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2007 Summary - Best of DorothyL

By Theresa de Valence - Posted on 30 January 2009

Here is the summary of data submitted to DorothyL for best books read for the first time in 2007. Submitters gracefully responded to a number of my impertinent questions (I was very curious), and the results you can see for yourself!

Total number of Best book titles submitted1714
Number of unique titles993
Number of unique authors670
Books copyright2007975
Total DorothyL maillist recipients at time of posting3225
Number DL members who submitted lists5%161
Female submitters83%133
Male submitters17%28
Female submitters read books written by women 57% of the time
Male submitters read books written by men 64% of the time
Submitters read a total of 15704 books; 12135 were mysteries
Average per person books read were 125 with 98 being mysteries
Minimum books read (per submitter) were 8 with 6 being crime fiction
Maximum books read (per submitter) were 1000 with 850 being crime fiction
Submitters who provided addl data81%131
Average DLer who responded was born in195058 yrs
Oldest DLer who responded was born in192484 yrs
Youngest DLer who responded was born in197533 yrs
SUBMITTER PROFESSIONS (many submitters chose multiple professions)
Librarians (all who work in library)19%
Teaching (college, high or grade school)11%
Education-related (but not teaching)5%
Publishing industry9%
Retired or Disabled32%