, I haven't yet built ANY author links, so don't be surprised you can't find them -- but they'll be here shortly. Right now we're busy collecting author info. :)